Friday, 6 May 2016

Published again and some stash acquisition !! :)

Thank you for your appreciation for Julia Blackwork !!:)

I haven't made much progress to share but I do have something else to show and be happy about :)

My Crochet stool cover pattern was published in April-June 2016 Anchor Needle n' Thread magazine , India

It is a quarterly magazine and here is my pattern :)

I also acquired some stash in the past 2 months.

Bag handles

Anchor skeins, crochet cotton size 20 and acrylic ice batik yarn

Anchor knitting cotton and purse threads.
All of these are purchased from Pradhan Embroidery stores in India

Raj was in US for two weeks in the month of April . I did not ask to get anything but when he was roaming around in Target, he got these fabrics and buttons for me .

I have switched over from Jo-Ann's shopping to Deramores UK online to explore other yarns and this is my first Deramores order . I am quite happy with their fast delivery.

I got different brands of DK and sports weight cotton yarns to try and will order more based on which one I like the most .
Cascade ultra pima, Sirdar,Wendy supreme,Patons, Classique

Debbi Bliss, DMC Natura, Rowan Cotton Glace, Sublime eqyption

I am going on a family vacation from next week and will be back to blogland after few weeks . I may not have access to internet and hopefully by month end I will share the details about my trip once we are back .

Have a great day!

Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Presenting....... Julia !!!:))

Hello all,

Hope you are doing great . I have completed my first blackwork design, Julia !!!!

Here she is in all her glory :)

Julia Blackwork :

This pattern is designed by Valentina Sardu for Ajisai Press

I was done with the most part of stitching and was struggling with time to complete a little part . Everyday I thought of completing the little portion and then write a post . The stitches would be more straight when the fabric is properly ironed and stretched for framing . Not much is expected though , that is just a way to console my heart and hide mistakes :D

Julia Blackwork   :

My verdict on blackwork : - I did not like because I could not successfully stitch using the Holbein stitch a.k.a. double running stitch . There were places I just could not trace the stitches back and was upset at my failures after every inch of design . Seeing me complaining everyday , Raj asked me to contact the designer to know how to stitch . But I was determined to struggle alone and just couldn't accept my failure at logically applying the stitching method to the design . Moreover , I wanted to complete quickly . Approaching the Blackwork Guru would have meant completing systematically and slowly because I was and I am a sincere student all my life .

I used Holbein stitch mostly everywhere maneuvering through backside cleverly and completing it successfully . The design itself is beautiful so the finish looks beautiful even if there are flaws in my stitching method. But I have learned few tricks automatically though I didn't bother to go back and stitch correctly at some places . May be next time I will try some easy-fill blackwork design to start liking it . There is no doubt that this design is so wonderful !!

You should try this gorgeous design too .
Have a crafty day!
Preeti :)

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

A new attempt !!! :)

Thank you for your comments on my last post !! :)

I am still on to attempting new things and this time I made this crocheted hand purse with clasp and Chenille yarn . Both the yarn and the clasp were purchased long back . I got the purse handle with sew-in holes from JoAnn's and the variegated Jumbo chenille yarn is from itsybitsy craft store in India . I used 12mm hook size for this yarn .

Crochet purse with clasp and chenille yarn
 There are many ways to attach the clasp and most conventional way is to make the purse and then attach it . I did the reverse way - cast the stitches first and then crochet .

I was fine with the stitches showing up on the clasp .  I made a rectangular crochet band with Anchor knitting cotton and 2.5 mm hook . I made the chenile yarn bottom separately and and then I sewed it onto that rectangular band . It wasn't a quick and easy thing to sew with half open clasp :(  There isn't much space in it , just enough for my phone and some currency notes .

Anshita got all A1s again in grade VIII making us feel proud :) and has moved to grade IX now .

I could not do much stitching last week , hopefully this week I will have some more done .

Have a crafty day!
Preeti :)

Monday, 14 March 2016

Aren't we cute ? :)

I am sure this mom & baby image of cute owls will bring a smile on your face :) 


This is made with craft felt which I have been stashing for a long time . I saw it on pinterest and made a free hand drawing on paper . Lesson learnt for next time -  make a proper template for each part . Anyways , with trial and error , I successfully completed on weekend .

I started working on Julia blackwork . I wanted to make it larger size and also since I was new to blackwork I decided it will be easier to work on bigger count and I was already done with failed attempts on 18, 16 and 14 counts :(

This is what it will look when completed .

Blackwork can be done with both backstitching and Holbein stitch . Ideally it is done with Holbein stitch when the pattern is reversible . The chart mentioned the use of Holbein stitch but I could not track the stitching back at many points, I think partially because the design is not an easy fill . So rather than getting frustrated, I am stitching with a combination of both stitches because I don't need it to be reversible . The only thing I need to take care is not to jump long stitches from the back side . So far it is looking fine , not great . Have you done blackwork before and are you good at Holbein stitch?

Yesterday , I wore my fitbit for the first time and I completed 10,104 steps but the major chunk came from my morning walk . So the days I am going on walk, it is not difficult to hit the minimum count. Other days, I try to burn the equivalent amount of calories even if the steps are less . To reduce weight , I think I need 30k-40k steps everyday :) But I have learned a hard lesson from my previous ways of reducing weight that slow and steady lasts longer, and I am making a reasonable progress there :)

Have a crafty week ahead!
Preeti :)

Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Recycle Rush !! :D

There isn't any 'Gold Rush' happening and as an avid crazy crafter I will always prefer a 'Recycle Rush' turning 'just unwanted things' into 'beautiful unwanted things' :D

Well, I woke up to a hard realization that my home isn't going to get any cleaner or clutter free just by pinning homemaking tips on Pinterest . That's what I (we, considering he did his part) was doing last two weeks - clothes and kitchen . I gave away items in good condition and now I know what's there in the loft too . I no longer throw 'don't know' looks at Raj when I ask him to pull something from the loft. Always, the entire content of loft is brought down whenever I need one small thing which I strongly anticipate that it is hiding in one of the corners of the loft . Sadly, that doesn't happen and we have three such big lofts .

