Monday 9 February 2015

The best part of my home and a Crochet WIP :))

My crafting is going on but at a slow pace . I have been waiting to share pics of my new flat since we moved few months back . We did not hire any interior designer to design something trendy which might not have described our taste , rather , I designed everything and got it approved from Raj and Anshita :)

I have worked really hard in searching ideas and creating designs , measuring every inch of space for effective utilization . Our home is a mix of colors, vintage , trendy and conventional ----all under one roof :)

The best and loveliest part is ...........let the pictures tell you :)

Hello, I am Simba....Bittu's friend , and I will show you .....

Bittu's den :)
Bittu is Anshita's nickname .

Anshita wanted a bay window sitting area, so her mom turned her window into one :)
On either sides, are her clothes cupboards . 

A small nook to keep her book/cup/bowl

A big five feet wide mirror

She keeps only daily needs on these two racks . The actual treasure goes into the cupboard .

Her toy shelf , its five feet high......oops,  her mom still hasn't cleared the top

This was a designing challenge for the carpenter to turn the plywood in a curve . Anshita's mom did not want her to bump into cupboard corners 

I love these dolls on the cupboard....

So many cute ones :) Aren't they ???

A peek into the better part of mess inside the toy cupboard . The empty space is where Bittu's school bag goes . She is in school right now .

The longest handle in the house......2 feet long

Matching drawer handles....her mom was lucky to find those

'Shaun the sheep' was Anshita's her mom got one sheep knob too :)

A picket fence for wall hooks. This is still awaiting few details from mom but it is already in use .

Bittu's Cork&white board is usually full .

This is her mom's favorite picture on the toy cupboard .......isn't it a cute mom-daughter pair ?:)
That's all from Simba........Over to mom!

Now, I just need to add some handmade items to the room. The above crochet squares (total 18) are going to make something nice for her room .

The entire wooden work is done with a conventional water proof plywood and printed laminates (decolam) . For durability reasons we preferred this over the popular MDF work . I will show you few more pics of the home in next post .

I hope you enjoyed the pictures :)

Have a crafty week ahead !!
Preeti :)


  1. Preeti u have turned Anshita's room into a beautiful one. creatively done. The crochet is also nice. Waiting for the finished piece.

  2. Wow, what a lovely room. I love the mirror.
    Have a nice week.


  3. A beautiful room full of colors !!!
    Your squares are lovely !!!
    Have a great week !

  4. How clever! Love how you created a bay winder for your daughter. Well done on the interior decorating!
    Beautiful squares!

  5. What a fun room you and your daughter have created, Preeti! I'm sure she just loves her new space :)

  6. Hello Darling.
    I´m love decorating, beautiful colors.
    Thanks for your visit im my blog..

  7. What a lovely room...fabulous colours!

  8. Your daughter's room is gorgeous Preeti. I would be happy to live there.


  9. Wow! So beautiful. What a fun happy place.

  10. Pretti, you are an excellent architect !!!
    Me a lot of colors like, great room for Anshita!
    I have wondered the next room:-)))

  11. Anshita's room is so nice! Any little girl would be thrilled to have it! :)

  12. Such a beautiful room! You have made every detail perfect for a sweet place. :)

  13. What a lovely room Anshita has! The toy cupboard is adorable! And the bay window is definitely my fave part :)

  14. Wow what a beauty Preeti..It shows so much thought and love went in the making! Love every nook and corner, nice ideas, am sure Anshita must be loving her room too!

  15. Wow beautiful room preeti, love the way you treated each and every corner , so innovative.

  16. What beautiful colours in Anshita's room! She is a lucky girl to have such a talented mum.

  17. Preeti: What a lovely job you did on Bittu's room, the colors are so fresh and pretty.
    Love the storage space, Bittu is a very lucky young lady.


  18. What a kid friendly room. Well done Preeti. I could also feel the excitement of desiging things on your own. Am in the process too. We too are moving to a new home and doing up things on our own. Hope to share soon

  19. What a lovely room for the young lady! I love the window seat and the big round mirror the most. There are so many thoughtful details there. Good job!

  20. You did that all???
    Ow my../
    I so love that window..
    We live in a small house.. but that such a dream.. sitting in a window.. We can't have it.. but your daughter is so lucky!!
    Can't wait too see the rest of teh house..
    have fun crafting.. can't wait too see what you will be making next

  21. I am a lady grown and married and I would still have that room, Simba and Bambi included! :D I see one of your crocheted cushions on the magical window seat too!

    I adore those crochet squares! Is there a pattern online? Eeeee!

  22. What a pretty and happy room. Love the window seat.

  23. I have been coming back to this post to see pictures for many days. I thot I had commented earlier but looks like I was carried over by the beauty and elegance of the room, that I forgot to comment.
    I love the bay window and the small nook to keep stuff. It looks so classy and I'm already thinking of the amount of hours I could spend under such window.
    You have a wonderful view from balcony ( from other post pic) and sure this window view will be great.
    Have a great time.. there is always so much satisfaction in getting things done in good and expected way. Great Job it is.

  24. Gosh, I wish things around here were as neat and tidy. Great job on all the special details. Especially the bay window seating area and little nook. Love those. :)


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