Monday, 30 March 2015

Margaret Sherry Spring Cat SAL 2014 completed :)

Though late, but I finally completed the Margaret Sherry SAL #5 for Spring Bouquet Cat :)))
This SAL is hosted by a very talented Nia from Margaret Sherry group blog . I could have completed it in 2014 but I was just putting off the back stitching task for a long time . Here is another spring finish for you :)

Today the weather has cooled down a bit and its not that hot . So I am not at loss for spring here either :)

Enjoy a crafty week!

Friday, 27 March 2015

Colorful and happy :)))

Thank you for your lovely comments on my spring doily !!

I am sure you will like this one too :)

I crocheted this lace for my kitchen, will show it again in another post once I hang it there .

I made it with variegated Red Rose knitting cotton . I don't remember the hook size I used, may be, 2.5 mm. The lace is around 2 metres long .

The pattern is from the book, '150 favourite crochet designs', by Dover Needlework Series .

The hand mirror that you see on the first picture is the one which I have been using for the past 6 years . Its always in my purse . I feel if the mirror is beautiful, you will look beautiful ;) lol....just kidding . This is the back side of it . Some of the stones have come out after these many years but I still love it . It is a handmade piece with beads and sequins on the lacquer .

Last week we attended parent teacher meeting in Anshita's school .

The above was her last year's result, all excellent grades, and she got latest iPod nano from me . This year I had a doubt and I made up my mind for few less grades . But.....

She made it this year too :) All A1s and As !! They are the highest grades in Part 1 and Part 2 respectively .  So she got a bigger gift..... Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 . 

Now I really don't approve of this gift and she certainly doesn't know that I did not buy it but we got it free when we purchased new TV . Anyways she will get to know if she reads this post but it totally depends on me whether to give ownership to her or not . When it comes to online surfing, I am a strict mom . But yes, I am very happy that she did very well in class VII and now she is in class VIII :)) This was something I usually do not share with a picture but I couldn't stop feeling proud :)

Few days back, I was upset for some reason and in the evening, I received a parcel which cheered me up :) Last month,  I won a giveaway hosted by a lovely blogger friend Kate from 'Stitches, Scraps and Sparkles in the Sun' . She is a versatile blogger, crocheting and stitching and a very busy mom . I am always inspired by the amount of energy and enthusiasm she has for everything in life . Thank you, Kate !! :) I am glad to have those and I will definitely squeeze in at least one project this year . 

There are total 28 booklets on various themes :) And there are lots that I can see I am going to stitch . 

The summers are on but still the temperatures are stable . Next month Anshita will have half day school and then by April end she would have 1.5 months of summer break !! We both are anxiously looking forward to it :)

Have a great weekend!

Monday, 16 March 2015

For those who are welcoming spring ........:)

Hope you had a nice weekend ! Just dropped in to say hello and share my finished doily :)

I completed blocking few of my crochet pieces on the weekend and now they are pending for next status - photoshoot , then they may spend some more time relaxing in next status(es) . Meanwhile , this colorful doily just made its luck for the debut .

It is a doily designed by Patricia Kristoffersen and is from the book, 'Absolutely Gorgeous Doilies,' by Leisure Arts publication . 

Named as - Perfect Pineapple - it measures 13 inches across and is made with Size 20 Anchor mercerized crochet thread and 1.5 mm hook .

I randomly chose the color and wasn't sure how would it turn in the end . It is looking nice, I guess :)

The last round of this doily had a stitch which wasn't so easy, its called - 'Split 6-TR cluster'. But once I got the rhythm, it was all a simple race to finish . I don't like pineapple patterns but since PK patterns have different stitches, I like trying those .

Anshita's exams went well and she got results for few subjects too, she has done very well :) We have Parents meeting on Wednesday and then she will move to Class VIII .

Cricket World Cup fever still on and India hasn't lost any match until now...let's hope we are champions this year too :)

The temperatures are rising here and still bearable between 35-38 C but soon it will turn very hot next month . I also updated my blog with my cross stitch 2014 finishes on the right hand sidebar .

Have a crafty week ahead!

Monday, 2 March 2015

Messy-to-Classy Feb-March and some stitching progress........

Thank you for your lovely wishes on my wedding anniversary !! :) As usual, I am sorry , I could not reply to your comments :(

I am having a busy time, not sure, where the time is going . I missed the February Messy-to-Classy post . That's very bad of me as a host :(  My dear friend Daniela remembered and posted about her table makeover . That is very sweet of her. Thank you, Daniela !! :)

I have opened the Messy-to-Classy link for Feb-March and if you have anything to share, you may add there . My craft room is also the guest room and since my mother is staying in that room so I am not allowed to mess it up . Anyways , since I started this to put some discipline into maintaining my stash properly for which I never get time after I tend to daily organizing work at home .

So I just got my messed up fabric box to my bedroom and rearranged it .

