Monday 28 January 2013

And POP! Comes out my heart !! : )

Better late than never!!
This Valentine post comes a bit late . I wanted to share a Valentine gift I earlier made for Raj : ) I cannot share about the one I am making for this year.

When he received this one , he thought that the cover is nothing but an envelope/case , a similar one which I made for his fabric Birthday card. I had to tell him that this is my satin top/gown with buttons ; ) Annndddd, when you open, POP! Comes out my heart for you!!! : )
No idea, whether he really was naïve to understand it or was he still thinking about office when I gave him . Anyways , I magnanimously forgave him that day for being unperceptive about my creativity : )

Embroidered Valentine Felt heart1

Embroidered Valentine Felt heart2

Embroidered Valentine Felt heart3

Embroidered Valentine Felt heart4

Embroidered Valentine Felt heart5

Embroidered Valentine Felt heart6

Embroidered Valentine Felt heart7

The heart is made of felt fabric and the cover, with a satin fabric ; sprinkled few embellishments : some stitched , some glued !! This is my first ever and so far the only one , felt project . The snow globe in the picture is a gift Raj got for me from one of his visits to San Francisco. It has a personalized message for me inscribed on it.

I usually end up in loss for the month of February . My B’day is on 13th Feb , 14th is Valentine day and on 17th Feb , is our wedding anniversary . While I get gift on my B’day , Raj expects other two gifts from me!! Sometimes we end up without any gift on Valentine day . On Wedding anniversary , we go together and buy a common gift . Not a bad deal I guess : )

Isn’t the gift romantic? Definition and expression of romance & love changes as we move ahead in life. Every stage of life has its own pleasures : )

Happy week ahead !!
Do write in !

Preeti : )


  1. Awe..thats so sweet! But i must admit frankly that me and my husband have rarely celebrated V-day. And now, after kids there are times when we don't even know what date it is! But guess we are going to grow old in love :) and men will be men!

  2. That's so sweet! :) Men just don't want to show that they are sensitive towards such things too, but they like when we make something special for them. I also gifted a crochet heart to my husband last year, and it was my first (after so many years) crochet work.
    Enjoy all our special days in Feb!
    Have a nice day

  3. Oh is perfect for valentines, I love your work because is marvelous and colorful . Kisses

  4. You are such a creative lady! I like your heart and it's case. Congratulations for your happy February. I like February too cause my Bday is 23th ;)

  5. Sweet, sweet, sweet...
    Have a nice week.

  6. What a sweet Valentine's gift - I think it's pretty. :)

  7. Parabéns, muito criativo!
    É realmente diferente!
    Abraços e ótima semana!

  8. That's so pretty! Really great for Valentine's, I wonder what you're making for Raj this year? :) xx

  9. Thats just so different and unique..
    You know what.. finally I found some one who is at loss just like me ;)
    Valentine is on 14th..
    Wedding anniversary is on 17th.. {
    My Birthday is on 19th.

    I get THREE IN ONE GIFT :((

    BTW What are you making this year???

  10. That's soooo cute! That is how usually husbands react(or don't react). Loved the idea of popping heart. Have a happy Valentine's Day! :)

  11. That is such a cute idea! I don't wear pajamas that look anything like that. :) I'm all about comfort. Ha! Best wishes, Tammy

  12. Wow, amazing details. great job and happy almost birthday!!! :) Thanks for sharing!

  13. What a creative idea! Loved reading about it!! Sandy


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