Sunday 19 April 2015

Home Sweet Home - part 2

Hope you are having a great weekend !! I have titled the post as 'part 2' because I have already posted about Anshita's room in another post here .

I have so many non-crafty things to share but just could not find time to group the pictures I had taken long back . Again, since I have designed the interiors, so I cannot totally call it as my non-crafty affair :)

There are still many fittings that need to be done, many corners to be decorated . This one is about the drawing, dining & living, and the front balcony.

Drawing room : It is plain and simple .

I kept the showcase unit small and trendy on the right corner . We did not want any wooden panelling for the 64" TV rather we wanted the wall to have different color . There are few fittings to be done to hide those dangling wires .

I posted here about the corner unit having focus lights on the shelf than from the top . So any transparent thing, when kept, brightens up the shelf in that color. 

Anshita recycled a board game box into a decorative box to keep her headphones but those rarely went in there so I reused it for keeping 3D glasses that came with the TV . 

This is the old sofa with cover changed into grey. You can see my old one, all bright and beautiful here . Since we already colored the background wall for the TV, so we let the wall remain off white as was given. And since keeping a light colored sofa clean was a chore in itself and would not have suited the wall, we got it grey. It is an expensive textured leather, with two grey shades. Not visible here and I don't intend to work hard on close up images either :) The crochet cushions were recently made and you can see more clearly on this post .

This is the dining and living area. It has a little bit old style with Rajasthani style (antique royal) solid sheesham wood dining table which we got custom made . The blue crochet table runner is my favorite and I posted about it here . The flowers in my blog header were turned into this runner :)

The 17 feet by 9 feet library . This is the most favorite place for all of us :) The centre portion requires a huge painting which Raj wants it to be painted by three of us and that free day has never come so far .

The opposite side of library where we have one recliner for reading and stitching. The stand you see is iPad stand that Raj gifted me long back and it is one of the most used thing in stitching so far, of course, apart from needles and threads You can see the stand with iPad on this post .

A small temple, we perform pooja (Hindu prayers) here daily morning .

Anshita's old bookshelf around 4 feet by 5 feet is now converted into crockery unit but not arranged so far . I have kept few of Anshita's Origami creations in it . I covered the bottom shelf with printed card stock to keep boxes that are not to be displayed

This is a designer wash basin opposite to the dining table, looks like made of bamboo sticks but it is a textured ceramic . We got some ancient style printed textured tiles on the wall in the background . When you touch it , it gives a feeling of proper ancient stone wall . We need to fix a mirror and a big flower vase . Hope I will get that completed next month .

Close up image of the wall

The front balcony : The dining area opens up into this 19 feet by 10 feet balcony space which is bigger than what I earlier had .

Since we stay on 7th floor, we cannot have a big garden area, but I just spiced it up with small picket fence :) There wasn't much growing at the time when I had taken these pics and right now also there are only few . Tired after shifting, I could not give enough time for gardening. You can see my few gardening adventures in old flat here and here .

This is the opposite corner which I utilized for keeping small ceramic pots. The stand is made of laminated plywood, parts of which were left overs from our bedroom shelves. I am happy, I tried reusing many such small things .

Do you see the purple petunia in the orange pot and the Coleus in the brown pot down at the end ? They went on to grow this much . 

I grew this Coleus from tiny seeds, it was a slow and patient journey to this level and I am proud to have it still alive in my tiny garden :)

Here are few more flowers 

These roses, though small, have a real perfect rose smell .

Hope you enjoyed seeing the pics :)

Have a great week ahead!


  1. Wow Preeti ! Very beautiful and well kept house!Each corner speaks about your taste and creativity.lovely pics thanks for sharing

    1. Thank you for the sweet comment, Ghazala:)

  2. You have a beautiful home Preeti - you've done a fantastic job with the decorating. :)

  3. Your home is gorgeous Preeti. I love your little patio garden.


    1. Thank you, Linda!! I hope I can grow more next season.

  4. Wow! Dear Preeti, your apartment is wonderful!
    Spacious, modern, if the stylish dining room!
    I like that you own a small temple, every morning you're at it, it's great !!!
    And your large balcony on 7 floors, of which I've been kidnapped!
    I wish you, Raj and Anschita a lot of happiness and joy!
    Enjoy beautiful apartment!

  5. Oh my that library! My dream is to have one in my house some time. Until then, just many unmatching bookshelves. :) My favorite is still the rainbow tower though, that is just fantastic.

  6. Your home is lovely, so many personal touches and things which mean a lot to your family. I love the sheesham wood furniture, you need some more books, I can see some gaps!
    Your rainbow corner display is lovely too.
    You obviously have green fingers to encourage your plants to grow so well.
    Thanks for sharing.

  7. What a beautiful home you have Preeti. Everything so stylish with little personal touches. Thanks for showing us round!

  8. What a beautiful home you have Preeti. Everything so stylish with little personal touches. Thanks for showing us round!

  9. Hi Preeti !!

    Your home looks lovely!! My favourite area is where you have kept your huge book shelf. I would luv to have that kind of space for my books only. Mandir is very cute too. Keep decorating, I am sure you will come with more innovative ideas. Bye and take care :)

  10. You have a lovely home. The library is wonderful

  11. Beautiful home. Love the way you have arranged everything. Garden in a balcony. pleasing to the eyes. Great going.
    The library is also wonderful.

    1. Thanks, Shami!! I hope I can maintain all of these.

  12. Gosh, your photos make me think I had better get some housework done. So neat and tidy, very light and spacious - we can appreciate your creativity in every corner and you are really going to enjoy decorating during the next years - do we ever stop? - Thank you for sharing.

  13. Lovely photos!
    Happy Monday x

  14. Hi Preeti, you have a beautiful and well maintained house. I am in love with your bookcase, I hope I can have a similar one someday :) Wonderful garden and cute picket fence. I don't keep plants ever since we moved to Ahmedabad as they die during my frequent trips to Mumbai :(...but someday once again!
    Have a wonderful week.

  15. Hi Preeti!
    What a beautiful place to live! And a lot of craft work too. Thanks for sharing.

  16. your home is beautiful. the cushions on the sofa are a perfect addition.
    I love the wall in your bathroom. The sick is pretty neat too.
    Nice little garden spot. Everything looks so good.

  17. I see you had fun !!! Love your little garden !!!!
    Have a great week enjoying your beautiful home !

  18. What a beautifull post is this.. Ow My!!
    You have such a big lovely home, and so many awesome places/cornes.
    Love your Balcony!
    You sure now what to do with little and big spaces!!!
    Can't wait too see more of your home

  19. Such a lovely home, Preeti! Thanks for sharing your pictures with us. :)

  20. What a gorgeous home you have! I especially love those brightly coloured plant pots.

  21. Your home is beautiful Preeti and so much tidier than mine. :) xx

  22. Your house is very beautiful, Preeti. The mini library is my favourite spot, also the balcony garden. Love to see more of your house.

  23. Your home looks lovely Preeti, I love your " garden " Sunny greetings from New Orleans, Alice

  24. I have especially enjoyed this post of your lovely home! The colors and design are very pretty and so inviting and comfortable!

  25. Beautiful home Preeti. May God bless you with many many happy times and good memories

  26. We still have to finish the frame and figure out how on earth to hang this thing (it's HEAVY!), but I'm super excited at the progress. Updates soon! Demir Leather


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