Monday, 17 November 2014

MMMM SAL 3rd update.....:)

Hope you had a nice weekend !:)

My friend Justine from Justine's cross stitch is hosting MMMM SAL for the month of November and this is what I have got to show you ........Two Finishes again !!! That makes my count to a total of four this month. Click here to see my previous two finishes .

Below are the links for these two free charts . I changed my colors based on my fabric color . I have done few stitches with silver metallic thread (on the dress neck and ribbon) but it's not visible in the photo .

I am stitching needle-craft themed motifs on this table cloth . So what next? Yarn, bobbin, buttons, scissor, embroidery?
Got few plants from nursery, waiting to be potted .

Have a great week!!
Preeti :)

Monday, 10 November 2014

Turtle Trot 2014 November update !

It is time for Turtle Trot  SAL hosted by Claudette from the blog BAP Attack . More info about this SAL is here and to know about my planned projects, click here . You may see the progress of others, here .

I worked only on one piece this month and completed it :)

Floral Border from Variegated floral border by Leisure arts

Cross stitch floral border

Thanks for seeing !!
Preeti :)

Sunday, 9 November 2014

MMMM SAL 2nd update ....

My friend Justine from Justine's cross stitch is hosting MMMM SAL for the month of November and this is where I have reached ......Two Finishes !!!

These were the two I started few days back here with just teeny weeny stitches on it and believe me I made up my mind that no one was going to comment on it . But you all were so sweet to drop by and wrote few words for me .

I hope you can figure it out. No, its not a pink crocodile....:)  

From now on I will be stitching motifs on this green linen (10 count ). Its very soft but the threads are a bit loosely weaved .

You know what, I have a certain way of taking comments (I mean the quantity, not the content, I accept bricks and bats gracefully too) . If I get just 1 comment, its ok...I have been heard and work has been seen . If  the comments reach a count of 5 it makes me happy :) Anything above that is bonus . That you and God have given me more than I asked for :)
Just thought of sharing with you . If I am restless, then Raj thinks......'looks like she hasn't got 5 comments yet ;)' I then tell him, may be, its weekend or I have posted at wrong time . But that soon becomes a passe. You know how anxious we artistic people are .

So, my friends, ahem...... click on the lovely comment button, let the first five pour in and make me happy :) lol :)

Happy Weekend !!

Friday, 7 November 2014

Look what I got ?? A new car :))

Thanks for your lovely comments on my cushions !!  You all are my creative inspiration :)

Look what I got from Raj .......... :)

A new car ,  Hyundai Grand i10 White color ....

I am happy :))

Have a nice day !
Preeti :)

Monday, 3 November 2014

The Famous Five !!!!! :))

Well I call them famous five because I have been talking a lot about this project . So here it goes .....

From a colorful bundle of big crochet squares ......

it unfolded into.......




so on.......

They look same , but they are different cushions with same pattern and a little bit of color variation at the border .

The basic square pattern is from here .

I hope you enjoyed seeing these :)

Have a crafty week ahead !
Preeti :)

Sunday, 2 November 2014

MMMM SAL November 1st week ....

Hello all,

Hope you are having a wonderful weekend :)
Last month I joined MMMM (Mega Mini Month Madness) SAL which is now continued in the November month hosted by Justine at Justine's Cross Stitch

I don't have any completed at the moment but these are the two minis that I have started. Earlier I was stitching on canvas . I guess that slowed down my stitching . So after completing one that I started on the canvas, I will do remaining on the fabric .

The green fabric is a table cloth for my craft room on which I will be stitching random motifs .

Hope to get these done soon :)

Enjoy your day!

Thursday, 30 October 2014

Diwali hangover .....

Work, work and more work . It never ends . I just took time off from household work for sometime to share few things .

After dropping Anshita to a Bday party last weekend, we both went for a little more shopping. I got these decor pieces .
I loved these colorful glass jars instantly when I saw them .

This golden decorative platter was very attractive .

I took this crackled glass for the new showcase . Pictures in the end .

On Diwali, Anshita made this Rangoli outside the front door .  Isn't it beautiful? It was a 1 hr laborious work for an eleven-year-old . She did a great job :)

This Diwali sweet box, which Raj got from office, did not have company name printed on it . I liked the design so just removed the tag on it and decided to reuse it for my crochet pieces.

I would like to show the corner showcase we made in our new flat . The specialty is that the focus lights are at the bottom instead of top .

Here, Can you see the purple piece? The white one inside is the focus light . The purple piece is wooden laminate for supporting the base of the object .

The terracotta lantern in the picture was painted by me and Anshita sometime back with glue and glitter powder . 

I love this miniature banana tree which Raj got from Hongkong .

And when the lights are switched on, different colors/patterns are spread in each shelf . Isn't it wonderful? :) The camera hasn't captured the exact light effects but almost its near about the same . Most important thing is that I reused whatever items I had at home, except this crackled glass. 

I was able to complete five regular sized cushions before Diwali, not the second big cushion . I took photos in a hurry which aren't the best, so I need to take those again . I started some stitching but gave up as there was lot of work post the festival .

Thanks for seeing !!
Have a nice weekend !
Preeti :)

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