Monday, 20 June 2016

Baaa in Australia means Merino !! :)

Thank you for your comments on my cross stitch and trip photos !! :) I have been adding my WIP progress along with the vacation pics but I don't have anything to show today .

I have just one more set of trip photos left which I will share later . Right now , I will share some crafty shopping adventures . I had dedicated the last day of vacation for my crafty shopping after collecting a mountain of souvenirs for our extended family and friends .

Baaa......Australian Merino sheep 
Saw lots of these while passing by villages towards Great Ocean road from Melbourne city

My shopping had me visit three places in Melbourne - Lincraft Store , Wondoflex Yarn center and Cando Books . My blogger friends , Lavina and Pam shared information on various shopping destinations and touring places in Sydney and Melbourne . Lavina also gave feedback about Indian restaurants as she had stayed there for years . Thanks Lavina and Pam .

About my yarn shopping , I got information from SnB Melbourne group on Ravelry and they promptly shared info on the stores based on my specific yarn choices . And this blog post on many craft stores in Melbourne also helped a lot .

Lincraft Store

Lots of threads

fabric...not much of choice 

DMC and Sullivan threads 

Lots of yarn and they were having 50% off on many brands on the day I visited

jewelry crafts section 

and this is what I got from there ......

Aida fabric, some random DMC and Sullivans threads, a white aida fabric band and a wooden lap frame . I have no idea if there are any more attachments needed with this frame . I just bought it and need to learn how to use .

random things --- those pebble shaped sticky notes and the thimble were bought from some other place . The 'make- a- zipper' roll is a new thing for me  

Got some bamboo batting for small projects , some more random zippers and flannel fabrics

Lincraft local cotton yarn and Paton's Sorrento synthetic yarn 

Made in Australia Pure wool yarn - Cleckheaton country 8 ply

I will make something for either me or Anshita

Shepherd baby merino wool 4 ply . I hope to make a short jacket for Anshita

A visit to Wondoflex Yarn center 

Lots of yummy yarns :))))

and this is what I got from there ......
Australian Superfine merino 8 ply by Cleckheaton. 
These were a bit expensive , 65gm ball @ 12 . 50 AUD . I guess I can make a short top for me with 3/4th sleeves .

Touch 2 ply pure merino was from Newzealand, very costly, so I got only one skein . 

Made in Australia Heirloom 100% cotton on left and Paton's cotton blend on right .

I was surprised to find that there were many yarns which were made in India and some in China too . There were European yarns also but those I can purchase from Deramores . I wanted to buy Australian yarns mostly made in Australia . My mother sponsored my shopping, looks like my 40th Birthday celebration got extended :)

Last weekend we went to New Delhi to get an award for Anshita :) She got 3rd prize in an International English Olympiad conducted by an organization among schools of south east and middle east Asian countries. Also , I had to visit two of my cousins family there so the three of us had gone .

Hope you had a lovely virtual shopping time with me :)  In next post, I will share about the craft books and magazines I purchased .

Have a great day!

Wednesday, 8 June 2016

A little stitching and vacation part-2.....

Thanks for seeing the pics on my last post , I am still going to bother you with few more in forthcoming posts :) I usually give up the fight for selecting pics after two sets of posts but this time I am thinking of being a relentless blogger bombarding with lots of images :))

First up , my little but some progress on height chart

stitched on left side of the tree bark . This tree is a bit boring . Many times I feel like doing patchwork or paint the entire tree (mixed media). This confirms that I will never have patience for HAEDs .

On the way to Blue Mountains , we went to Featherdale wild life park to see the Australian wild animals .

The shy Koalas

Can you spot this one?

Most of them were sleeping

Look at this one - all rolled up :)

Only this one was up 

You were allowed to touch , one at a time while the Koala kept on munching his healthy breakfast 

and feed Kangaroos too :) These were smaller species

These ones were the heavier and big

Raj with the smallest species of 8 years old Python . Yikes !!

Wombat !! I liked these ones :) They are kind of giant rats .

There were many owls . 

