Monday, 26 January 2015

Messy-to-Classy, Recycled calendar, Thread storage ideas!! :)

Hope you had a nice weekend .  This is my first Messy-to-Classy update for year 2015 . And apart from my clean-up,  I also have some nice thread storage ideas to share with you all :)

So what did I do this month? I cleared my craft room desk which usually becomes a dumping place for any kind of paper work, crafting stuff, stationery and sometimes unwanted grocery bills .
This is what its state was since 15 days with some or the other junk finding its way onto my work space .

After few days, some more clutter

This is how it looks now!!

craft room ideas

craft room ideas

I like seeing it whenever I visit the room . Of course, it gets messed up again when I start crafting :)

This is a wooden perpetual calendar which we got as one of the New Year gifts from a well known watch company in India after we bought loads of wrist watches as gifts for relatives.

Anshita designed this cute picture for me with my blog header and titled as ‘My Craft Room’ :)  Isn’t it a lovely one?

Thread Storage ideas :
I am glad to share a post about ‘Thread storage ideas’  from Pam of  'Threading my way' .  She is an accomplished seamstress and loves gardening . She also hosts ongoing link parties under different categories where you can see variety of projects with tutorials from beginner to advanced levels . Just visit her; you are sure to get inspired .

There is a slight change that I am going to make to this link party to make it simple .  I will open a link every month on the sign-up page itself . I will remove the restriction of date and you may place link to as many posts you write for that respective month . Just click here or the ’Messy-to-Classy’ tab . You can sign-up and post any time .

I would be glad to know about you feedback on my craft space and the recycled piece even if you are not joining the party :)

Have a crafty week ahead!

Friday, 23 January 2015

Miscellaneous: Sulking, award, harvesting, boring


Its been quite a while I have not posted .  I hope you will put up with my ramblings .

Raj went to Seattle (U.S.) last week and I was sulking for few days at home . I terribly missed him and I was going through emotional disturbance . My mom daily called me twice a day and I cried all the time talking to her . Anshita took great care of me by giving emotional support and playing with me . She is a lovely and caring daughter . I was not like her and was always a difficult child for my mom .

I felt so bad that I did not feel like having coffee or any food at all . I felt more lonely after Anshita left for school . Then Raj asked me to forcefully make a cup of coffee and that we will have it on google hangouts . It was the first time I came on hangouts else I am a camera shy person and prefer chat and phone call instead . It was past dinner time for him .  Then started my regular morning coffee sessions on hangouts with him and I came back to normal routine .

Then, what happened......
My mom stopped calling me thinking that I am done with my tantrums and that calling once in 2-3 days is fine .
Anshita was relieved to see that her mom is not going mad crying the whole day .
But Raj continued with the coffee hangouts . It is sinful for him to now break the session .

So there goes the story . Slowly I picked up on my blog reading too .

Also, I got a blog award from Anna of Annasimplecrochet. Thank you , Anna!! but sorry dear I am very bad at doing Q&A homework . I am so grateful that you remembered me:) And thank you for being always with me since we met on the blogland .

I harvested around 40 cherry tomatoes from my small container plant . They tasted sweet! I did not look after the plants and have not fed them any compost for past one month , still they rewarded me with a bountiful harvest .

As for the boring part, I am making this doily with disconnected color scheme . The colors aren't as per my taste .

I have few friends joining the Messy-to-Classy link party and I need to put up first post on it next week . I was in no mood to post this month but seeing my lovely friends standing up for me , I decided it would be very unprofessional and bad on my part not to post about it . Hopefully, by 26th I will have my January link ready.

Have a nice weekend!!

P.S. : Needless to say, Raj broke his coffee session today morning and instead went out to dinner with his colleagues . I am back to my sulking for a day again and he is repenting on why did he trade 30 min. of coffee session with 2 hours of consoling.

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Year 2015 ....what I am upto ?

2014 saw few changes in me. The highlights being - I started cooking more, I formally started designing my crochet patterns.

