Thursday 17 December 2015

Messy-to-Classy and embroidered name plate :)

Life has been very busy at my end both for good and bad . We had back-to-back two parties in December 1st weekend at our home - Raj's office get together and Anshita's B'day party. The very next week, she hurt her wrist and Doctor asked for X-Ray and MRI as he could not confirm whether it was fracture . Thankfully, it wasn't but the tissues are damaged so badly that her lower palm and wrist has turned blue and pains a lot :( She is going to school but since it is her right hand that got hurt , she cannot write :(

Here are my December Messy-to-Classy pics . I have been very irregular in blogging this year . Hopefully, 2016 will have more posts .

This is one of my lace/ribbon boxes . Whenever I open to get one , all of them jump out fighting with each other, getting tangled just to seek my attention ;) Naughty ribbons :)

I separated them and see how they look now, neatly arranged until..........well, you know ;)

I also did a simple free hand embroidery last month

which turned into this........

And this......

It is difficult to take pictures with frame, that is Anshita's bicycle getting reflected .

The nameplate did not turn as I had earlier planned but something is better than nothing. I will make one more nameplate after few years. I feel my apartment front door need some more decoration so there is scope for more creativity .

I am trying to design small crochet patterns these days and will open a new website. This blog will continue to be my personal blogging space. I will soon share the new website with you once I publish it. 

Hope you are done with Christmas preparations . I will share my Ravelry group crochet exchange in next post .



  1. Your embroidery is lovely Preeti, it's strange how you can place neat ribbons and balls of yarn into their allotted places and then when you go back they are all ravelled. I think they play together at night when we are fast asleep it can be the only explanation. Sorry to hear your daughter has hurt her wrist it must be very painful, I hope it gets better soon. :) xx

  2. Ribbons are perfectly stored in their place within "Messy to Classy" movement ♥♥ :))

    I love your name plate - very-well stitched ♥

    As per your new website; I do congratulate to you! I'll be looking forward to visit it!!!

    Hugs and kisses

  3. Your name plate is lovely Preeti. I hope your daughters wrist heals quickly.


  4. What a pretty way to welcome people to your home. I am so sorry to hear about Anshita's wrist. I hope she gets well very soon. Also, a great job organizing the ribbon!

  5. Wow it's looking so lovely..
    Beautiful embroidery my dear,,,and lovely ribbon all around you.
    Big hugs x

  6. Well you thought it up! It's a lovely welcome!
    Tidy ribbons deserve praise !!!

  7. It is a lovely doorplate Preeti. I like it very much - so neat. Jo x

  8. Lovely nameplate. Hope Anshita feels better soon. Good luck with your new website plan.

  9. Charming embroidery, lovely colors. Hope Anshita's hand gets better soon.

  10. So sorry Anashita hurt her wrist and I hope it heals rapidly! Your latest stitching is lovely, and your ribbon organization is inspiring! I look forward to exploring your new site and am excited for you, Preeti :) xx

  11. It looks like you are reading my mind :). On my next to do list this week is to organize my ribbons. However, I'm waiting to find a perfect box for that. One of my 2016 goals is to do free hand embroidery . I will be buying materials for that in my next India trip.
    Wishing Anshita a speedy recovery.

  12. Lovely embroidery !!!
    Have a nice weekend without mess ;)

  13. Lovely embroidery Preeti, the nameplate is unusual and your ribbons gorgeous... wish I could get all mine sorted out.

  14. Hope it's going better with your DD, how awfull.
    You hand stitching is awesome, great job on it, an dhow cool your trying to design patterns of your own. can't wait to see them.
    I;m affrais to show you my ribbon box, it's even worse then yours... maybe need to start messy to classy in the new year.. hihihi
    here also to busy, from posting ones or twice a week, I;m now posting ones a month

  15. Poor Anshita, I hope her wrist heals quickly
    I love the name plate you made

  16. Wow! Your embroidery is just lovely, Preeti! That is such a great addition to your wall... I do hope Anshita's hand heals well and that the pain diminishes. It must be frustrating for her not to be able to write because she sounds like an excellent student!

  17. Super cute embroidery Preeti. Ribbons are neatly arranged. Wishing Anshita a speedy recovery.She will be in my prayers.

  18. Great job with your ribbons. They look a lot more behaved now haha. Hope Anshita's wrist get's better quickly. Love your embroidery piece!

  19. Beautiful name-plate!
    I am looking forward to read your new website too!

  20. Well done on your ribbons. Beautiful embroidery.
    Hope your daughters hand/wrist is feeling better.

  21. Feliz Natal!!! Que a manjedoura do seu coração esteja pronta para receber o Menino Jesus que irá nascer!!!
    Um ano novo repleto das bençãos de Deus!!!
    Doce abraço com carinho, Marie!

  22. Lovely embroidery, Preeti. I hope Anshita feels better soon. I had a similar injury, thankfully in my left arm, when I fell down the stairs a few years back and it took a month to fully recover. It must be difficult for you as well, and she will need a lot done for her. A hug to you both.

  23. Embroided name plate is lovely Preeti :) Hope your daughter recovers soooon........
    Have a nice day !!!! :-)

  24. What a talented stitcher you are to create the freehand display. It's beautiful! :)

  25. Preeti: I am so sorry to hear about Anshitas wrist, I am glad it is not broken, love your picture and such beautiful stitches.


  26. Name plate looks nice preeti...Just that it needs to be a bit time try some appliqué with bright fabrics for names..

  27. Hope Anshita is doing better now. That name plate is beautiful!

  28. Hope your daughter is fine now.I really love the embroidery and what a great idea.Wishing you a Happy New Year.

  29. Your ribbons are lovely, they are like cables - they tangle themselves when no one is looking!
    Hope your daughter is feeling better now.
    Your name plate looks wonderful, the colours are great together.


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