Monday 14 September 2015

Shopping and Margaret Sherry exchange !! :)

Hello all,
Hope you are having a crafty time . I was away from the blogland for a while attending six guests at home and cooking and cleaning and the day after they left, Raj went to U.S. for a week . So I was busy working at home alone and was very tired to read and write any posts . Hopefully, I will catch up soon with your posts as many as I can :)

Few weeks ago, I had ordered some items for me and Anshita from JoAnn's and 123stitch at a family friend's address in U.S.  I got those today when Raj came back . I have taken pics for only my items .

Specialty yarns. Does anyone know how to use glitterspun yarn (on the card bobbin) ?

Novelty fabrics and felt sheets

DMC Impressions printed fabric for cross stitch. 
Just need to find the right designs to stitch . Suggestions are welcome :)

Craft glove because I feel pain while crocheting . 
I will share the feedback once I start using it.

Mill Hill beads and Kreinik threads for Cross Stitch Joan Elliot fairies that I am stitching.

I also ordered few crafty items from itsybitsy store in India

Glass straw pipes and silk covered beads 

Chenille yarn and quilling items

Buttons !!:) - Shoes, birds, barn animals, dinos, owls...... I love buttons !!

I also received my Margaret Sherry 'Send a smile' exchange  parcel from Olimpia in Mexico and I was delighted to see the items she sent for me :)

She made this lovely coaster for me with my name on it and I loved the letter she wrote to me :) You can see my detailed post on the group blog here .

I guess I have collected lot of stash and I have already reduced the frequency of purchases . I am waiting for the holiday season when the prices of digital cross stitch magazines(back issues) are reduced to the lowest . I had earlier purchased new issues or at 50% discount rates but I found that I don't start stitching immediately. Then why not make maximum saving buying at the lowest rates :)

Have a crafty week ahead !!

Preeti :)


  1. Preeti dear, have you missed me!
    I was worried about you :-) But it's a good friends home means joy!
    You have done a great purchase!
    And you get a nice gift!
    I send greetings to India !!!

  2. A lot of wonderful stash! I am seeing forward to read about your new creations with them.

  3. Great buys and nice to hear from you again!

  4. Wow! You have lots of terrific stash! Have fun! You deserve it after so much company. I am always happy to have guests but it does involve a lot of work!

  5. love your wonderful buys, they're all pretty esp. the fabric and buttons! It's the first time I've seen DMC impressions fabric, never seen it at Joann, now I have to search it online:)

    1. Thanks:)
      I got the last three items from 123 stitch --- DMC fabric, glove and mill hill items

  6. Great stash. I see that you are planning to take up quilling. I have wanted to learn quilling since 2010 and even have a beginner's kit lying in my cupboard.
    What a sweet parcel you have received. Love the color used in the coaster.

  7. You must be a happy kitty now :-)
    All the best, eager to see your projects.

  8. Great stash preeti. I know how much you will be happy now. Coz last week me too got some crafty items from B2S and pinn shop in bangkok. My DH was not that much patient to roam around and buy the craft items. Just like that he picked some and with that I am so happy and you know he got me the bias tape maker and pins for blocking without knowing what it is for. It's my wish to get these.

    The parcel you have received is also a nice gift. I can see a happy preeti. LOL.

  9. Lots of lovely creative items, I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with them

  10. Beautiful items !!!! You are going to be busy.....
    Have a nice day !

  11. Lots of lovely stash you got. Love your exchange parcel as well.

  12. Fantastic new stash!! You will be making up plenty of crafty treasures, that's for sure :)
    Looking forward to see your creations.

  13. Wow! Lots and lots of goodies!

  14. I understand how tiring guests are, Preeti! We just had six guests here for the weekend and I"m exhausted, too--I'm SO HAPPY to have my house back to myself again since they all left :)

    Love your new stash and what a great exchange piece you received. Hope the rest of September is relaxing for you...

  15. HI..looks like quite the haul...I have one of those gloves that I use from time to time..kind of like a massage....

  16. Preeti: Love that yarn all your goodies are super duper sweet.
    Lets us know hiw the glove works.


  17. So many beautiful things!! Enjoy :-). About the glitterspun, it reminds me of a thin yarn that is called Beilaufgarn in Germany. Sorry, couldn't find a translation for that word. Beilaufgarn in the same composition like sock yarn is used to strengthen the heel of selfmade socks by knitting it together with the sock yarn at that part of the sock. But there are also metallic versions of Beilaufgarn and your glitterspun looks like that. So I think that you could knit or crochet (or stitch) it together with other yarn to give your work some sparkle. I'm only not sure because of the length. I saw on the web that Lion Brand Glitterspun has only 5 meters on the cardboard so there wouldn't be very much to crochet or knit with. Maybe stitch? Look, here are examples for the Beilaufgarn I meant (41 m on the one for socks, 1000 m on the other):
    Hope I could help! Greetings, Nata

  18. Wow-- that's quite a pile of new toys to play with! I love the name 'itsy bitsy' for a store. How cute is that!

    Lovely little coaster. Margaret Sherry designs are so adorable.

    With the guests gone, you can now get down to serious crafting! ;-)

  19. WOW! you got some really nice things to add to your craft. I think that might be used for needlepoint or cross stitch. Just guessing.

  20. You have been so busy! I love seeing your new crafting supplies and it will be fun to see how you choose to use them. I bought 3 spools of ribbon yarn similar to yours, on sale years ago because I loved its rainbow colors. I tried crocheting with it and thought it looked strange and so I have not figured out what to do with it. Do you know how you are going to use yours, Preeti? xx

  21. Really pretty new stash items to play with, I expect you have a lot of projects in mind.

  22. Lovely new stash Preeti - what a great way to save on postage by using Raj as the postman! Lovely gifts from Olimpia too - the coaster is so pretty and the writing on it just the same style as the design. Perfect!

  23. WOW what a lovely stash you bought!!!
    Where do you leave it all.
    I can't buy anymre stays, I have no room anymore to keep it, and I just cleaned out my attic, which is my craftroom.. hihihihi
    But it looks very lovely all!!
    Your gifts are great.. you will have so much joy of it all!!!


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