2013 Turtle Trot

Finally, I am ready with my cross stitch projects for this year ! To keep the tempo going I have joined a SAL for cross stitch - 2013 Turtle Trot. As the name suggests, it is for those projects which tread slowly towards completion. I have very few cross stitch friends on my blog but I hope to meet some more in this journey:)

I have finalized these 13 projects for the SAL. Couple of them are in progress. For others, I have just cut the fabric ;)

1. A floral border from the book "Embroideries and patterns from 19th Century Vienna"

2. Floral Border from EMS cross stitch 2012 free pattern

3. Stacked Cups from Dimensions.

I am in the last stages of this project. Just the outline and caption is left but seems that too is taking ages !

4. Bouquet of pansies from the bbook  'Embroideries and patterns from 19th Century Vienna'

5. A table runner from 'Anchor needle n thread' magazine, India

6. A border from 'Anchor needle n thread' Magazine, India

7. Humming Bird Quartet by Frankie Buckley, Leisure arts.

8. Cross stitch blooms by Barbara Baatz Hillman, Leisure arts.
9. Funky florals border by Lisa Reakes from cross-stitching.com

10 .  Few pets from 100 more Lovable pets by Linda Gillum, Leisure arts

11. Nature's nest by Dimensions

12. Floral border from Variegated floral border, Leisure arts.

13. ‘Drama Queen’ from the book, ‘Smirk attitudes A to Z’ by Kyla May,  Leisure arts.

Well, the 13th is secret because it is a gift for someone:) so I cannot share as of now and can do so once I complete. But if I find any other project to start with, I will share that.

I hope you like my projects and I am looking forward to complete them. I will keep posting on 13th of every month about progress of these projects.

Preeti :)


  1. Oh Preeti, these are gorgeous cross stitch designs! I love them all! The yellow table runner and Hummingbird Quartet are my favorite. I'm looking forward to watching your progress on all of these wonderful projects! Debbie

  2. Your 13 projects are lovely. I look forward to seeing your progress. Happy Stitching, Toni http://peddlerjo.blogspot.com/

  3. lovely stitches
    nice work preety


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