Wednesday 17 January 2018

It requires a plan to plan something.

Thank you for welcoming me in 2018 in the last post ! I still haven't prepared a systematic list of my resolutions this year and concluded that we need to plan ahead in order to plan something:) It's complicated !

Anyways, since I was bored stitching animals and fairies, I decided to stitch flowers. The fabric is 14 count white aida, it is the dappled sunlight through curtains that has caused the shaded effect on the picture.

This design is from the book 'Embroideries and Patterns from 19th century Vienna' by Raffaella Serena. It has been many years since I stitched from the book. My first post was a finish from this design. I was a novice in posting and fabric selection then.

I had, in 2017, planned to stitch Kitty Litter project dedicating first week of each month. I followed the schedule for almost six months and then fell out of that plan. I did again this month and here is my progress.

After : added last cat on the right


Since I wasn't keeping up with my exercise routine, Raj got someone to do it on my behalf. Unfortunately, it is not a handsome hunk who would entertain me but a humble monk, 'Lenovo Yoga' laptop. It can be folded on either sides and have touchscreen as well. This is my first post from the new laptop.

Although I don't have an elaborate 2018 plan but I have made up my mind about few things that I can share randomly now.

It's been a long time I haven't had the pleasure of starting multiple projects. So, I am going to have twelve new starts for the entire year. January is almost gone. But I am going to start one new project everyday from 1st to 12th Feb. These would be small or medium projects so that I can get a break from my large projects. To make it more inclusive, I will make eight as cross stitch and four as free hand embroidery projects. In March, I will start seven new crochet projects for the first week. So my kitty litter project will move to second week in the month of Feb and March.

My year 2018 will be the year of decluttering. I do keep on doing that regularly but still unwanted things often pile up. It is easier to declutter wardrobes and kitchen. Papers and documents clutter is my biggest workload. I am not a fan of Marie Kondo, the Japanese organising consultant, with the famous KonMari methods. Behind all this decluttering, I have evil plans to create more space for my crafty things...mwahahaha ! I don't have any plans to declutter my crafty things, I just organize and archive them :D

Do you declutter regularly ? In which area do you feel you are organized?

Thank you for reading until here. I will be back again with more words :)
Happy crafting!


  1. Great progress on the kittens and the roses design is just beautiful

  2. Love the roses design and you have made great progress on those sweet kitties!
    I'm in the middle of a decluttering spell, but like you, the crafting stash is not going to be involved!!! :)

  3. Love your kittens and the rose design. Let me know how decluttering goes.....I could use some hints and tips. Seems I have too many things I love to do 😁

  4. Lovely roses and cats ! Keep going !
    Have a great day !

  5. Beautiful roses. And good progress on kittens. Last yr i declutter my wardrobe and organised it. Finding it easy to arrange if it gets messy. This year i am doing it for my kids wardrobe and making cardboard baskets. But as u said wherevet i find space my crafty stuff is occupying that space. He he he. I follow konmari method to fold most of my clothes and it works really well. All the best for all your new starts.

  6. Beautiful projects. You're right. Making a plan takes a lot of work. I spent a whole day organizing my stitching and then another part of a day putting it down on the computer. It was worth it but a lot of work. As of right this moment I feel organized with my stitching at least haha.

  7. Lovely projects Preeti. Love your crafty plans.


  8. Great stitching, Preeti.
    How exciting to follow you and your projects this year!

  9. Lovely roses and how great does it feel to get that last kitten stitched? That's awesome. Nice new laptop, and great ideas for 2018. I hope you're up to exercising soon, I need to get back to my routine as well. I never declutter my craft area, although I do reorganize. Other stuff will get tossed this year likely. :)

  10. Dear Pree, your roses are beautiful, I love them!
    I wish you a good laptop!

  11. Those kitties are just adorable and the roses quite beautiful. Good luck with your plans. I did love the title of this blog post!!

