Tuesday 16 March 2021

Hello !

Hello! How are you ? 

I have been away for a long time and yes, I did miss you all :(

Life was on the move for the past two years, shifted to new home, DD got into a good college and she is now in a hostel. I am recovering from empty nest syndrome and adjusting to a new and different phase of life. Thanks to the technology I can keep in touch with her frequently:)

I have been fulfilling my crafting needs as that is a part of my survival kit :) And I have been sharing few things on Instagram too. Sharing here a recent finish 'Spring fairy' from Soda stitch. 

Everyday, I think I will write a blogpost but sometimes you have to do things impromptu and that's how you are seeing me here :) I have been in touch with afew of you on Instagram that helped me keep connected. I have lost the habit of  writing blogpost and I do see some changes in the application as well.

Can't wait to see what you all are creating ! Incase you are on Instagram, my handle is @createwittyunleashed

Nice to come back here :))



  1. It's great to hear from you Preeti. Your stitching is so nice. Take care and be well.

  2. Hi Preeti, lovely to see you blogging, once you stop it's very hard to get going again. Your stitching is lovely😍 it's very hard when your kids leave home, it's even worse when they come for a visit and leave again, but you get used it. Take care. Xx

  3. Hi Preeti, so nice to see you back to the blogging world! What, you daughter is already in college? My goodness, time flies!
    Sending hugs and love from California! 🤗💕🕊

  4. Hi Preeti, Welcome back. Happy to see you here in blogland again. Beautiful finish. Take care. Regards and wishes to Anshita.

  5. Welcome back Preeti !
    Lovely creation ! So cheerful !
    Hugs from Portugal !

  6. I love that one, so cute! And so nice to see you back. I was so cheered by your comment on my blog. :)

  7. Welcome back, Preeti! So good to hear from you and get caught up. Keep busy with your stitching and crafting--that will help with missing your daughter. Looking forward to seeing your other lovely creations!

  8. Hello Preeti, So pleased to see you back in blogland again, we have all missed seeing the lovely work you do. Your little Spring Fairy is gorgeous, lots of pretty coloured threads. I think your stitching will help you with the empty nest syndrome but I don´t think we ever get over it, just used to it.

  9. Welcome back! It was such a nice surprise to see a comment from you and now a blog post too!
    The little sprite is so sweet and Spring like!

  10. Preeti: I am so happy you are blogging again, I was hoping after sending you an email a while back that all was okay.
    I am so happy yo hear from you.
    I love this design, Spring Fairy is adorable.
    Congratulations to your Daughter entering collage, I bet it is hard not having her there.
    I hope to see more posts from you.
    Have a wonderful day.


  11. Hi Preeti, good to see you back!
    You made a sweet little fairy. I'm looking forward to see new blogpost from you.

  12. Ahoj Preeti,
    vitaj späť, chýbali mi Tvoje výšivky... :-)
    Pozdravujem a nech sa darí,

  13. I love your new stitch , she is so pretty.
    Good to have you back, enjoy your day.

  14. I am so happy to read you again!

  15. I was pleased!
    I wish you a lot of strength and health!

  16. Hi Preeti, Good to see you back. I think Instagram being quick is driving us away fron blogging. :) :) I had almost forgotten how to blog! I am giving it a try again. Hope to see some lovely posts from you. You have lot of patience to do cross stitch! Enjoy seeing your work. Have a lovely week :*

  17. Welcome back to blogland. Glad to see you back. I can't believe your daughter is in college now. What an adjustment.

  18. Hello Preeti so very good to see you are back here again in blogland. Many thanks for your comment on my last post. I so know what its like when life gets in the way and having to adjust to new situations. Your cross-stitch is so sweet and such a lovely little fairy. Keep well Amanda x

  19. How nice to see you blogging again! Welcome back!

  20. Love your blog. Will bookmark to come back

  21. It seems you are still missing in action here. :) Thanks for stopping by my blog last month. Hope you and yours remain well. Take care.

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