Here is some stitching progress I have made on my Kitty Litter . I did not like the fabric and no where it is like a cotton as mentioned on the kit . I started it on my Birthday and I plan to finish it on my next when I turn 40 . But seeing the progress, looks like it will take atleast 3 years to complete .

Not sure, how that yellow shade is coming after uploading onto the post. It is not there in the original picture . I also worked on ladybird fairy's skirt .

Anshita's exams are going on well and will be done by 11th March . 

We all are just hooked on to Cricket World Cup and with India's smashing victory in all the three matches against South Africa, UAE and Pakistan....its going great !!:) The next one is scheduled on Friday with West Indies .

Hope you all are having fun :)

Have a nice day!

Tuesday, 17 February 2015

13 years together !! :))

Thank you for all your sweet and lovely wishes on my Birthday !! I was very happy :))

Today we completed 13 years of our togetherness :)

What's better than to share another cross stitch finish 'Home Sweet Home ' .......that's true :)

This design is from the magazine, Cross Stitcher, August 2010 issue . It is meant to stitch on 14 count white fabric but I stitched on 10-count peach colored fabric . It is a free kit with the magazine but with digital issues, I get only charts . I changed the colors as per my fabric .

Sorry for the blur pics, I have taken in a hurry.

We earlier planned to go to dinner for my B'day party on 14th but Anshita had activity demonstration in school in the morning where the kids show what they have learnt the entire academic year . She has guitar and handball as her activities . After she played guitar we went to see her handball where she does the goalkeeping . She got her finger badly hurt when a guy from her class hit the goal . Girls and boys play together . We had to rush to doctor for X-ray but thankfully it was not a fracture . Her ring finger and parts of palm on the left hand have become black and blue and it pains a lot . She is having her term end exams starting 28th Feb . Thankfully, her right hand is fine . But she cannot play guitar and handball for at least a month :(

Anshita and Raj conducted few games for four (include my mom) of us and we had a very good family time :) We went to dinner on Sunday night when Anshita felt a bit fine .

Today there is nothing special as we have a religious day, 'MahaShivratri' , which means we have to fast full day, but we can eat the items that are allowed on fasting days . So the anniversary party will be on the weekend :)

I will try my best to reply to your wishes personally but owing to Anshita's exams, I might be busy with her .

Have a nice day !
Preeti :)

Friday, 13 February 2015

Happy Birthday to me !!!! :))))

Today is my Birthday and I have turned 39 years old :))

Here is a beautiful and lovely card I got today morning from Anshita :)

It opens up to give a warm hug......very cute !!! She is a very caring and loving daughter :)  I love those small pink hands, she made it very neatly :)

I also completed this cute cross stitched Russian doll designed by the very talented designer Rhona Norrie from Tangled Threads . This design is from the magazine, The World of Cross Stitching, June 2013 issue .

I have also planned to start my biggest project, Kitty Litter (Dimensions kit),  today .

Have a nice weekend and a lovely Valentine's day :)

Preeti :)

Monday, 9 February 2015

The best part of my home and a Crochet WIP :))

My crafting is going on but at a slow pace . I have been waiting to share pics of my new flat since we moved few months back . We did not hire any interior designer to design something trendy which might not have described our taste , rather , I designed everything and got it approved from Raj and Anshita :)

I have worked really hard in searching ideas and creating designs , measuring every inch of space for effective utilization . Our home is a mix of colors, vintage , trendy and conventional ----all under one roof :)

The best and loveliest part is ...........let the pictures tell you :)

Hello, I am Simba....Bittu's friend , and I will show you .....

Bittu's den :)
Bittu is Anshita's nickname .

Anshita wanted a bay window sitting area, so her mom turned her window into one :)
On either sides, are her clothes cupboards . 

A small nook to keep her book/cup/bowl

A big five feet wide mirror

She keeps only daily needs on these two racks . The actual treasure goes into the cupboard .

Her toy shelf , its five feet high......oops,  her mom still hasn't cleared the top

This was a designing challenge for the carpenter to turn the plywood in a curve . Anshita's mom did not want her to bump into cupboard corners 

I love these dolls on the cupboard....

So many cute ones :) Aren't they ???

A peek into the better part of mess inside the toy cupboard . The empty space is where Bittu's school bag goes . She is in school right now .

The longest handle in the house......2 feet long

Matching drawer handles....her mom was lucky to find those

'Shaun the sheep' was Anshita's her mom got one sheep knob too :)

A picket fence for wall hooks. This is still awaiting few details from mom but it is already in use .

Bittu's Cork&white board is usually full .

This is her mom's favorite picture on the toy cupboard .......isn't it a cute mom-daughter pair ?:)
That's all from Simba........Over to mom!

Now, I just need to add some handmade items to the room. The above crochet squares (total 18) are going to make something nice for her room .

The entire wooden work is done with a conventional water proof plywood and printed laminates (decolam) . For durability reasons we preferred this over the popular MDF work . I will show you few more pics of the home in next post .

I hope you enjoyed the pictures :)

Have a crafty week ahead !!
Preeti :)

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