Friday, 22 May 2015

Bits and pieces from here and there :)

Thank you for your sweet comments on my last interior design show !! :) So far I haven't replied to any of you and I guess you need to overlook my erratic reply system again  :(

I was just comparing my life how it was few years back when I worked full time with that as of now .

It was like this ......

After leaving the job, it slowly turned to this....

But again, after adding blogging, crocheting and stitching into my life , it slowly started to return to 'busy'as it was  in the first image .

Now I am trying to strike a balance between these two :) How is your life ?

Last week, we cleaned and destashed the entire home and look what I got to show you - these two crochet jackets that I made 15 years back when I was in college :) I knew only basic stitches at that time and created wearable on my own .

 Little did I know that this is called as tapestry crochet. Although I may not have done it exactly the way it should be done but the fact that tapestry is not new to me is enough consoling .

I never stashed during those days and would buy things as and when needed . I would be thrilled to find matching lovely buttons . No amount of stash gives me that kind of excitement today .

I did some specialty cooking which wasn't 100 % success in terms of presentation but ok to enjoy the taste.
Panipuri or Golgappa . Crisp balls are poked, stuffed with mashed spicy potatoes,onions and then pour the green water (sweet & sour & spicy) and then gobble it up. I made everything at home . Anshita said she would be happy to have it every weekend :)

Vegetable baked puffs. This is the first time I made these and I almost burnt them . Raj and Anshita said it tasted good but make only once a year :))) 

On reading front, with my goal setting of 2 books per month ,  I have so far read 8 books. I got few more books last month and I am reading these two right now.

I think I should include crafting books in my count as well. So I started by adding a gardening book to my list . This is the only good book I could find which has gardening information based on Indian weather conditions . The book is written in 2007 but that still have when and how information which is great . Every Indian Cricket fan is proud of the legendary Sachin Tendulkar - World's top Cricketer. His autobiography is quite a big book and he has written everything about his life . It is a pleasure to read .

I also bought few more things
Small tin boxes with transparent lid covers for keeping my seed beads. I should have taken the pic with beads.

Some bobbins, a hammer foot and cording foot. I don't know how to use the cording foot . 

Transparent plastic cover with laces . These are lying flat but when filled they have 5 inches of depth. I got 8 of these kinds to keep my fabric and yarn stash segregated by type. I got all of these from ebay. These covers are known as Saree covers.

and these acrylic paints to paint a big picture for the living room . To be painted by three of us who are amateur artists and these colors are too many for us to use :)

Happy weekend to all of you !!


Monday, 11 May 2015

Home Sweet Home - Part 3 :))

In continuation with the series of posts on my interior designing , I will show the bedroom and kitchen in this post . You can view previous posts here and here .

The Bedroom :    Brown, coffee and white .

These are sliding doors with printed laminates used on plywood. I cannot open and show it to you. I have kept the old TV in the centre cupboard . If I want to watch, I just need to slide the mirror door . I used sliding doors to save the door opening space but unfortunately I cannot use back of the door to hang my purses as I used to do in the previous house . There is another balcony that opens from the bedroom but that's not well maintained yet ....lot of stuff is dumped there which I am not sure when will I sort out . 

The Master bed is store bought but the sleek night stand on my side and a computer table on his side of the bed are custom made matching with the cupboard . I still need to decorate more but may keep it less cluttered . 

There is a bay window on my side . I try to keep my bedroom clean as it looks here .
My mother strongly disagrees :)
The other two people , out of fear and trepidation , choose not to comment :)

The Kitchen :    Purple , cream and grey . 

This is the left side of the kitchen platform . We got shutter and hydraulic shelves and push to open and every other kitchen trolley types that I could see in the stores and model apartments . It was difficult to procure some individual items like shutter because usually they do the entire modular kitchen .

This is the left corner which is inaccessible to me so I got it made as a display corner with glass shelves and glass doors . Getting these glass doors fit in an L-shape corner was a bit difficult . Please ignore the dangling wires they are from a water purifier inside the top cupboard . We have not yet decided how to adjust those. I still need to hang the crochet lace I made and posted about it here . I will hang it beneath the L shape display corner but I haven't got enough matching hooks yet .

This is the front kitchen platform . Usually this side of the platform gets cleaned twice a day as I cook here but the left side I showed you gets cluttered as I keep on stacking things there .

This is a designer chimney . I loved it when I saw . I did not want the traditional rectangular one as I always felt I might bang my head on it while cooking :)
This is the opposite of the front platform . The top is fully covered with loft .This time I got built-in Microwave and Oven . Earlier I had a counter top oven . All the three - Chimney, oven and microwave are of same company ,  KAFF . They are good . I haven't made cake yet, but I have baked biscuits and pizzas . 
The glass cupboard in the centre was meant for keeping decorative things and recipe books but I ended up keeping some daily use crockery . I have plans to shuffle things again .The work table is just a pull out (you can see , it was just a sleek line in the previous picture ) where I sort vegetables and do other miscellaneous tasks like when taking out something from oven, I can easily keep the dish on it as it is nearest . 

