Monday 30 September 2013

Fashion accessory organizer !! :)

Hello!! Hope you all had a nice weekend. Thank you all for your lovely response on my mermaid purse!! :)
After completing one old project, it gave me a boost to complete other long pending projects. Although that doesn’t deter me from starting fresh ones. But I have slowed down on new ones.

I made this crochet fashion or hair clip organizer taking inspiration from an etsy product that I found on Pinterest. I added my own ideas to it. I started it, maybe, around 7 months back and then I ran out of yarn. It is made with a local branded purse thread (braided thread) using a 3.5 mm hook. It measures 15 inches wide and 20 inches in height (excluding hanger and including braids).
Crochet hairclip organizer

I haven’t jotted down the tutorial but I can describe basic steps to make it.

For the main body, I crocheted bands of HDCs (5 rows) alternating with bands of DTRs (1 row).

Before starting the main body, create button holes (skip 2 or 3 stitches) in the 2nd row of HDCs at frequent intervals depending on number of braids you want to hang.

Crochet SCs around all 4 sides as border and insert ribbons through the DTR rows sewing both ends on the back side.

On the top, for each hanging loop,
1. Crochet a 5 inch band of DCs skipping 1 DC (button hole) where you would like to put the button when you close the loop. I created two button holes in each loop at a distance of one inch. 
2. Crochet as many loops as you need. I made 7.
3. Keeping the main body facing right side, sew wrong side of one end of the loop on top row. Repeat for all loops at equal distance.
4. Sew buttons on the main body on the top row/rows at the respective places based on your loops.

Add multiple strands of yarn as long tassels into the button holes at the bottom and make braids. I did not level the braids as Anshita wanted it to be like that. Earlier I had put some golden ribbons on the braids but it looked cluttered so I replaced those with plain colored stretch bands. Which one do you think looks good, the plain or with ribbon?

I took an unused plastic hanger but it was black in color so I wounded a plain blue satin ribbon around and covered the metal loop with SCs . The center part of the hanger’s shape was not easy to wound so I wrapped a crochet square around it folding diagonally and sewed it.

I added another crochet square as a pocket and a crochet butterfly as an embellishment. The link to tutorials for these motifs can be found here.

Crochet hairclip organiser

Add the accessories and Ta Daa !! The organizer is ready!! :)

Crochet fashion accessory organizer

Crochet fashion accessory organiser

I am also on the verge of completing one cross stitch design from turtle trot SAL and hopefully will share soon :)

Have a crafty week ahead!!
Preeti :)



  1. aha, what a wonderful project, Preeti! So colorful, so beautiful, and useful! I am sure your daughter was thrilled to have it :)
    I loved the way you can use hanger, awesome and so much applicable to all our aluminium hanger (which really frustrate me at times).
    Have a nice day!

    I T A L I A :-):-):-):-) !!!!

  3. Wow super sweet ..I love it xx

  4. A great idea. I love it.


  5. So practical and useful! I know that these organizers look very small but it does take up quite some time na in getting it done :) Loved all the details you have done! Even i was inspired by an Etsy link..maybe its the same one..but i had skipped the parts where there were braids!

  6. What a great organizer! Very weel done!

  7. Hello Darling.
    Nice, good idea, i love this colourful.

  8. Very creative Preeti - it looks so pretty with all the different hair clips on it. :)

  9. Awesome! I should also try something similar
    Evita (

  10. what a beautiful coloured piece here again =)
    when the sky is grey coming on your blog is always bringing sun =)
    (but I don't complain, we're having a very warm autumn for the moment...)
    very great organizer you made for your daughter, lovely

  11. You are just so talented Preeti. I love it.


  12. This is such a pretty and practical project, Preeti! Thanks for sharing it. Your great results encourage me to enjoy working on my projects as well as add your projects to my want-to-make list :)

  13. Oh Preeti, that's gorgeous! I love it, what a wonderful idea :-D x

  14. Ideia fantástica!!!!!!!!!
    Também amei o colorido, achei bem feminino!
    Um doce abraço Marie.

  15. Oh my goodness, this is so adorable. What a fantastic idea! I might try to make it for my cousin's daughter, I'm sure she would love it. Nice done Preeti!

  16. Love it! So colorful, and you are so very creative! :)

  17. awesome how you did that..
    I really love the way it turend out.
    Your a very gifted crafter..

  18. So colorful ! Beautiful ! Really !
    Have a nice day !

  19. You are so smart. Such a great idea. I love the little added bit of crochet near the hanger part.

  20. Totally adorable!

    Preeti -- keep an eye out for the mailman. I am slow, but eventually I get in gear. :)

  21. Wow! This so beautiful! I wish I am as creative as you are!!!


  22. Wonderful idea! I have a little girl that is now starting with all the hair clips and such, this such a great idea!! Going to try this one for sure! Thanks for sharing :)

  23. A amizade dá força para viver e sonhar.
    Um doce abraço, Marie.

  24. This is a GREAT idea! Just what I needed!

  25. What a nice and originally idea. Love it!
    Greetz, Stéphanie (

  26. What a great idea. I am always buying my daughter clips, and yet we can never find them....

  27. That is such a great idea. Very nice done!

    Groetjes, Monique

  28. Love the idea and the colors!

  29. a great idea!! such a fun holder for girls things :D We all know how that's very usefull ;) Well done sweetie!!

  30. This is colorful and lovely.
    Such a nice organizer :-) Great Job

  31. Gorgeous!! What a great idea, and how colorful! A useful beauty :-))

  32. Lovely!!!! I am new to crocheting! all this are so inspiring!! Good work!

  33. This is great Preet! It looks adorable with all those clips.

  34. wow...that's lovely and perfect for your girls room

  35. Its toooo good. I have aa friend who recently had a baby girl... Guess this would,be a perfect girl.... Let me,know if ican,tweek thus design to fit my needs

  36. I am from Bombay, India with 2 kids. Wonderful. I made two with these and gifted them. They have displayed it on walls as wall art. I want to make one for me for earrings. I think single crotia stitches would be fine.

  37. Dear I am waiting for your marigold toran pattern. I have never made torans. But this looks fantastic. It looks very real. U r amazing. Pls do put some day the pattern. Waiting eagerly

  38. Amazing and creative ideas for a accessory organizer. Completely amazed with it. Keep sharing similar articles.

  39. This is a great idea to organize you accessories and keep them handy. I was seaching for articles to buy accessory organizer where i came across your post. Very creative! Keep posting similar stuff. Many thanks once again :)

  40. There are many ways to go about organizing your kitchen accessory. Different methods make more sense depending on your space and what you’re storing. No matter which method you choose, these accessory organizer definitely helps you to reduce the space usage. Once again great post man!


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