Friday, 3 August 2018

The gift revealed!

Thank you for your comments and suggestions in my last post.
I guess few of you thought that I was asking about the swirls in the background of flowers which I was anyways going to stitch. It were the single crosses within the flower bunch that I was not sure about and I am still not, even now. I will stitch everything and then will sample one bunch with the crosses and see the difference. There are total three bunches.

I have another finish to share which is again from the twelve new starts this year.

This is my first ever card for my mother :)

I call my mother 'Aai' as in my mother tongue Marathi (a regional language from the state of Maharashtra). I don't remember making any card for my mother when I was a kid or even when I was a grownup. I however did cook for her when I was in college.

The design is by Angela Poole from the magazine Cross Stitch Collection, March 2012. I changed the original word 'Mum' to 'Aai' with my own font design to fit in.

I had mentioned about it as a secret stitching gift in this post. I thought I would send her before my visit in April this year but I could not complete it. While at her home, I couldn't secretly stitch and then, back home, I got busy preparing for family vacation so it got dragged again. I completed the stitching last month and instead of turning into just a card, I framed it. I finished just in time, a night before when Raj was about to fly next day to the same city to attend a family event. She was very happy and surprised to receive it:)

It is better I do not speak about vacation photos. I just hope I won't give up posting those after dragging so long.

I am also working on a crochet table runner which is almost done and could make an appearance in my next post.

Have a nice weekend !


  1. What a lovely finish Preeti. I'm sure your Mother was thrilled with it

  2. Beautiful card !!!
    Your Mother will love it ! I'm sure !
    Have a nice day !

  3. Lovely card preeti. Beautifully framed. What is that dotted background, fabric or card stock paper?

    1. It’s a card stock paper, Shami.

  4. A lovely little finish for your mum.

  5. Lovely card! A special gift to a special mother from a soecial daughter :-)

  6. wow that is such a lovely creation, I am sure your mother would be delighted!

  7. The card for your mother is beautiful!

  8. Congrats on the beautiful card finish for your Mom Preeti.


  9. Dear Preeti, the mother's card is beautiful! I like calling you mother - Aai - wonderful!

  10. What a lovely card for your mom!

  11. I think it's a good idea to try out the confetti stitches in a small section of the flowers.Then you can see the difference and if you like it this way.
    The framed card for your mother looks wonderful, Preeti. A great gift for your mother.

  12. What a lovely gift for your Mum, I'm sure she will treasure it.

  13. This is such a beautiful gift for your Aai. I love the colors, you have a great eye for colors. Just the other day I was complaining that I wish there were designs for Diwali, Holi etc so I didn't had to stitch flowers so many times ;)

  14. Your mom will love your card, Preeti! It is so pretty and I love the pretty dotted paper and flowers that you added :)

  15. Aww, what a sweet gift! I love the dotted paper and it's amazing you found flowers to accent the piece that match the stitched ones! I like the font you designed too. I'm sure she was pleased to receive such a beautiful stitch~ :D

  16. It is always a pleasure to see your lovely work, Preeti, and to learn about your busy life. I am glad you were able to travel this year. In answer to your past post question about the stitches you were concerned about, I think they enhance the design, but you are right that the colors you use may make a difference. I will be interested to see what you choose to do :)

  17. A lovely card Preeti which I´m sure your mum loved. Must make more cards I think.

  18. It is lovely, your font is a great fit. Jo x

  19. Preeti: It is lovely, farming it was a lovely idea.
    I am looking forward to seeing what you are up to next.
    I can sometimes post a comment and sometimes not.


  20. How special! After all that work it must feel good to finish it and gift it. Handmade gifts are the best in my opinion. ♥
    xx Beca

  21. I'm just back from my summer vacation, I hope you enjoyed yours, dear Preeti. And I agree with Beca - handmade gifts rule!

  22. wow... that’s nice. I love the font you used.


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