This is the old refrigerator which coincidentally matched with ovens and the wooden laminates . This is not a built-in one , therefore , not advisable to fix in a cabinet . So an ample amount of space is left on all the sides for the generated heat . 

While the top space was fine , the front two sides were closed with 3 inches wide flaps . This is good when I want to clean the space around it .

The kitchen towel dispensers which I found on internet were either not of good quality or were a combo of  foil and cling film dispenser which did not fit on any wall space of kitchen . So I  used  the leftover curtain rod and with the fittings, it made a convenient low-cost (almost no cost) holder :) 

All of these laminates, in the bedroom and kitchen, are textured. They are a bit difficult to clean but I have seen that glossy ones loose their gloss after few years even though they are easy to clean . I get lot of sunlight in the kitchen and it was difficult to take pics but since it wasn't glossy so that was fine .

Next post in this series would be the last and heavenly place  - 'The craft room' :) It is small , but I am sure you will like . So wait and watch my space here .

I am about to start a big and important assignment from tomorrow . Raj has done his part , now its my part to be done . If everything goes fine , it will be done in a week's time . Wish me luck :)

Thank you for seeing !!
Have a great week ahead!!
Preeti :)

Thursday, 7 May 2015

A stitcher's saying !!:)

Thank you for your overwhelming response on my happiness cross stitch in the last post . I came back early this week but was and still I am busy with unending tasks back home here . I missed my mother too, so did not feel like doing much .

However, I completed this stitcher's saying.......isn't it true ? ;)

I was not having the recommended blue shades for the border so I changed to pink . The original chart calls for french knots in each circle of the border but if you look at my french knots, then stitching these many was going to be a nightmare for me . So I tried using beads but even they looked bulky. I made small crosses to fill but those weren't looking good either . So I left those circles empty. Do you think it looks incomplete ? I feel I will spoil it if I don't get the french knots right .
Here's is the original design by the talented artist and my blogger friend, Rhona Norrie . I always admire her simple, cute and witty designs :)

I also got some time at my mother's place to complete this easy felt fabric case for her spectacles which she is going to use it with this crochet purse I made for her . I did not use proper template to cut the fabric, it could have been more neat.

My sister-in-law (my brother's wife) is a doctor by profession but she is also a great cook and an artist . She loves free hand embroidery and has created beautiful designs on her Indian tops . These two are the recent ones that she showed me .

This is Kashmiri embroidery where the design is filled using tiny chain stitches . It requires lot of patience and time .

This is Dharvadi embroidery which is similar to some counted embroideries done using net over the fabric . This one is done as a free hand embroidery . 

Isn't it beautiful ? :)

Here is another glance at my cross stitch . The chart for this can be found in the magazine, Cross Stitch Crazy, July 2012, issue 165 .

I had a nice time last week, eating my favorite food and lazying around :) Don't feel like doing much work here :(

I have many comments to reply and many blog posts to read .

Have a great day!
Preeti :)

Monday, 27 April 2015

Share a Little Happiness !!!:))

Sharing a little more cross stitch done :) I started this last year, not sure when, and then ran out of one of my favorites, shade 35 (Anchor) and later when I got that, the shade turned out to be unlucky for me . So it went into 'not-so-interested' pile for sometime . I took this out few days back and started working on it again after I had forgiven that color .

I unabashedly broke the rules of stitching in this design :) I changed the entire theme, from 'Chunky- antique' to 'Funky-new' :D 

Sometime back, I had stitched on 10 count aida fabric and I used 6 strands as the design was sparse. Not sure, how I overlooked the stitching instructions for this one to use 4 strands, I ended up making it even chunkier by stitching with all 6 strands . 

Also I did not know that the chart will show the same symbol for quarter and three-quarter stitches and instead of making three-quarter, I stitched up only one-quarters and ended up with rough edges :( So I made it up by outlining even when it wasn't mentioned and that too with a color of my choice :)

This is how the original design is.......may be, antique lovers would like this version .

But I wanted some more colors to that happiness message . I ended up with a riot of colors :) It might be looking cluttered but then I am fine with its funky look .

The design area is around 12" x 12" and I am thinking of finishing it into a cushion . You can find the chart titled 'Happy Days' by Felicity Hall in the Cross Stitcher  magazine - July 2011, issue 241.

I will be away for a week to home town with my family to drop my mother back home . I am not sure whether I will have Wi-Fi connectivity there or not . I am taking data card with me . Hope it will work .

So, did you like my chunky-funky finish? :)

Have a great week !

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

My innocent stash !! :))

I got some stitching and yarn stash yesterday :) It is so nice to open a packet full of something even though we have paid for that happiness .  Also, I have some progress to share on Kitty Litter project .

