Monday 12 August 2013

A butterfly charm !!!!! :)

It has been quite a while I haven’t posted anything . I have completed some of my WIPs but no time to take pictures and post . I was slow on reading blogs too .
I cross stitched this beautiful butterfly charm on a 14-count white plastic mesh using Anchor threads . This chart is from the magazine Cross Stitcher January 2011 issue . As usual , I changed few colors based on available stock at home and my choice . It is supposed to be a bag charm but I am going to use it as a hanging for Anshita’s room in the new house . These beautiful Hibiscus flowers are from my tiny balcony garden :)

Cross stitched butterfly on plastic canvas 1
 Cross stitched butterfly charm on plastic canvas 2

Cross stitched butterfly charm on plastic canvas 3

 One of the major reasons for my absence is that the woodwork for our new house has started . These magazines , which I bought in last couple of years, are coming in handy now.

 Although I have extensively searched for designs on internet still it is very difficult to come up with right design . Raj wants everything trendy and I go for contemporary . So we are having fights daily . The same carpenters who worked for our existing flat are working for new house too so at least they are sincere towards us and I am comfortable to speak to them . It is 2200 sq. ft. in area so lot needs to be done in next 2 months . It is both exciting as well as intimidating . Hope everything goes well..…wish us good luck  !! :)

Cross stitched butterfly charm on plastic canvas 4

Thanks for visiting!! I hope you enjoyed the colorful butterfly.

Have a nice day!!
Preeti :)



  1. The butterfly is lovely. All the best with the interior decoration of your new home. I know it can be harrowing....I visited 27 shops before deciding on the modular kitchen I wanted!!! But seven years down the line, I am still in love with it. :)

  2. Beautiful charm, love the colors

  3. So pretty..lovely colors x

  4. lovely lovely butterfly.....

  5. Oh what a beautiful butterfly Preeti. Good luck with the house.


  6. Hello

    A beautiful butterfly and gorgeous flowers!
    Good luck with your house!

  7. Lovely, beautiful buttrefly !!!!
    Good luck with your house...and patience...
    Have a nice week !

  8. Good luck with the work that's being disruptive. Your butterfly is very pretty. xx


  9. Olá amiga, post lindo e inspirador!!!
    Obrigada pela visitinha!!!Amo sua atenção!!!
    Volte sempre!!!

    Beijos, Marie.

  10. Such a pretty butterfly for your daughter's room! Good luck with the interiors and i know how it feels when you want to get stuff right...Especially when both the hubby n u don't see eye to eye ;) But we all know who rules in the end, so have fun and enjoy the process of building your dream home!

  11. BEAUTIFUL butterfly. What a coincidence. I am sailing in the same boat too as far as a new house designing is concerned :)

  12. I'm in love with this little charm =D
    Each time it is so colourful here, it's good for the mind =)
    very well done on such a small piece and on this support...
    big hugs

  13. Very charming charm! Inspired by you, I have been trying my hand at cross stitch. Will show you some tiny winy work some day! :)

  14. Lovely butterfly. :)

    Wishing you a lovely day filled with many blessings

  15. lovely creation .congrats for your new house ...make it wonderful home.have a great future.

  16. You have my best wishes for luck with your house fixing. That can be very stressful -- especially when you and your husband are not on exactly the same page. Just remember, it is going to be stunning when it is all done and you are settled in. :)

    And I just LOVE your butterfly! Excellent work!

    Also, oh so long ago I offered a giveaway on my blog and you won! Of course, my lie being as crazy as it it, as soon as I pulled your name I got simply swamped at work so I never announced that you had won. Anyway, if you could email me your address information I will pop your stash in the mail --
    just take out all the "*" signs, put the proper @ sign in for the word, and the gaps between characters and you have my email:
    r* beh ling *1916 at ya* hoo* .* com

  17. Gorgeous butterfly!
    Congrats on such a beautiful finish!

  18. I love your butterfly. Wish you as much luck as y need for your new house that hopefully will soon be your home.

  19. I love your butterfly. Wish you as much luck as y need for your new house that hopefully will soon be your home.

  20. Wonderfull butterfly..
    Great job on it!!
    Good luck with your new hoem.. love seeing pic;s

  21. Congrats on your new home and the best of luck to you all. Your butterfly is beautiful. I love the colors!


  22. Such a pretty butterfly. Hope you and your husband can meet in the middle on design. Getting a new home rebuilt is hard on a marriage.

    1. Thanks Kathleen!! It is a new one built newly ...and don't worry they are all fun fights, it's not hard at all. I enjoy those discussions with him.

  23. Linda e abençoada semana,amiga!
    Bj Marie

  24. Hello Preethy,
    Thanks for sharing your wonderful creativity. We like to publish your works on .Kindly check our website and mail me if you like on

  25. Very pretty butterfly :-) Love the colors and the neat finish.
    Great job.
    Good Luck with the new house

  26. What a lovely butterfly. You are a multi-talented lady!

    How exciting about the house. Good luck!

    Thank you for visiting my blog Preeti. :-)

  27. your butterfly is so pretty.
    the saying goes, if you and your spouse can through remodeling or building a house you can get through anything. I am sure you both will come to some kind of compromise.

  28. Lovely butterfly in beautiful colors.
    Thank you for visiting my blog.

  29. Love love love your butterfly charm! I do hope you will make peace about the woodwork!


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