Thursday 24 November 2016

Challenge accomplished.....not just one, but two :))

Thank you for appreciating my Temari work :) I am glad to share that I have completed two challenges and one you might guess is the Japanese Temari ball :))

Here is what I have done on the other side of the ball

I have deliberately chosen contrasting design patterns and colors because I wanted to try everything in one ball . To see the bottom part of embroidery , check my previous post here

In the centre design , I added golden border and golden beads

Click here to see how to work on shapes . I have done layered square shape with same herringbone stitch . The links that I am sharing are not the exact patterns but will give some ideas to start with . Apart from this , I also referred to the book 'Temari Techniques' by Barbara B. Suess

I have worked only the basic levels of Temari and even then it has created a beautiful effect . There are many wonderful and challenging designs if you search on the internet .

I had challenged myself to read 24 books in the year 2016 and I have completed that last week :)

Screenshot from my Goodreads
There were all kinds of books and the non-fiction ones took lot of time to read . I will continue with the same count next year .

On the cross stitch front , I am both excited and bored with the ladybird fairy, excited because it is nearing completion and bored because there so many ladybugs which means lot of work .
This is an incomplete lady bug . Each one will have 7 color shades and a bead :(
And with less amount of space for ending thread on the back side , it is becoming thicker like a real ladybug .

For most of my blogger friends who are celebrating ,

Happy Thanks Giving !!
Have a great day and weekend!
Preeti :)


  1. Congratulations on finishing your Temari ball, it is beautiful

  2. Beautiful !!!!!!!!
    Have a great day !

  3. Beautiful Temari ball, Preeti. And congrats on achieving your reading goal well what are your challenges for 2017?

  4. Your Temari ball is lovely Preeti. Hang in there with the ladybugs.


  5. It's beautiful Preeti and well done on reaching your reading goal, all of my goals for 2016 have gone by the wayside I think but I'm sure that this year was shorter than most haha, good luck with the ladybugs you have so much patience. :) xx

  6. Your Temari ball is just beautiful!!! I never keep track of how much I read, you have a good idea there maybe I will try setting a goal for the coming year.

  7. Wow, Preeti, it's beautiful!
    You have an interesting idea, I like that!

  8. The ball is beautiful, well done! And congratulations finishing your reading challenge. It can be hard sometimes finding time for everything. Good luck with the ladybugs!

  9. The Temari ball is beautiful! I too have read a lot of books this year but I didn't keep a track even though at the beginning of the year I thought I should. Maybe next year I'll do it.

  10. Temari ball is beautiful. Me too tried a 8 division ball and I have done with the herringbone stitches on both sides. Have to stitch in the equator line and was searching for a tutorial on how to do that. Thanks for the links. Will blog about it later. It is addictive.
    Waiting for the finished cross stitch piece.

  11. Hi Preeti! I really admire your determination in such complex projects. Bravo! The Temari ball looks awesome, what are you going to use it for? Decor? I just thought it could make a beautiful New year tree ornament!!! :)))
    Aww... I like cross stitching but I get also bored soon if the picture requires too many details. However I am sure your finished work would be beautiful.
    have a nice weekend ahead (thank God it's Friday!))).

  12. Temari ball came out so pretty! Great that you'be accomplished your reading challenge.

  13. Temari ball came out so pretty! Great that you'be accomplished your reading challenge.

  14. The Temari ball looks wonderful. I like both designs but I think the first one is my absolute favourite.
    Well done on completing the reading challenge too. I read a lot but always forget to keep a record. That should be my resolution for next year.

  15. Temari ball looks so beautiful Preeti... I have always admired your patience & now I am becoming a fan of yours. Congrats on completing both of your challenges. Have a great weekend :)

  16. What a beautiful creation, Preeti! Good for you :) And well done on your reading, too... I am SUCH a slow reader, but have been listening to audiobooks more and more and really enjoying them!

  17. Great Temari ball finish. Congrats on accomplishing your reading goals. Ladybird fairy used to be on my wishlist, but all those intricate stitching scared me. So happy to see it come to life beautifully on your posts.

  18. I'm in awe of your Temari ball. You are so talented to create such a beautiful ornament in your first trial.
    Looking fwd to see Ladybird fairy in its full glory.
    Congrats on your reading challenge. I recently joined a book club to motivate myself to read. I'm trying audio books now.

  19. Your Temari ball is beautiful, Preeti. It must have taken you ages to make.

  20. You are really good at accomplishing challenges, Preeti. Your Temari ball looks gorgeous. That's a great craft.
    And you have also accomplished your reading challenge at Goodreads. I wasn't good this year as I missed my goal by far. Maybe next year will be better.

  21. Congrats on reaching your goals!! Love your little ladybug. Hope they hurry and get finished up for you.

  22. Well done! The ball is wonderful and that is quite in impressive reading list. I've not had much success with my own goals this year, time got away from me.

  23. What a very lovely Temari ball, looks very complicated and interesting, I need to investigate this needlework. You have done beautiful stitching and congrats on the reading challenge.

  24. Congrats on the finishes. Your stitching on the ball looks like little God's eyes. Very pretty. I'm really bad about starting books, and never finishing, and then I forget what I read, so have to start all over again. I'm sure you'll have a ladybug finish to share very soon. Happy December!

  25. Vianočná guľa je nádherná, ako šperk!

    Dear Preeti,

    Your christmas ball is beautiful, like a piece of jewelry...

    I wish You a wonderful advent and greetings!

  26. 24 books??? I read 0.....
    Oke.. Only books for the kids.

    Your Ball is really awesome.. The color, the patterns you uur.. Awesome!! Really

  27. im awestruck!! the tamari ball came out really awesome! i admire your patience and interest to attempt new crafts.. have to learn a lot from you. happy new year preeti

  28. Love the temari ball and so glad you managed a finish on the Ladybird fairy! I hope you feel inspired to take photos soon and show us. :)


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