Thursday 28 March 2013

Giveaway luck strikes again and trip photos - part 1 !!

Hello friends, I am back!  Hope you all are doing fine. I went for a short family vacation and then wasn’t keeping well; that helped you all keeping me at bay for a while ;)  There is a lot to catch up with your crafty adventures and also many things to share from my side.
Firstly, I would like to share a giveaway from Ranjana that I had won in February. I received her gift on 15th March but I left for vacation on the same day. I won this lovely handcrafted pairs of earrings made by her! Thank you Ranjana!! The fact that you made those make them more special to me :) Ranjana is fond of working on various art and crafts and does have an expert hand on creating beautiful things. She blogs @


We went for a short family vacation for 4 days to Ooty, a hill station in South India, since Anshita was having a short break from school. She has moved to Class VI. She got excellent grades in Class V with certificates for ‘Best in Academics’, ‘Good Conduct’ and ‘Impeccable Turnout’ for the year. :)
Ooty is situated in the mountain ranges of Nilgiri, South of India, at an elevation of  7,400 feet. We stayed there in a holiday resort which was a colonial period summer mansion turned into a resort known as ‘Sherlock ’. It was more than 100 years old and maintained as what you would see a Victorian style house in late 1800s. The mansion belonged to some Britisher from whom an Indian Businessman purchased who was then a great fan of Sherlock Holmes. He named the mansion as ‘Sherlock Homes’. It was situated at a bit higher altitude away from the main town. The deluxe rooms each had a private sit out overlooking the green lawns and a panoramic view of hills all around. The weather was very pleasant during the day and early mornings and late evenings were chilly.
The entire experience was Holmesian. Each room was named after Holmes’ adventures. We stayed in one of the deluxe room named as ‘Blue carbuncle’. Although I am not a fan of Sherlock Homes but visit to this resort was a homely (not Holmely :) )feeling than in any other hotels in a tourist place and it is the best in Ooty if you want to get a real mountain view.
We had been to this town before, so this visit was meant to be more for relaxation away from daily routine than about touring the town.
Sharing few photos…
The cottage

View from the sit-out
me, crocheting in the lawn

Not sure, what these flowers were, may be from Cacti family, but were lovely
with my boyfriend ;)

Valley view down from the lawn, splendid !

Back home, lots of work again and I wasn’t keeping well to manage blogging in my tiresome schedule.
Next post, few more photos and another gift from one of my lovely blogger friend….do come back to visit :)
I am soon going to visit your blogs :)

Happy week!


  1. Welcome dear Preeti! Your photos are really beautiful. I like them all, specially the one you are with your bf. Wish you nice days

  2. Gorgeous pictures Preeti.Those earrings look lovely!specially the first one is soo pretty.Congrats to your daughter for all the wonderful honours she got you must be soo proud!Sherlock Mansion sounds interesting :)

  3. Congratulations on winning the earrings, they are beautiful indeed! I have thoroughly enjoyed seeing your vacation photos. Pretty sure that is someplace I will not get to visit in my lifetime, so seeing these pictures is the next best thing. Thank you so much for sharing them. Now that I have seen a picture of you, I know where your daughter gets her beauty! :)

  4. What great pictures Pretti. It looks like you had a wonderful time. Congrats on winning the earrings.


  5. Ooty is such a great place to visit! Great snaps and am sure you all had a great time:) A hearty congratulations to your girl of being such a young achiever...may she shine like this forever, am sure she would with such a mother to support her!!

  6. welcome back, Preeti.. so glad to know you even if only through pictures.. you have a happy family.. a cute and smart daughter..congrats on winning the earrings! have a nice day! :)

  7. Wow, You had a wonderful vacation & great congrats to ur daughter :-)
    Wonderful pics & travel details.

  8. Welcome back....I was expecting a photo of you wearing the earrings :) . Great vacation you had...Lovely pictures ....

  9. Nice earrings, congrats on the gift winning!
    So pretty views! I want to go there!!! I like Sherlock Holmes too :)
    Glad to know you had nice vacations :) Your daughter is so cute little lady :)
    Have a lovely day, Preeti!

  10. Congratulations on the gift!!! They are extremely beautiful. You have a lovely daughter, and congrats to her too on her achievements. Your post inspired my to visit ooty, I havent been there :-) I love to crochet too and I try to snatch a few hours each day from my daily routine. Please do have a look at my tiny collection of projects at my blog.

  11. Congratulations to Anshita and her proud parents! My son is also promoted, from LKG to UKG. :))) And I am so happy! I can fully understand your joy!
    Lovely earrings! This year is so full of gifts for you!
    Sherlock looks fantastic. I think I have seen it in some movie. I am sure this place is used for shooting movies.
    I can see your crocodile sitches, the color is very refreshing. Hope to see the entire project, soon! :)

  12. Congrats on your win! Lovely pictures OOty is a very good place for a relaxing holiday, only thing you should select right stay there

  13. Hi Preeti, Lucky you...I am a huge fan of Sherlock Holmes and would have loved to stay in a place named after him :) Congratulations to Anshita! And on winning the earrings too. Some lovely croc stitches can be seen. Is the yarn shaded or are you using many colours. Can't wait to see the finished item.

  14. Great pictures !
    Have a nice day !

  15. Thank you for sharing your wonderful vacation with us! My mom has those same plants in her yard here in California. They are succulents, but not cactus, named Echeveria glauca.


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