Turkish Nako Vals Yarn. I plan to make a Crochet top or Bolero for Anshita.

My first quilting ruler . I may not do quilting but I guess I will do appliques and for the same reason I got the smallest ruler. My Self healing mat is small too. So this ruler is good for cutting small pieces.

Needle threaders for my mother and her friends and some crochet safety pins for me .

Cross Stitch aida fabric cream color, 15 count to gift some one.
Ready to stitch towels with attached aida fabric .

Snap fasteners Nickel and transparent .
The thread like item is knitting-in elastic. It is thin like a thread and we can use it along with the yarn length to get the required elasticity. 

Pony Colored eye needles- tapestry, Crewel and Chenille. And some wool needles.
The tapestry colored eye needles are color coded as per the size of the needles. They are from size 22 to 28. You can read the review here .

My progress on the Kitty Litter project . One more cat done . Their eyes are closed which will be visible when the back stitching is done . This is how they will look when done . Which one do you want me to stitch next. The one next to the black or next to the brown ?

I call my stash 'Innocent,' because look what Raj got for himself few weeks back.......

Audi Q3 Premium Plus . 

Anshita loves modelling for his car :) These German cars here cost double than what it is in the US. He paid around $75k for this . So you can understand that now we are on the verge of  bankruptcy and before that I want to lay my hands on as much stash as I can collect ;) 

Thanks for seeing! :)

Sunday, 19 April 2015

Home Sweet Home - part 2

Hope you are having a great weekend !! I have titled the post as 'part 2' because I have already posted about Anshita's room in another post here .

I have so many non-crafty things to share but just could not find time to group the pictures I had taken long back . Again, since I have designed the interiors, so I cannot totally call it as my non-crafty affair :)

There are still many fittings that need to be done, many corners to be decorated . This one is about the drawing, dining & living, and the front balcony.

Drawing room : It is plain and simple .

I kept the showcase unit small and trendy on the right corner . We did not want any wooden panelling for the 64" TV rather we wanted the wall to have different color . There are few fittings to be done to hide those dangling wires .

I posted here about the corner unit having focus lights on the shelf than from the top . So any transparent thing, when kept, brightens up the shelf in that color. 

Anshita recycled a board game box into a decorative box to keep her headphones but those rarely went in there so I reused it for keeping 3D glasses that came with the TV . 

This is the old sofa with cover changed into grey. You can see my old one, all bright and beautiful here . Since we already colored the background wall for the TV, so we let the wall remain off white as was given. And since keeping a light colored sofa clean was a chore in itself and would not have suited the wall, we got it grey. It is an expensive textured leather, with two grey shades. Not visible here and I don't intend to work hard on close up images either :) The crochet cushions were recently made and you can see more clearly on this post .

This is the dining and living area. It has a little bit old style with Rajasthani style (antique royal) solid sheesham wood dining table which we got custom made . The blue crochet table runner is my favorite and I posted about it here . The flowers in my blog header were turned into this runner :)

The 17 feet by 9 feet library . This is the most favorite place for all of us :) The centre portion requires a huge painting which Raj wants it to be painted by three of us and that free day has never come so far .

The opposite side of library where we have one recliner for reading and stitching. The stand you see is iPad stand that Raj gifted me long back and it is one of the most used thing in stitching so far, of course, apart from needles and threads You can see the stand with iPad on this post .

A small temple, we perform pooja (Hindu prayers) here daily morning .

Anshita's old bookshelf around 4 feet by 5 feet is now converted into crockery unit but not arranged so far . I have kept few of Anshita's Origami creations in it . I covered the bottom shelf with printed card stock to keep boxes that are not to be displayed

This is a designer wash basin opposite to the dining table, looks like made of bamboo sticks but it is a textured ceramic . We got some ancient style printed textured tiles on the wall in the background . When you touch it , it gives a feeling of proper ancient stone wall . We need to fix a mirror and a big flower vase . Hope I will get that completed next month .

Close up image of the wall

The front balcony : The dining area opens up into this 19 feet by 10 feet balcony space which is bigger than what I earlier had .

Since we stay on 7th floor, we cannot have a big garden area, but I just spiced it up with small picket fence :) There wasn't much growing at the time when I had taken these pics and right now also there are only few . Tired after shifting, I could not give enough time for gardening. You can see my few gardening adventures in old flat here and here .

This is the opposite corner which I utilized for keeping small ceramic pots. The stand is made of laminated plywood, parts of which were left overs from our bedroom shelves. I am happy, I tried reusing many such small things .

Do you see the purple petunia in the orange pot and the Coleus in the brown pot down at the end ? They went on to grow this much . 

I grew this Coleus from tiny seeds, it was a slow and patient journey to this level and I am proud to have it still alive in my tiny garden :)

Here are few more flowers 

These roses, though small, have a real perfect rose smell .

Hope you enjoyed seeing the pics :)

Have a great week ahead!

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