Monday 22 August 2016

Another Cushion !! :) And a plan for a challenge

Completed another cushion just a day before Ravellenics games closed on Ravelry .

Bobble-Shell stitch cushion
Crochet Bobble shell stitch cushion
Its done with 4 mm hook and Lincraft cotton yarn which I bought from Australia . Free pattern here . Usually it takes ages for me to weave in the threads and sew a fabric cushion to attach it onto but I pushed hard to complete it as part of my Ravellenics games . 

The back side

Also did the same for the cushion in my last post - weaved in and attached onto a fabric cushion .

Crochet arrow stitch cushion
The Front 

The back side

My capsicum and cherry tomato plants have started flowering. Hopefully, I will get small harvest next month if they survive . 

The pigeons destroyed one of my capsicum plants :(  

Cherry tomato dwarf

Cherry tomato and spinach

There are no flowers in my balcony garden as of now , got few plants from nursery this weekend , will share once I transplant them .

I have a plan for a challenge which I think I might do in October or November  to learn a new type of craft or needlework . I want to do Hardanger, Temari and few other embroidery types , macrame , quilling, clay craft etc. The idea is to create a project, small or medium, while learning . It can't be done without coming out of comfort zone of crochet and cross stitch . I will dedicate one month to the learning and , if at all needed ,  turning to crochet and cross stitch for few hours only on weekends . 
I would be happy if I get a company who would want to come out of comfort zone and take the challenge . You have to choose a project in which you need to learn a technique from the scratch . If you know crochet and need to learn complicated stitches then that doesn't qualify . But if you are still fumbling with basic crochet stitches , then it does . 

A rough plan for one month is : 
1st Week - Choose a project, search tutorials, gather materials, try your hands at  the basic technique
2nd Week - Gather materials, Start the project 
3rd Week -  In progress
4th Week -  Finish 

Finishing is not a compulsion and depends on the size of the project but giving most time , sticking with the new craft is important . If frustrated , you can find solace with your old stitching/crochet project for few hours on weekends as mentioned earlier .

Hope you are busy crafting lot of things .

Have a crafty week ahead!


  1. Another beautiful cushion Preeti it's a lovely stitch. I hope you get a huge crop of cherry tomatoes it's great to grow your own. Your challenge sounds like fun I'll have to have a think. Have a great week. :) xx

  2. Wow the Bobble shell stitch cushion is gorgeous.
    Isn't it lovely to see small saplings grow from seeds? I'm trying my hands at growing everything,whatever seeds I take out from my daily vegetables, I put it in small pots..haha. You never know which will actually grow.
    I would love to join you for the challenge. I know two stitches in crochet :single and double . Have used single crochet for making a coaster. Can I join as I would love to make a doily?

  3. An other beautiful one !!!!
    Lovely mini garden !!!
    Have a great week !

  4. That shell stitch really looks interesting. A great cushion.
    Oh my, you are brave to try such a challenge in fall. I'm very curious to read how it goes when the time comes.

  5. Just love your cushions. So beautiful! Enjoy your challenge.

  6. Absolutely beautiful cushions!
    It sounds like an exciting challenge. I will try to join!

  7. I like the pattern on the turquoise cushion. Really interesting. Jo x

  8. Pillows are wonderful! You have a way with crochet and sewn!
    I send cordial greetings to you!

  9. wow..lovely cushion Preeti

  10. Wow, another beautiful creation in no time at all, I'm sure you're going to ace your new challenge. Have fun! Keep us posted👍

  11. Wow that new cushion is gorgeous. Crochet is my absolute nemesis, I can only do the most basic of stitches

  12. Beautiful cushions! You know what, I just now published my post writing about coming out of my comfort zone and clicked to read yours and you too are talking about coming out of your comfort zone :)

  13. Love your foirst cushion. Looks like seashells! Well done on finishing. Such a gratifying feeling to have things done and not laying in a drawer. Your challenge sounds interesting. Did hardanger piece years ago. Very fussy work.

  14. Excellent cushion! Beautiful finish on both and if I can get enough things done I may join you for the challenge. Crochet would be a good one for me. I was taught once, but taught left-handed and about 12 years ago.

  15. What a pretty cushion, Preeti! Love the fabrics you've chosen for both backs, too. Good luck on your challenge. Perhaps when I retire I will challenge myself a bit more, too :)

  16. Beautiful cushions !!! Your small kitchen garden looks great. You have inspired me to visit nursery & buy plants for my terrace garden :)Your challenge sounds interesting especially those who want to learn something new... Have a nice day !!

  17. Pretty cushions Preeti. fabric in the back of the cushion matches well. I will also join with u for the challenge. Now I forced to do embroidery on kurtis for custom order. Next week I will finish it. I thought of taking the challenge in hardanger or needlepoint. Your plants r coming up well. I purchased few seeds of flowers from kodaikanal and a small green part has come out of the marigold seeds today.

  18. Preeti: Lovely pillows, love the coordinating fabrics, your garden has a good start.
    Thank-you for asking about Michael, he is doing better and driving now, he is in heaven, still a lot of healing going on but soon he will be 100%.


  19. Preeti - your are so gifted. I can't crochet worth a darn.....your pieces are lovely.

  20. I love the bobbly cushion, such a fun way to add texture to the cushion.
    Good luck with the new craft. I tried Book Art recently, I made a folded heart. It was fun and easy but quite time-consuming. My stitching time is too precious to me!

  21. Your latest cushion came together beautifully, Preeti, and I especially like the texture of it. I hope you are able to get your plants to grow. I am getting some Sun Gold cherry tomatoes from my plant, but not as many as last year and I am not sure why. Your challenge idea sounds great, but I am commitment shy :( and so s.l.o.w.! I hope you find others who will participate, and I will be cheering you on :) xx

  22. Your different cushions are very lovely, I like the Bobbie-shell stitch one, pretty colours, your crochet work is amazing.

  23. Another awesome Cushion, i also love making these,you are giving me more and more inspiration. I think I will also join u for the challenge.. Knitting is there in my list for sometime and decoupage


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