Wednesday 26 September 2012

Origami and a Crochet Poem!! :)

Hello dear friends,

I am happy to share this post about a guarded treasure in our home . This treasure is owned by the gem of my family - my daughter, Anshita ! She is nine years old and loves to do Origami , the art of paper folding and enjoys writing poems .

On one fine day, she just flipped through the pages of one of my crochet books and to my surprise, wrote a poem for me :) , that too on Crochet !! . She is a very good writer and her class teacher admires her a lot !

I have typed her poem , unedited , at the end of this post. Please do read ; I am sure you will enjoy reading it as much as I did :) 

Origami paper top and it spins too !

Origami books and Origami bookshelf

Origami Caterpillars, are they going to eat the entire Origami Christmas tree ?

A cute little Origami frock for her !

An Origami tuxedo for him !

Origami shirts, if the Tuxedo doesn't fit him !

A Crochet Poem for my Mamma !
Do you know the stitch called loop,
With which you can make an amigurumi troop?
Do you know the shells,
Which bring you under spells?
Just look into the world,
Of stitches uncurled!
Bobbles and beads,
There’s more to that you’ll need.
“P” is the short form for picot,
The short form for yarn over is “YO”.
Do you know hairpin?
It’s a needle, not a pin!
Do you know how to make 3D flowers,
Which have magical powers?
Then there is a slip knot,
That you can make while sleeping on a cot!
May I ask you about stripes?
That I can do with a few needle swipes!
So you will now agree,
That crochet is the toughest art you ever can see!
                                                                                                -- by Anshita

I am proud of my daughter and I love her very much! :)
Thank you for your time for reading it ! I will convey your comments, if any, to her .

With all blessings to her :) and blessings for the gems in your family too :)

Happy blogging !

Warm regards ,
Preeti .



  1. Poem is lovely,Anshita kutty is really talented....
    motivate her, All the best wishes and prayers for your gem...:-)

    1. Thank you Raji ! Good to hear from you again!

  2. Hi Preeti. Your daughter is very talented with the origami - love those little tiny books. And I love the crochet poem too. Give your daughter a hug for me. :)

    1. Thank you Debi ! Sure, I gave her the hug:)

  3. Beautiful origami and your daughter is so creative! Love the poem!

  4. Hi Preeti! Lovely lovely crochet poem. Maybe this is the first poem about crochet i have ever read. Very talented girl, do encourage her and give her lotsa hugs from my side! Maybe you can frame it and put it up:) Origami is also very creative.

    1. Thank you for the encouragement Rajeswari! Sure, I will give her those hugs :)

      Framing it ! I guess, is a very good idea :)

  5. bittu is growing up to become just like her mother.....sooo talented.....

    1. So is she ! :) thank you for appreciating us ;)

  6. Hi Preeti.... What a lovely poem.. n she just 9? so impressive. BTW, I'm Aiza, ur new blogger friend... keep in touch :)

    1. I am glad you liked it :) thank you Aiza !

  7. Hi Preeti! So glad you left a comment on my blog, and now I am a new fan of yours! :) Your daughter's poem is fantastic! She is quite the talented young lady. :)

    1. Thank you for joining and sharing with me Rita! I am very happy to read those encouraging words for my daughter :)

  8. I love that poem!! And yes ... I can see why you are a proud mommy :)

    1. I am glad you appreciated it Kara! Thank you for visiting :) I am looking forward towards your link party:)

  9. Wow Preeti, that is one fantastic poem. Way to go, Anshita. I need a book shelf, maybe I could borrow yours :)

  10. beautiful poem by anshit.....good going .your daughter loves origami .she is in my field of work9paper craft).do make her learn quiling ,she will love it .(it is also paper craft)

  11. Hi Preeti, what a talented daughter you have...her poem is so sweet - I particularly like the lines, 'May I ask you about stripes? That I can do with a few needle swipes!'. Love the origami too, the little bookcase is adorable :)

  12. Awesome origami and such a lovely poem! No wonder when Anshita was barely a year old, she would create bangles out of onion rings, actually wear them and show them off :-)
    My niece is the best :-)

  13. Awesome poem... Very creative of her...Love you Anshita....

  14. Cute origami projects and such a sweet poem ... She creates magic with her words and I am her fan...


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