Monday 14 July 2014

I am back !! :)

Hi !!!!!!!! I am back :)))

Its been so long away from blogging . I missed you all very much :(

We shifted to our new flat one month back and I got busy arranging stuff . Also three of us were not keeping well due to the hot weather last month and then all the dust while packing and shifting . So it slowed down further .

I was tired and bored . So we went to a handicraft bazaar. I bought some ceramic pots for my balcony garden . Here are few snaps from the pottery section when I remembered that I now have a new mobile phone . It has 20MP camera but I dont know how to use it properly .



And these are few images from my 7th floor bedroom balcony .

View on the left...there is a small lake

View on the right

View at  night

Some 2 km away there passes a railway line . A close up image of a train running through.
It is quite an entertainment to watch them . It is far off from flat and no disturbance as such but we can hear it loud when it blows horn . The flat is very open and amazingly airy and full of light, especially, the bedroom . For the past few years , I could not see a full view of sky from my window or balcony. Here I can enjoy as much as I can until there comes some high rise building again . It is one the metro cities with a population of 8.7 million . 

I will share inside view of my new home but still some more cleaning and arranging is left . Right now I am taking a break for few days and trying to catch up with my crochet and cross stitch projects again :))

I am off to read your blogs :)

Have a great week !!
Preeti :)



  1. Welcome back :)) I wish you happily living in your new home and of course enjoy the view!

  2. Welcome back dear..missed you too..congratulations on your new home. .some amazing pottery there..its so tempting!

  3. Congratulations! Waiting to see the inside of your new house. Nice views from your balcony!

  4. Hello Preeti
    Welcome back!
    So enjoy seeing these type of photographs which gives me an insight into your part of the world....a little "armchair travelling" :-) Just look at all that pottery I would be sure to come home with a bag full. Moving is so tiring!!! IMO the fun is when you start setting up your new home.

    keep well

    Amanda x

  5. Welcome back my dear..
    I wish you living so happily in your new home and enjoying the lovely view
    It's beautiful xx

  6. Nice pictures ! And what a view !!!!
    Glad you are back !
    Have a nice week !

  7. Nice snaps.. The night view from your balcony looks lovely with lights :) have a great day!

  8. Congrats on your new home Preeti! You have some lovely views to look at. :)

  9. Glad your back Preeti. Great view. Enjoy your new place.


  10. Hello Preeti, good to see you're back! :-)
    You are living very nice there. Hopefully the wurst warmth is over now and you all can do the things you love.
    Thank you for your nice comment :-)

  11. Wonderful to have you back Preeti-hope you are settling in well to your new home and that the weather isn't too hot xxx

  12. Welcome back, Preeti, I missed you! Glad you are settled into your new home. Thanks for sharing your view. Especially love the night time one with all the lights! :)

  13. Lovely to see you back and congratulations on moving into your new home. Thanks for sharing the wonderful far reaching views. We have the railway in the valley below us and I love it when I hear them toot the's cosy somehow! Wow those pots...gorgeous! X

  14. Welcome Home! Preeti, I am catching up with your news :) I love the view from your flat, but my mind boggles at the thought of living in a city with millions of people. My husband and I were in an apartment for a few weeks in New Your City near the United Nations complex. We had a lovely neighbor who was originally from India and she invited me over for a yummy meal. It was the first time I had chai tea and I loved it. The pots you saw at the market are beautiful!
    I hope you and yours continue to feel better and are able to enjoy your new home. xx

  15. Wow!! they look like those pots in which we store pickles :-) My mum has a few of them. I love the designs on the blue ones. You have an amazing view through your balcony.

  16. Welcome back, dear Preeti!! So nice to have you home again in blogland :-). Your new flat sounds great, thanks for sharing the pics of beautiful pottery (I especially like the ones with the tulip motifs!) and your new view. Super that you've got a balcony, must be great to sit there especially in the evening when all the lights are turning on! Good luck in your new flat, enjoy :D

  17. Hio hi, wlecome back.
    Missed you!!
    Your new house sounns so awesome.. and that view.. it's perfect!!
    What does some one what more.. it's really awesome..
    I can't wait too see what';s inside..
    The pic's of the market are awesome... so many beautfull ppots..
    I always love seeing pic's of other contry's..
    Please show us more of your beautifull country.
    Have fun cleaning.. hihihi.. and crafting!!!

  18. Oh Lovely ceramic pots...
    The view from the house looks nice...

  19. I hope you will be happy in your new flat. Wonderful view. Moving makes one tired but it is so nice to decorate and organise. Love the pots, what an amazing choice.

  20. welcome back!! those pots are amazing!!
    love Daisy j xx


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