Thursday, 4 September 2014

For my glamorous all :)

I guess I should stop writing "'I'm back, I'm back !!" It has become quite a norm for me to write a post and then vanish from here .

Hellooo.....Hope you are all busy with your crafty things and were just waiting for my post  . . . . lol . And, when you logged into your blogger - lo and behold ! - here I am .  . . . .  :)

I have a Cross stitch finish to share . . . . Presenting . . . . .The one and only. . . . .

 'Glamour Puss'
designed by Margaret Sherry
stitched by Preeti

Glamour Puss Margaret Sherry1
I like the title in the printed picture below,  'A lady should never leave the house without looking irresistible. '
Glamour Puss Margaret Sherry2

Glamour Puss Margaret Sherry3
A close-up view
Isn't she the most glamourously cute kitty ?
I was away for some personal family health issues, but I did read your posts in beteween whenever I could get a break .
I hope you loved seeing her :)
Have a nice day!

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

What's on my hook ?

Thanks for your welcoming comments on my last post :)
Right now, I am crocheting 2 covers for a pair of 24x24 inches cushion . Front of one is almost done . For the back as well as lining, I will use fabric .

The yarn used is Lily Sugar n Cream and although I know its not good for wearable yet I thought it would be good for d├ęcor purpose . But even with that its not so good . So I want to finish the yarn as soon as possible . I got these online from Jo-Ann 's when I was trying other brands and ended up with lots of these as they were cheap and colorful .

Whatever, I like the spread of color :)

Also , yesterday I solved Rubik's cube for the first time . It was great !! I followed the algorithms in this video . Its easy.

Have a nice day :)


Monday, 14 July 2014

I am back !! :)

Hi !!!!!!!! I am back :)))

Its been so long away from blogging . I missed you all very much :(

We shifted to our new flat one month back and I got busy arranging stuff . Also three of us were not keeping well due to the hot weather last month and then all the dust while packing and shifting . So it slowed down further .

I was tired and bored . So we went to a handicraft bazaar. I bought some ceramic pots for my balcony garden . Here are few snaps from the pottery section when I remembered that I now have a new mobile phone . It has 20MP camera but I dont know how to use it properly .



And these are few images from my 7th floor bedroom balcony .

View on the left...there is a small lake

View on the right

View at  night

Some 2 km away there passes a railway line . A close up image of a train running through.
It is quite an entertainment to watch them . It is far off from flat and no disturbance as such but we can hear it loud when it blows horn . The flat is very open and amazingly airy and full of light, especially, the bedroom . For the past few years , I could not see a full view of sky from my window or balcony. Here I can enjoy as much as I can until there comes some high rise building again . It is one the metro cities with a population of 8.7 million . 

I will share inside view of my new home but still some more cleaning and arranging is left . Right now I am taking a break for few days and trying to catch up with my crochet and cross stitch projects again :))

I am off to read your blogs :)

Have a great week !!
Preeti :)


Thursday, 8 May 2014

Few updates and gifts.....:)

Hello all,

Thank you so much for your wishes on my last post . I could not reply to any single comment . Soon after that, I was busy with the preparation of House warming pooja for our new flat . It was on 1st May. It is an elaborate prayer as per Hindu mythology. Raj and I together did that (under the supervision of 5 priests) for almost 3 hrs which included 20 min of Havan (small bonfire) in peak afternoon time when the temperatures were running 42-45 C . It was done in the drawing room so not that hot. But still, fans and ACs were switched off during the entire time as they would blow off the lamps . So you can understand why I am not posting my 'uff, it is so hot !' photos . We had invited some local friends and relatives for the lunch. We were happy as all went well nicely.

Some updates on my crafting....

I worked on the Margaret Sherry SAL. This was the only Cross stitching I did for last 1 month.

Making a crochet purse for my mother :) She was with me for 5 months and left 2 weeks before the house warming ceremony. I missed her. I could not complete this purse . Will send her whenever I am done with. It is an interlocking crochet stitch .

