Monday 16 December 2013

Just to say 'hi' !!! :)

Just popped in to say, I am alive!! Hope you all remember me :)  I missed you all :(

Well things weren’t going good at my side . You can skip my ‘ Ram Kahani’(tale of woe) and directly view the pics and of course say a big ‘Hi’ to me….I need it very much from you.

I had been down with severe allergic cough. Every time I tried looking at my iPad to read blogs, I found myself terribly barking at it. No, nothing to do with your posts…ha....ha..…I did that to whoever was around me including furniture and walls with watery eyes . Sounds eeew ? I did put hands on mouth (mine, ofcourse) while coughing and it enhanced the sonic levels to higher decibels…he….he….. It seemed as if it wasn’t going to end at all . If that wasn’t enough, I developed a severe upper-left back pain piercing through to the front which made coughing even more painful . When I approached physiotherapist and a follow up with my ENT doc, they thought I am overreacting and a cough cannot cause that much of pain. Unwittingly, she wrote a painkiller. Later, I understood that I got a sprain while lifting the center table all alone…..that’s not a new task , I do that daily. But some days are unlucky :(
Fine , I carried on with my day-to-day activities with Raj taking some of the workload. I already suffer from plantar fasciitis and lower back pain. These pains took a backseat and I failed to feel them.
During this time my brother visited me for a day with mom to drop her at my place . She will be staying with me for few months here . Sure , I was glad and was looking forward to it but I shamelessly told him that I can cook only once a day and ordered food from outside .

Everybody told me that I do not sit properly while doing my needlework and that’s why the pain is there , so I was asked to take a break from it. It is difficult to tell them that ‘taking a break’ means doing needlework only. I wasn’t asked to stop my daily household chores though..…that’s not fair, isn’t it?  Anyways, I stood up for my rights and took two days off from household work .
Slowly the cough subsided and the pain, only a bit when one of our family friend visited us for couple of days with his daughter….that meant more cooking playing the host. All went well without any disaster. When the sprain subsided, my perennial pains started rejoicing and took control over the body who felt neglected for many days . I felt back at home with them :) the fact that I am with these pains ensures that I am normal and no new pain is attacking me .

Raj’s Birthday was on 29th Nov and Anshita’s on 1st Dec. :) I could not make anything for them other than preparing the food they like . Anshita made this quilling card for Raj...…her first ever quilling project. Isn’t it sweet? :)

We planned a lunch party on Anshita’s Birthday for her friends but unfortunately she got very high fever a day before her party :( Sadly, we cancelled the party and were visiting the doctor on her Birthday. We then arranged her party again on next Sunday which her friends enjoyed a lot. At the restaurant, we booked table for 15 of us . Thankfully, they gave us an enclosed space as the girls turned it as a play area. After some time , we elders (6 of us) turned deaf and the girls had a great fun time!!! :)) Back home , they played some games.
Some pics…..

They all wanted to sit on a single sofa

and they all came tumbling down :)))

After this I thought of writing a post this week but Anshita again caught throat pain and fever and I was busy looking after her. She is fine now and hopefully will be doing fine in coming week.

I took time off this weekend to write the post. Not only was I away from blog land but also I was away from needlework for entire one month..….that is quite long for me since I started an year ago.

I hope I will continue at least being in touch with you all but may be for another month I will be on and off from blog land as some medical care is planned for my mother this entire month.

Nice talking to you after a while :)
Keep in touch!



  1. sorry to hear this preeti. I was wondering what happened to you. But to be honest i used to utter a small prayer that everything should go on fine on your side. Take care of your health.This climate is making us down even my little one is having a severe cough like the one u described above.
    Belated b'day wishes to Anshita and card she made for her pappa is nice.

  2. Take care of yourself!!!! Rest and be cuddled!!!
    xxxxx Ale

  3. Oh gosh...I was just wondering what happened to my dear crafty friend :( Very saddened to hear about all your ailments. I know the hardest part for a crafter is to to be away from crafting. Totally agree with the argument of not doing house work...MY Hubby also says that if i am tired n lack sleep i should stop crocheting..Men they can never understand naa..

    Get well soon dear, keep resting and follow the doctors advice. Dont stress yourself and take it a day at a time!! Heal soon :)

  4. Hi Preeti. I'm glad to hear that you and Anshita are feeling better. No more lifting heavy things by yourself please. Happy belated Birthday to Anshita and Raj. Anshita and her friends look like they had a great time. :)

  5. Oh my...I hope you and Anshita are feeling better now! Happy birthday for her and Raj! I really like the card! So cute!
    Looks like she had a great time with her friends!
    Have a great week!
    XOXO, Isa.

  6. Good to hear you and your sweet girl are recovering--both from the physical troubles and from all the buzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz and company and celebration lately. Happy occasions are great--and exhausting, too. Take care!

  7. I hope you feel better soon.
    Congratz to the kids..
    Your DD made awesome craft-piece.
    enjoy the time and take care

  8. Hi sweetie!! I Hope you both have recovered to 100%!!! I was missing to hear from you :))) take care!! Hugs&smiles

  9. Preeti! I am so sorry for the illness that has challenged your family! Happy belated Birthdays to your loved ones. The birthday card is lovely! Blessings on you and yours in the coming months. I hope you are able to enjoy your creative crafts! xx

  10. Hope you get better soon Preeti. I've been thinking of you.Looks like your daughter and her friends had a blast!the cards are super cute.Take care Preeti

  11. Whoa!... looks like you and the little one have been having a tough time. Glad that things are better now. Something similar going on at my place too, with my hubby, MIL and me taking turns and to top it all my son fell off his bike when a stray dog came across the road suddenly. But he escaped with minor cuts and bruises. Lovely quilling by Anshita. My blogging has gotten too erratic and I must remedy that.
    Have a lovely week. Regards.

  12. Awww ... I hope you feel better soon, Preeti!! And your daughter's card is beautiful!!

  13. Hope you all will be well soon and you have a better month. I remember those days when my daughter was young.
    Hope all goes well with your mom.


  14. Feliz Natal!!! Que a manjedoura do seu coração esteja pronta para receber o Menino Jesus que irá nascer!!!
    Um ano novo repleto das bençãos de Deus!!!
    Doce abraço, Marie!

  15. ho my ! I'm so sorry to read you've been that ill sweetie =(
    I really hope everything is fine now or that it will be very soon
    of course we missed you, but I thought you were 'only' very busy with everyday life and deserted a while the blogosphere (we all do that a day or another =D)
    take care sweetie
    I send you big warm hugs

  16. Hi preeti. .having a tough time dear..stay put. All will be fine.missed you. .Although I myself m not blogging regularly coz of home office balance. .do take care of yourself and the little lady

  17. Hello Preeti.
    Merry Christmas, for you and your Family.
    One Big Hug.


  18. Glad to know you are back on times it is like that...wishing you a blessed season and a very Happy New year

  19. Dear Preeti
    wishing you and yours happy festive holidays....peace and happiness!

    Amanda xx

  20. Glad you are feeling better now, Preeti. Love the quilled card Anshita made for Raj. She is so talented, just like her mother! :) Glad she was able to have her birthday party, even if it was a week later than planned. :)

  21. Good you have recovered.
    Wishing you a very happy and crafty new year.
    Lovely quilled card. They are so cute.

  22. I hope everything is OK now.It will do you good to take a break from blogging once a while.There's a real world out there so just enjoy!


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