Come new year, and I have all the excuses to say that resolutions are meant for breaking and therefore I don't make any. I thought I was wise and smart. But I have observed that if I list out some task, I complete quite a few. If I don't, I miss most of them. After seeing my blogger friends updating their resolution/goals/missions, I decided to formally list down mine as well. So, here is quite a big list, some of which, I already started working on.
1Design min. 1 cross stitch and 1crochet pattern for Indian magazine One-timeStarted
2Analyse atleast 2 international magazines for submission Ongoing
3Write one article/story per month for Newspaper/magazine and submitOngoing
4Upload the written novel One-time
5Complete next novelOne-time
6Create Goodreads profile and update frequentlyOngoing
7Read 2books a monthOngoingStarted
8Donate moreOngoing
9Think less, worry lessOngoing
10Organize moreOngoingStarted
11Recycle moreOngoing
12Increase exercise and walk timeOngoing
13Make crochet wearables for Anshita One-time
14Put some efforts in gardening Ongoing
15Play thrice a week with AnshitaOngoingStarted
16Learn and make more sewing and patchwork itemsOngoing
17Get used to paying billsOngoing
18Learn and cook few more baking itemsOngoing
19Find out more about palaeontology carreer Ongoing
20Learn amigurumi Ongoing
21Learn Tunisian crochetOngoing
22Do mending and repair work promptlyOngoing
23Reduce xx Kgs (too shy to reveal the count :))One-timeStarted
24Smile often, be more socialOngoingStarted
25Reply to comments prompltyOngoingStarted
26Write at least 2 blogposts per weekOngoingStarted
27Target at least one pending home-decor/fitting each monthOngoing
28Learn about finances/investments from Raj - one item per monthOngoing
29Learn Adobe illustrator to draw crochet patternsOne-timeStarted
30Delete unwanted images from iPad,phone and laptop. Ongoing

On 25th and 26th Dec, after 6 years, we had been to 'Ramoji Film city' in the outskirts of city. It is world's largest film studio complex spread in 1666 acres. It was fun. I still need to shortlist the photos as they are spread across two phones and a camera.

We also did shopping but what attracted me outside the flower nursery was this mini compact seed packet - 39 varieties and a slip of paper with information just for 150 INR (2 USD). I had been spending a lot on buying seed packets online which is just waste of money on packaging. I have to separate them in little pouches and Anshita did the labelling task for me :)

What I cooked last week- 3 special items but took picture of only two.

Matar Kachori : These are balls stuffed with coarsely ground greenpeas and some spices .

Gajar ka Halwa : A sweet made of Carrot, milk, sugar and few more items.

I am working on two crochet projects, one large and one doily. I hope I can share one of these by next week. My link party 'Messy-to-Classy' is open to join any time. Just check the top menu bar for more information.

Have a nice day!
Preeti :)

Monday, 5 January 2015

Messy to Classy link party !!!!!

Thank you, my dear friends, for your wishes on my last post about my published piece in the magazine :)

Few days back, I mentioned here about my plans to start a link party on reorganizing/arranging your craft spaces. After getting your feedback and great tips from my blogger friends about link parties, here I am ready with my introductory post.

Messy-to-Classy link party for craft spaces

It took me some time to learn about linky widget and creating grab button etc. I have added a tab on the menu bar, extreme right, where I have given information and signing up details. 

Please click on the tab or click here to sign up for the party. If you want me to add any more details, please let me know.

Let the ideas pour in :)
Thank you for visiting !!

Saturday, 3 January 2015

A happy start to 2015 !!! :)

Happy 2015 to all my dear friends !!! :)

I am so happy to share with you that my new year was indeed a happy one because, I..... got......

in  Anchor Needle 'N' Thread magazine ....YAY!!! :)

This is the crochet collar I had submitted and it got featured in the Jan-March, 2015 issue of Anchor Needle 'N' Thread magazine, India. I can only share a partial snapshot because of copyright.

This is a quarterly magazine of needlework - crochet, cross stitch, embroidery etc. published by CoatsCrafts India. It is published in both English and Hindi languages.

Thanks to all of you for keeping up my crafting spirits high and for the inspiration that I constantly draw from you ! :)

Happy new year again and wish you a happy, healthy, prosperous and crafty life ahead :)


Saturday, 20 December 2014

Potpourri !!!!……and call for a suggestion

I changed the post title to Potpourri because earlier it turned out as a small paragraph :) That means there is a lot to show and …..ummm may be read too…..but you can skip the details, see the pics, but, do read the last part about the suggestion .