Awww.....these small penguins were so cute !! These penguins live at the coastal area of Phillip island, a 150 km drive from Melbourne city . We saw those in their natural wild habitat also when we went on a special tour called 'Penguin Parade' where you can see hundreds of these returning from ocean to their homes in the evening . 

A Cockatoo, getting himself petted by Anshita . Lovely Bird :) 

Southern Cassowary, an endangered bird. The male Cassowary raises the babies alone . Don't know why, but I remembered this fact only which Raj feels is a bad knowledge gain :)

In Sydney, we also went to Sealife Acquarium, Madam Tussauds and one more small zoo . Madam Tussauds is similar everywhere so I am not sharing any pics here , will see if I find any specific ones .

I liked these jelly fishes in the aquarium , The colors changed with the lights and I loved seeing those . Their center looks like a button

Some more penguins in the Aquarium :)

 Queen Victoria building , built in 1890, inside of which is now a shopping mall . It still has old stained glass windows and dome . I liked the clock on the left. I don't have good pictures for this, you can see more here 

We mostly booked private taxis for sight seeing because this trip was meant more for taking my mom on a foreign trip and she cannot walk much because of her knee problem so our itinerary was only main tourist spots . There were Hop-on Hop-off buses to watch more .

I could not keep my promise of sharing yarn shopping as I still need to segregate some more pics . Anyways I did my shopping in Melbourne and now that I am done with Sydney so next is Melbourne :)

Have a great day!

Tuesday, 31 May 2016

Vacation !!!!:))) and the days after :((

Hello !!

So nice to be back here on blogland after around 10 days of vacation . We had a great family trip to the land of Koalas and Kangaroos -- Australia !!! :)) Lots of pics to share , but I need to split around few blogposts .

Back home as usual it took lot of time to convince me to enter the kitchen :( though I kept lingering around laundry work for couple of days as that sounded easier . I did some stitching for few days on Ladybird fairy . Here she is now .....

Completed the stole and flowers in the bottom . I am working on her wings and there is some mismatch in the Anchor shade range mentioned in the design and those we get here so I am substituting the best possible ones .

We went to Sydney and Melbourne in Australia . The weather was pleasant it was their beginning of winters . I wanted to send my parents on a senior citizen tour to Europe but after I lost my father , we did not plan anything . More than four years after then my mother was ready to go for a foreign trip so we decided to take her to Australia as it is not that cold for her . Here are the highlights .  

The Opera House

Me and Raj at the Opera house

Opera House (one of the theatres)

There was a big Cruise ship at the Sydney Harbor opposite Opera House . 

Anshita, me and my mother

The Harbor bridge in the backdrop

The Blue mountain. It is similar to Nilgiris (blue mountains) in South India except that in India tea and coffee plantations are also done on mountains . Here it was forest area but very cold and windy .

These three mountains are known as three sisters.

The most fascinating was the scenic world train ride near Katoomba village in the Blue mountains . It was a steep train ride at 52 degree inclination considered as world's steepest passenger railway . In olden days this area was used for coal mining .

Here we are going down . It was very steep and scary for few seconds and then your hand and legs eventually find places to grip . That was real fun !! :)) We also had some rain forest walk .

and Skyway - Cable car ride across the mountains
(Courtsey : internet)

and Cableway - Cable car ride at elevation
(Courtsey : internet)

The Sydney tower eye . 
There is a lift to go up and you can then see a great view from the top . They also have a skywalk (walking on a glass bottom floor at the top point) but we did not go for that .

Sydney was warm and we did lot of walking there . We booked our own itinerary so there was no pressure of seeing all or nothing as is the case with some tour operators . We went to places we wanted to go .  I am a camera shy person and most of the time we end up taking pics of landscapes and Anshita gets tired of posing for all . I have been brave enough this time to look into the camera and also to share pics here . 

Next post - about Koalas and Kangaroos and some yarn/crafts shopping in Australia .

We are still having summer temperatures and next week we might get Monsoon(Indian rains)   showers . Anshita's summer vacation will end on 2nd week of June ans she is feeling bad about it . She doesn't know that her wicked mother is making big stitching and crocheting plans and looking forward to the school reopening :)

Have a crafty week !!

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