I had plans to recycle these boxes of multi-flavored cheese wedges into something crafty as they are good to make decorative button shape boxes . Anshita likes flavored cheese wedges and we usually get very often for her snacks . But I kept only two to recycle .

I have tried to take good pictures as they do in many DIY sites to make the easy-peasy craft look exotic ;)

Recycled boxes button shape

Box before

Painted as a large button and added a lace on the edge .

My first quilling attempt , I deliberately let it roll in any direction inside not following the quilling concepts.

I also made good progress on my height chart : completed flower, monkey face and started the giraffe on the top .

I have been collecting many items for recycling purpose and I think it is time to declutter that as well.

Thank you for your comments on my last post, I will be closing the Messy to Classy link party tab . I need to update my cross stitch finishes on the blog . So far , I have been updating on the right side bar for easy access to someone who is new to my blog but now I am thinking to add tab for finishes, both crochet and cross stitch . However, in mobile version both the tabs and sidebar aren't visible . How do you prefer to display?

Anshita's annual exams will be over this Friday and then I will have a leisure weekend to design and write some crochet patterns for my website . I haven't done much after I first released it .

Have a crafty day !
Preeti :)

Tuesday, 1 March 2016

A little something for my blogger friend:))

Remember , I mentioned about a secret gift for someone that I was making in the last few posts ? Well , I am glad that it reached its destination and the person who received the surprise was one of my blogger friends , Daniela in Slovakia :)

She was surprised to receive it and it took a long time to reach her but I was glad it wasn't lost anywhere . I also sent few little things but forgot to take pics . You can see on her blogpost . I secretly got her address from our common blogger friend Nurdan . She doesn't blog anymore . Thanks for keeping the secret , Nurdan :)

Colorful little crochet doilies, pattern by Patricia Kristoffersen

This gift was for participating in my Messy to Classy link party . I had promised that I will give handmade gift to two persons but since there were less people who participated , I decided to give to only one person . She posted without fail each month . Although her posts went beyond just craft organization she ensured that it was related to decor . More than that , I was touched by her simplicity to stick with me and stand for me even when I wasn't posting :)  Thank you so much , Daniela !!:)) Thank you to others as well who participated and even if it was once, it meant a lot to me :) But I hope you won't mind my decision to give to the person who deserved more than just selecting through a draw as stated earlier .

Colorful little crochet doilies, pattern by Patricia Kristoffersen

Colorful little crochet doilies, pattern by Patricia Kristoffersen

The pattern for these doilies is from the book  99 little doilies by Patricia Kristoffersen. I made with Anchor knitting cotton and 2 .75 mm hook .

Thanks to all, for your comments !! I started replying but then again I am back to my usual laziness .

Anshita's annual exams have started and I have been busy a bit in other things too. I will have some progress to show next week .

Have a great day!
Preeti :)

Monday, 22 February 2016

40.... and still a good girl !! :)

Thank you so much for your wishes on my Birthday !!:) I have replied through email to whoever I had access to and the rest I did on my post . Thanks for being there for me always and making my Birthday special !!!:)

Although I was pampered but I still maintained to be a good girl and did my crafty homework too . I will share my goodies but here is my cross stitch progress on ladybird fairy.

Completed hair

My Bday was on 13th but since Anshita was having a competitive exam on 14th so we went for the party on 14th after her exam. But I got the gifts on 13th :) 

This is an elegant watch which my mother gave me when she was here in January, we all went to shopping for this . It is a Titan Raga collection watch, a famous Indian brand for its artistic designs.

Every year Anshita makes a card for me, this year she made two different things . A bling pouch, I wanted one. She got a blue plain pouch and then decorated it with bling stickers. It is very cute :)) The one in the background is store bought jewelry box (also a bday gift).

Another innovative thing was this coupon booklet, where she and Raj both added their services which I can make use of on any particular day of my choice . The day I use a service coupon, they will work without any excuses :) The one with peace sign is Anshita's company and the one with moustache sign is Raj's company . Here are few coupons !!

Some more goodies........

Jewelry, I love earrings. No diamonds and gold but I like stones and crystals. There is a sewing machine pendant too.

Crafty things : Buttons, cards, fancy sticky notes, a fence, and the pencil crayon colors. These colors are expensive and I have no idea how to use them.

Lots of books and a diary which says, 'I am going to make the rest of my life the best of my life '
and two letter pads with printed pages inside similar to cover images

These are the needlework books I asked for


Some more gifts: the smiley one is a magnetic whiteboard duster . The one in candy shape box has soap paper bits . The owl ones are magnetic clips . Seeing me move with my iPad cable from one room to another , he got one more extra pair for me . But as a good wife , I saved it for later :)

Ever since I saw blackwork on Mii's blog , I developed interest in blackwork and asked Raj to get this lovely design 'Julia' from Ajisai Press . I also purchased the cross stitch magazine having the ladybug design as on Mii's blog.

Other than these, Raj gave me one more cross stitch software, 'Cross Stitch professional platinum plus' from DPsoftware . I am waiting for two more books and a fitbit that he has ordered .

So that was definitely a mega 40 for me !!! :) We also had our anniversary on 17th and we completed 14 years together . Looking forward to my next milestone, turning 50. Hopefully, I will make it there healthy and wise :) 

Have a crafty week ahead!
Preeti :)

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