  12. I love your rose cross stitch. I made a similar one many years ago with a blue background and roses of different colors but overall it looks similar. It's now hanging in my living room. I decluttered my work table after putting it off for a long long time. I had to get it done because my son and I exchanged tables, otherwise I'm the most disorganized person in this world.

  13. The blooms are beautiful and the kitten project is steadily coming along.

  14. Beautiful vintage roses, Preeti. Good progress on the kitty project. I'm impressed by your decision to have 12 starts .
    Yes, I believe in decluttering fact I have been trying to live minimalist when we moved to our present house in Oct 2016. This is not influenced by any book .My mind works good when I know what is kept where and how much I have. I think the best way to avoid clutter is to buy when its absolutely necessary. The most I declutter is my wardrobe. I was embarrassed when I de-cluttered around 20 clothes last week from two houses .
    Last year I started giving away patterns which I have stitched and which I may not stitch and its a relief , not to mention how much joy it brings to recipient. And I'm in no mood of buying more unless I make a big dent in my current small stash.

  15. I need to make 2018 my year of decluttering. I have so much stuff and don't feel organized in any area. Haven't been making anything over the past week, no stitching, no crochet. Not sure what I want to work on right now. Good luck with your plan. The kitty cross-stitch is so precious!

  16. how can you be bored of stitching animals and fairies?? :p heheheh Cute things are never boring ;) Well... looking at those cats... that's quite a project! Beautiful but it does get us a bit tired of doing the same and same... =/
    I'm with you on decluttering! I am very organized but I need to get rid of some things... get more space... have less things... I don't know hoe but I've been looking for a solution for that! I feel like I have to much things around...
    It's hard to give things away because I have lots of very useful and good quality materials... but at the same time I don't think I will use everything!!! ahhhhhhh it's hard =/

  17. Lovely stitching, your flowers are beautiful. Nice to see a more traditional design for a change.
    I am constantly decluttering, I don't like having lots of things not being used. But my husband and sons are hoarders so my house is never tidy.

  18. Your stitched flowers are so pretty and make me long for warmer weather! And of course, with five cats I love your Kitty Litter project. : ) Your handsome hunk/humble monk made me laugh! Like you, papers and documents seem to be my hardest thing to keep under control and I'm sorry to say I don't feel very organized in any area -- yet. : )

  19. Your stitching projects looks great... & my best wishes for your plan :)

  20. Love your stitchy plans for 2018 Preeti! I hope you have a successful crafting year. Your flowers are very pretty, congrats on the finish. The kitties are so cute and I look forward to seeing more on that piece.

    As for decluttering... that word and I are not on a very friendly basis! I nod at him in passing and think I should really get to know him better, then *poof* I forget all about him again! Like you paperwork is the bain to my my organization skills but I really need to get a handle on it once and for all. Next week I think I shall drag out the shredder and get busy!

  21. Both the roses and the kittens projects are very pretty!
    I'm looking forward to seeing all of your new projects!
    After reading Marie Kondo's book, I decluttered a great deal! Now I just try to keep up with it as I go, getting rid of things that I don't use and thinking twice when I want to buy something. For me life really is easier with fewer things.

  22. The kitties are growing so nicely, Preeti--what a cute piece :) And the flowers are lovely--I'm glad you are enjoying your multiple projects...

    I've been decluttering this month, too--have come across so much to get rid of and some happy surprises that I forgot I had :)

  23. Prestige: I love the roses and cat designs, I am looking forward to seeing the cats all finished, I have a cat which looks like one of the cats.
    Your husband is good to you.


  24. Beautiful roses! Looks like you have a solid plan for 2018.Best wishes Preeti.

  25. These roses are so beautiful, Preeti. And nice progress on the kitten piece.
    Your plans for this year sound really good, good luck with them.
    I also love decluttering a lot but for me too the paper clutter is the worst. And takes the longest to get it decluttered and organized. Wardrobes are easy, just as the kitchen.


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