Thursday, 20 September 2018

I know you are missing my posts :D

Hello all, Thanks for your comments on my previous post :)

It has been more than a month I did not post. Life was/is busy, but I wasn't away from my crafting and could also manage to read your blogs, albeit not regular.

Here is my colorful crochet table runner that I made last month. I posted it on my Ravelry account. I am a member of a group that was having a two month event to make something colorful for the home. A table runner was due and I was inspired to not only join but also complete in time:)

Frida's crochet flower hexagon table runner

The free pattern is from Frida's flowers. I chose three types of hexagons and joined them. I used Anchor knitting cotton and 2.75mm hook. For border, I made rounds of single crochets in three shades.

Block 3

Block 6

Block 7

Hope you liked my table runner. I also started some sewing project last month and another crochet table cloth which are progressing at a snail's pace. It has been a month I haven't cross-stitched. I did some needlepoint stitching using a kit that required working with yarn. I missed the delicateness of threads so I kept it aside for some time(read few months)

I have another good news, we bought a new house and this time it is not a flat/apartment but an independent house in a gated community. We are having some tile work, lift work(we have a lift in the house:) It is G+2 floors. I am into designing and researching again for interiors. I thought of taking a break from blogging but then I don't think I can be away for a long time, and reading blogs doesn't take that long as to plan and write blog-posts. So mostly, I will be here to enjoy with you:)

Have a great day!


  1. Preeti sooo beautiful. I have also saved these patterns in my pinterest board. Runner is awesome. I was thinking you r going to build a house on seeing all your pins in pinterest. Congrats in buying a new house. Waiting to see how u r going to transform into a home. Good luck.

  2. Wow your table runner is gorgeous. Beautiful work on it. Congrats on your new house. How exciting!

  3. I think your new table runner is just wonderful, Preeti!! I love the way the black background makes all of the colors pop so well...really lovely work :)

    And how exciting about your new house! Congratulations :) That will be such fun to decorate it and make it your own... I'm glad you are continuing to blog--would love to see your updates on your home as well as on your various crafts!

  4. Dear Preeti, the runner likes, beautiful colors and perfectly matched!
    And the house will be great! Enjoy the equipment, I wish you many good ideas for the house! I'm looking forward to showing him!

  5. Congrats on the gorgeous table runner Preeti. The motifs are stunning. Good luck with the new home.


  6. You made a very nice tablerunner, beautiful work!
    Congratiulations with your new home!

  7. Your table runner is stunning! Congrats on you new home!

  8. The table runner is beautiful. How exciting about your new home. I hope you will share lots of pictures with us!

  9. That is so beautiful, I'm stunning.


  10. Congratulations on your new home Preeti! I love the table runner it's stunning and will look beautiful in your new home. I haven't blogged for ages like you I don't seem to have time there's so much going on but I do manage to drop in from time to time to see what everyone is up to. Take care. xx

  11. I love your table's so pretty. The colours really pop against the black background.
    Congrats on the new house - how exciting for you. Lots of work with a new house but I hope you still manage to find some time to do at least quick blog posts :)

  12. Your runner is gorgeous, Preeti!

  13. Lindo teu trabalho. Um bom dia brasileiro para ti também.

  14. Well that is worth waiting for - it is amazing!! So many ends to sew in?? Jo x

  15. That is a gorgeous table runner! I saw your updates on Ravelry. I think block #6 in yellow is my favorite! It will look great in your new place (congrats!). What is G+2 floors? I am guessing ground level floor plus two additional levels?

  16. Wow Preeti! That runner is just gorgeous,
    Good luck in your new home

  17. The colorful crochet table runner is wonderful, Preeti, I love it. And such great news about your new home. It will be such fun decorating it and finding just the right place for all your things. I hope you will share with us.

  18. Wow Preeti, this is just gorgeous. The colors just pop on the black background. Congrats on a new house , and it sounds big. I appreciate you still taking time out to read our blogs. May you have wonderful times in your new home.

  19. Gorgeous runner! Congrats on your new house Preeti!

  20. Your table runner is so pretty! I love crochet projects that have a black background - it really emphasizes those beautiful colors! And congratulations on your new home! I don't think moving is ever a fun task but decorating is. And I add my request to the others - hope you will share a few pictures. : )

  21. Oh goodness, the table runner is gorgeous, what a lovely design and so nicely made. Congrats on your new home, how exciting, I hope you will all be very happy there. such a lot to do now but I hope you manage to keep posting.

  22. That's so exciting! Good luck planning and designing all the things for the new house. I love that table runner.

  23. wow...thats absolutely gorgeous runner Preeti. I can't imagine, how you managed to change so many colors

  24. Thanks again for writing this great piece of content.

  25. Happy New Year, Preeti. Congratulation on your new house. Hope you will share pics once the interiors are done. :)
    The runner idea is great. I was thinking of making only the flowered hexagons and framing them for displaying on the wall. The whole blanket would be too much for me!
    Have a lovely day.

  26. Lovely crochet runner, you did a really nice job. I am inspired

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