Friday 13 November 2015

Back on track !! :)

Hello !!!
Hope you all are doing great . I am glad to be back on the blogland after a break . I had a great and relaxing family vacation last month :) However, the joy later disappeared under the post vacation mountains of laundry and later Diwali festival cleaning .

Sharing some beautiful pics.....

Aster : highlight of my garden


Anshita made this artistic Rangoli on Diwali . It is made with a slightly coarse powder using pinch by pinch , a job which requires patience . She can now make without much of my help . It took her 2 hrs. to complete . Rangoli's are made just outside the main door as a gesture to welcome Goddess of wealth  'Lakshmi' to enter our homes during Diwali festival .

Hydrangea - growing first time

My favourite : Gerbera

I haven't shortlisted vacation photos yet . Don't worry , I will share only minimum pics :) Sometimes, I feel old digital-less life was better when it comes to taking and choosing photos although it is a great thing for creative people like us . But on vacation , we end up taking lot of pics and then it takes ages to sort them and file them . Few decades back , even if the printed photos turned out bad, we would still choose the best ones from the bad ones and feel satisfied . What do you think ? Do you often shortlist , print and file the digital photos ? I have lost many whenever my laptop crashed .

I will visit you very soon 
Have a great weekend !! 



  1. Hi Preeti, glad you had a great vacation and will look forward to seeing your photos. Lovely flower pics.

  2. Lovely flowers !
    Have a nice weekend !

  3. Preeti dear, you're finally here !!!
    Certainly was a beautiful vacation, I look forward to your photos!
    Each time archiving of photos has its charm. Old printed faded :-)
    Digital photos can not catch :-)
    Have a great weekend!

  4. Nice to have you back. Anshita's rangoli is lovely. I'm waiting to see your vacation photos.

  5. Pretty flowers and Anshita's rangoli! I have so many more digital photos than when I used film, but in both cases I have ended up with too many and I am trying to downsize my collection :) Happy Weekend! xx

  6. Beautiful flowers! I enjoyed hearing a bit about the festival.

  7. Glad you're back to blogland after a wonderful vacation. Those flowers are gorgeous! Thanks to digital photos we end up with lots to choose from, but with film it's very limited and sometimes gets exposed, but old photos do have their certain (nostalgic) charm:)

  8. Hi Preeti !!! Good to hear from you:) Its been long... hope u had a blast.... I would love to have such beautiful flowers in my garden but the quality of water is so bad in our area that it just becomes quite difficult to grow them:( Rangoli also looks very neat and lovely... Your daughter is very creative:) Take care and have a nice day !!!!

  9. Welcome back Preeti :) Beautiful flowers!!

  10. Welcome back Preeti , I'm glad you had a good vacation, your flowers are all beautiful. Wow Anshita must have a lot of patience to make that Rangoli, it's lovely. I always take far to many pictures with the intention of sorting them out, but it very rarely gets done. I have lots of printed photo's too when I see them now you realise just how much photography has progressed. I have a friend who prints off all of her digital photo's she must have hundreds what does she do with them all. Have a great weekend. :) xx

  11. Glad you enjoyed your holiday. The flowers are beautiful, and the Rangoli is lovely

  12. Lovely flowers preeti. I am dreaming of a garden like yours in my house. Anshita's rangoli is soooo beautiful. Digital photos is a good thing. Now a days I develop the photos immediately coz suddenly the laptop will crash and two times I have lost the photos. Waiting for your vacation snaps.

  13. So glad you had a lovely vacation and am looking forward to seeing the photographs. Anshika's rangoli must have required a lot of patience. I hope she is proud of her work. :)

  14. Welcome back, Preeti! So glad you enjoyed a relaxing vacation. I am so impressed with Anshita's work--she must have great patience and a very steady hand :)

    I am horrible about doing anything with my digital photos--I, too, miss the old days and actually having photo albums. These days my photos just stay on my camera or in the computer...

  15. Hi, Preeti. Thanks for the beuatiful pics on your flowers.
    I think digital photos have their charm too and are much easier to make them.

  16. Hi Preeti,good to know that you had enjoyed your vacation. Waiting for pics.
    Anshita is so talented ,making such beautiful rangoli at a young age.
    Yes at end of each year, I select best digital photos of the year and get them developed. Nothing beats the joy of looking at photo albums. I think the advantage of digital photos is that you don't have to worry about the camera roll being exhausted every now and then.
    I also get photos developed for my parents as they don't use internet much so they don't get to see what I post on social networking sites.

  17. Oops forgot to add that I love your flowers. It must be hard work maintaining them.

  18. Nice to read you again! Anshita did a great job with her Rangoli, it's lovely.

  19. Wowsers! Two hours of patience that is amazing and so it the rangoli pattern. I sort my photos regularly because I scrapbook so only the best stay the rest I delete - that sounds a bit harsh doesn't it! Jo x

  20. I love the colourful Diwali festival.... we had planned to go the local one in Perth this year but things didn't work out over the weekend! I don't think I could have sat for 2 hrs to create that beautiful picture - well done Anshita
    Hugs xx

  21. Preeti: I am so happy you had a nice vacation, it is always nice to get away to relax and enjoy something different.
    Oh my two hours of pinching, and a beautiful finish, Anshita did a beautiful job, Diwali is something I need to read up on.
    Your floral pictures are beautiful.


  22. Nice to have a great holiday break.
    So many beautiful flowers! We had 2 hydrangea bushes outside of our house growing up.. we called them 'snowball' bushes. There was a pink one and a white one. Your are reviving my memories!

    And yes, we now can record every moment of our lives so easily, but not sure how much we ever really review. The world was so much simpler back in the day!

  23. Lovely flowers and the rangoli is superb

  24. good to see pretty flowers from your garden


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