Monday, 5 February 2018

A cute bookmark and an update on new starts :)

This cute bookmark, 'darling dogs in a row' was a free gift with Cross Stitch Crazy magazine, June 2016. I stitched it two months ago for Anshita but couldn't find time to stick it on the card.

I started my new cross stitch starts although I couldn't get much time stitching on each one.

Also, my hands are very dry these days so stitching speed is reduced. Not only that but a bad boy(read husband) at home sat on my specs and broke it. He then sheepishly joined it with glue and tape and now I am using tattered specs for stitching. I have to get a new one. Usually, I don't go out every day but ever since I started this batch of new starts, I am required to go out for some tasks every day. So atleast two hours of free time, meant for my hobbies, is gone :( Not all, but few odds are against me yet I am determined to complete my adventure:)

1. 'I do only Luxury' from the book, Attitudes A to Z by Kyla May.

2. A parrot design from the magazine Cross Stitcher, July 2014.

3. Animal Calendar (Jan month) - from the magazine Cross stitch Collection, Jan 2014

4. Invisible Card - It is meant to gift someone so I cannot show it here

As I said some are small pieces so I won't show how the finished pieces will look. I hope to finish them soon. I will share that information for medium size projects like the below one.

5. Snakes and ladders by Durene Jones from the magazine, Cross Stitcher, Feb 2017

This is how it will look when done.

Thanks for seeing!
Hope you are having a fun crafting time.



  1. I like your pretty bookmark, really cute and a lot of different projects in the works. Sorry about your glasses. Mine need changing too, keep slipping off when I look down :-)

  2. Congrats on the cute finish Preeti. I love all of your new projects. Makes me want to start something new.


  3. I love your cute card Preeti. What a funny design! Your new starts are intriguing.
    I hate it when real life interrupts stitching time!

  4. Great new starts. Love you dog bookmark. How cute!!

  5. What a cute bookmark for Anshita! I'm guessing the designer is Durene Jones. Yay for starting new projects, i would like to see what the finished projects look like.Snakes and ladders is such a lovely project, something I can for my Indian friends/family as we all played that in childhood.

  6. Nice bookmark! Wow, you have realy a lot of projects you're working on! I wish you a lot of fun with it!

  7. You are indeed a pro ! Your cross stitches are beautiful !
    Have a lovely day !

  8. Those glasses come in handy. Someone will have to buy you some new ones. :) Your projects look enjoyable.
    xx Beca

  9. What a cute bookmark! And it looks like you have some interesting projects started -- hope you find a little extra time to work on them. Hopefully, you will be able to get a new pair of glasses. : )

  10. O, snakes and ladders are a favourite both at home and school. What a lovely projekt!

  11. What a cute game board that will be when finished! Your bookmark is so cute and I look forward to seeing your future finishes, even the small ones! Hope you get some new glasses soon along with some time to stay in the house! I love days I don't have to go out too!

  12. Great new starts and progress. Looking forward to seeing the remainder of your new starts soon. :)

  13. You have some wonderful starts. Great designs. Sorry about the glasses. I could not stitch without my special glasses just for stitching. I hope you get some new ones soon!

  14. Cute bookmark. So many new starts! I started a cross stitch two months ago and I haven't progressed more than a few stitches. It's a big one and I guess it's going to take me years to complete it.

  15. Bookmark looks beautiful & cute. All your projects looks quite interesting... waiting to see the complete picture:) Have a lovely day !!!!

  16. Booimark is very cute. Good luck on your new projects. I used to go out only on sundays. If it happens to go out in between i don't like that much to go. Sorry abt your glasses. Hope you will get a new one.

  17. Lovely bookmark Preeti, I love all your starts I hope you manage to get some new specs soon. :) x

  18. Preeti: You have some beautiful designs going, so much love the bookmark, very sweet.


  19. That's a cute little finish. And oh, so many new starts of different styles. And I think you have stitched a lot on some of them already.
    Sorry to hear about your broken glasses. I hope you can soon get new ones.

  20. What great choices! And love your finish as well. I hope you get new glasses soon.

  21. The dog bookmark is so cute!
    Good luck with the new starts. When I finish all my JN ornaments I plan to do another batch of small starts, it was fun last time!


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