I am done with my Cross Stitched table cloth which I posted about it here , here  and here . These are few more motifs that I stitched this month .

And...…it’s finished!!!!

This is the full view….YAY!!!! :)

I tried hard not to watch cooking shows but seems like my cooking mojo has struck back and taken ever body with a surprise :) I cooked up some special items for my daughter. They are all Indian vegetarian items.
Ok, I do cook food both the times daily and spend more than 5 hrs in kitchen excluding cleaning time, which left me no time to look into special dishes, other than during festivals, as I would rush to grab my stitching time…blah…blah..blah….long story cut short….here is the proof of last week…..few pictures for which I got only five minutes to serve in plate and click since my daughter was throwing tantrums like a four-year-old hungry child .

Manchurian. This is Indian Chinese. Grated and Steamed vegetables (cabbage, carrots and French beans) dumplings with slight touch of refined flour & corn flour , deep fried and then sauté those with spices in soya and tomato sauces.

Made of gram flour and  leaves of Arum (which look like Lotus leaves) it is known as  Aloovadi (in my regional language, Marathi) or Patra in can be either eaten steamed or fried to make it crisp. I tried to cut the rolls into heart shape; they turned a bit wonky after frying.

Dahi vada : It's made of split black gram and split green gram and then served with curd and dry spices and  chutneys; it is sweet, sour and spicy...all in one .

Call for a suggestion:
I was thinking of a link party to start and for which I need to know your suggestions and interest to participate. If there can be a TUSAL- Totally Useless SAL, then I think I can also start a linky on this topic……

Messy- to- Classy

You might have arranged or reorganized or cleaned your crafting space once or more than once in a month. The idea is to see how you have turned the crafty mess into a beautiful neatly arranged space. Now this doesn’t mean entire craft room/cupboard etc. If you can do that every month that’s great but I don’t want to challenge the impossible as I know we are too busy to do that.

It can be anything ---a corner of your table, a drawer /shelf in your cupboard, a basket of messed up yarns, or just simply a thread box. It could be any tiny to huge space but related to crafting things only.

Anytime of the month when you do this activity, just take a before and after picture and post about it in the last week of that month .  I will come up with some more rules/details if I see any further interest . This is open to all crafters…..crocheters, stitchers, knitters, paper crafters and so on….

Just to acknowledge the little task of arranging we do which sometimes gets or doesn’t get noticed.

So let me know about Messy-to-Classy :)

Hope you are happily busy with your next week’s Christmas preparations and holidays.

Have a lovely weekend !

Thursday, 4 December 2014

Cross Stitch 2015 projects !!

I guess this might be a little too early but seeing many of you sharing new starts, I thought I would share my shortlisted projects planned for the year 2015.

Although I have few leftovers from 2014, but as for now lets see the new ones only.

1. Best Friend by Joan Elliott from The World of Cross Stitching, March 2013

2. Choosing a tree by Margaret Sherry from Calender 2012 – 2013

This is the chart sent by my blogger friend Jo from Serendipitous Stitching . Thank You Jo!!

3. Zoo Cuties by Durene Jones from Cross Stitch Card Shop July 2013 (3 items selected)

4. Stitchy Sayings Rhona Norrie from Cross Stitch Crazy July 2012 (2 items selected)

5. Home Sweet Home by Angela Poole from Cross Stitcher August 2010

6. Paws for thought by Andree Langhorn , from Cross Stitch Collection February 2012

7. Russian doll by Rhona Norrie from The World of Cross Stitching June 2013

8. Pastimes & Hobbies by Debra Page from The World of Cross Stitching March 2013
Three items selected ----Super snapper, super gamer, sewing is fun

9. Garden Helper by Lesley Teare from Cross Stitcher Rustic style

10. Monster alphabet by Lucie Heaton from Cross Stitch Crazy February 2014

11. Bookworm  by Margaret Sherry from Calender 2009

12. Kitty litter from Dimensions Gold Collection kit

I have shortlisted all the designs I would like to stitch from the magazines and entered details diligently into Google sheets. Hope I will maintain it too.

Anshita turned 12 on 1st December :) We had a small Birthday party at home with few of her friends. Her cake was a designer Candy Crush cake . She made these two lovely cards for her father's Birthday which was on 29th November.

What are your plans for 2015?

Have a nice day!
Preeti :)

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