Anshita made this bunting for the new house using foam sheets :) We had put it on the main door during the pooja . I like it!! It looks cute !!

And here are some gifts....

A Margaret Sherry Calendar sent by my cross stitching friend Jo from Serendipitous Stitching .
It is a Calendar  with 6 big Msherry Cross stitch charts . Thank you so much Jo !! That's so sweet of you for sending me :) I have only digital charts so this is surely a treasure for me . She also sent me two lovely postcards with her beautiful handwriting but they are now packed with my greeting cards . I will show them when I unpack after shifting to the new flat .

A new phone 'SONY Xperia Z1 Compact (White) ' from Raj :) No special occasion, just that my old phone stopped working so he got me a new one . I am not used to this size of phone .

With my old phone (Nokia xpressmusic) of seven years

I am in the process of ordering things for my giveaway. We are planning to shift in the end of May. But I haven't started anything....still many fittings are to be done . I am getting it done one at a time but I guess its slow. Raj changed his job in Feb after being 13 years in the same company. So he has become very busy and the ownership of all his pending tasks at the new flat have been transeferred to me :(

This weekend I purchased some craft stuff for both Anshita and myself. I have some more to show, but no time for pics.

Have a lovely week and weekend!


Monday, 21 April 2014

100 and still growing !!! blog :)))

Yippee !!! This is my 100th blog post . It took me so long to push it but finally it's here :) I hope you haven't unsubscribed  ;) and are doing great :)

I would like to thank you for the love , support and encouragement you extended and made my blogging a success . Without you , it's just could not have happened and I look forward to cherish this friendship and share creativity and dreams with you .

Click below for a million ' Thank You '  fun.   May not work on tablets because it is a flash file .

Thank You    :))))))))))

There are lot of reasons for my absence but I will postpone details for later . My new blog header wasn't planned for 100th post . Few weeks back, when I opened my blog after many days, I found photobucket error plastered all over in the background. To fix that, I added another background and that did not go well with the old header. Hurriedly, I created a new header . Anyways , it was due for changing and it happened for good .

Giveaway ? Yes, for sure , I am planning for it. But I need some time to put it together . This was just an ice-breaking post ;)

A heart full of thanks again !!
Preeti  :)

Monday, 10 March 2014

2014 Turtle Trot March update!!

I hope you all are doing good . I had been very busy for the past few weeks so could not write any post . Thanks for your lovely and sweet wishes on my Birthday !! :) I had a great time with my family :D

It is 10th of March and time to update my Turtle Trot SAL progress . The SAL is into the third month now and I am glad even after being busy I managed to stitch on 9 out of 10 pieces :)

To know about this SAL , click here and to know about my planned projects , click here.

1. Ladybird fairy by Joan Elliott 



2. Jungle Japes (height chart) by Durene Jones 


I purchased the iPad issue of Cross Stitch Gold magazine with this chart when there was Holiday discount on all issues . Later I saw that half of the chart is in next issue . But I guess this will take more than a year for me to stitch so I will wait for next discount offer to buy the next issue . So I will be stitching upwards from here because the bottom part of chart is in next issue .

3. Easter Chicks by Belle & Boo



4. Happy Days by Felicity Hall

I ran out of thread shade for the word 'Happiness' so just wandered over to stitch some other parts.


5. Blue tit by Lesley Teare



6. Glamour puss by Margaret Sherry

Some more mindless background stitching in the bottom


7. Humming Bird Quartet by Frankie Buckley

This is going fast but I ran out of a green shade . Meanwhile I will stitch other colors .


8. Hydrangea by Barbara Baatz Hillman



9. Floral Border from Variegated floral border by Leisure arts
No progress on this WIP.

10. Nature’s charm by Dimensions



Thanks for seeing !!
Have a nice day!!

Preeti :)


Thursday, 13 February 2014

Happy Birthday to me !! :))

Today is my Birthday and I have turned 38 years old :))
Flowers from my tiny balcony garden.........

 Have a lovely day ahead !!
Preeti :)

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