Tuesday 29 October 2013

Yarn and new books !!!!!

Hello ! Hope you all are busy with Halloween preparations . I am busy with Diwali festival preparations.....first cleaning, then making sweets and snacks . I guess most of us in India might be doing the same . It is on 3rd November .

It rained a lot last week here and all of us at home caught cough and cold . We had quite chilly mornings . Now the sun is shining bright…..so is my face…..no, not because of sun but because I got time to post :)

Nothing much , I bought some yarn and books few months back but forgot about sharing on my blog .

Rico Design essentials creative cotton DK- 5 balls . Rico cotton baby soft and Tivoli Cruise cotton – 1 ball each .
I ordered this from thewoolshop in Ireland when Creative cotton DK wasn’t available on Deramores . 

I also purchased these three books online …..
1. The sewing machine classroom – Charlene Phillips
2. Temari Techniques – Barbara B. Suess
3. Mini cross stitch – twenty to make by Michael Powell

Temari technique is a Japanese art of making decorative balls . I am not sure when will I make those but they look very attractive . Here are few snaps from the book .

Aren't they lovely? I am eager to make those :)

Thanks for your comments on my white doily !! I am sorry for being late as usual in replying to comments . I am almost done with another cross stitch finish and hopefully will share in next post.

Have a nice day!



  1. It is cool here too, and it is MY type of weather now, which I enjoy so much!
    Nice to know you've got some creativity going on, those balls look amazing! How much time will it take to make one? It could be great New year tree decoration! I am preparing for all possible festivals now, Halloween, Diwali, and so on :) Have a lovely day, Preeti! Take care!

  2. Your new books look very interesting, and the balls are amazingly beautiful. I can see why you would like to make some, Preeti. I have so many projects lined up to finish. One is an autumn embroidery piece that I would like to finish before Thanksgiving in November. We will see :) Blessings to you and yours,

  3. temari balls are really attractive and so colourful!!!
    xxxxxx Ale

  4. Oh! I've never heard about those decorative balls, very interesting! And pretty :D
    Enjoy your new stash!!! Have fun!!

    Here Halloween it's not a big thing like in USA hehhehe but it's getting more attention in Europe during these last few years.
    I usually like to decorate my house, just for fun, some things here and there :) But not this year.. I think I'm too much on baby mode hahahahah Looking for Christmas! That's for sure, I will decorate all the house :D but halloween.. I leave it for next year, too busy stitching for the baby hehehhe ;)

  5. To your needles !!!!

  6. wow, those balls are so beautiful, can't wait to see yours =)
    very interesting new craft to discover
    lovely colours of new yarns too, you will make new great pieces for sure =)
    big hugs

  7. Lovely yummy yarn, you are going to make beautiful things with it, I am sure:)
    I love Temari balls, I have seen them before somewhere on the Internet, I think they are very pretty!

  8. Wow! That book looks awesome! Can't wait to see all your projects :)

  9. OH that yarn is so pretty. The balls are really cool and am looking forward to seeing yours!

  10. Oi amiga!
    Boa noite flor!

    Obrigada pela visita em meu blog e obrigada pelo carinho!
    Seu blog tem trabalhos super coloridos e lindos!


  11. Preeti I have tried embroidery without the all purpose foot in my machine but didn't succeed. Is there any ways do u know? Because in this post u have got a book regarding sewing machine. Can u help me. I am able to do only straight stitches now. Please can u help?.


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