Monday 8 October 2012

Crochet bag !

Hope you all had a nice weekend !

Here comes the crochet cross-over bag for my daughter !:) I had started crocheting this last week .

The bag and belt is done with Anchor knitting cotton and the edging with Anchor mercer cotton size 20 . Its my own design with various plug-ins :) I crocheted four basic squares with flowers . One of these is rose flower which I generally make as a free hand crochet . Patterns for rose flower are available on many sites . The other one , I copied from an already existing old crochet doily at home .  I found a similar one at Allicrafts while surfing. Sorry , I did not note down the link and I tried searching for the same pattern but could not find again :( But still there are lot of nice patterns at this site .

The edging is from vintage crochet and is a variant of the edging mentioned in the book 150 favourite crochet designs by Dover needlework publication .

I made a basic granny square behind these flowers . After joining all four squares , I just crocheted double-crochet lines on left and bottom . I attached an edging at the bottom , some beads to decorate , a simple belt of three double-crochet stripes and Ta- Dah , the bag is done !!

Pattern(in U.S. terminology) for edging :
Beginning at the first flower petal with yellow thread :
(*) ch 5 ;  holding the last loop of each treble , work 3 trebles in 5th chain from the hook , YO draw through all loops . This is the beginning cluster .
Repeat from (*) and create even number of clusters as per your desired length for edging . Do not finish off .
ch7, make a 4-tr cluster at the base of previous cluster .
(+)ch7 , sc at the base of next cluster , Ch7 , 4-tr cluster at the base of next cluster .
Repeat from (+) with sc in the last cluster .
Work similar way in the opposite side . Fasten off .
Start with White thread, crochet lengthwise to join the edging : Ch 7 , treble in 2 spaces (on either side of petal) , ch7 , treble in next 2 spaces....repeat till the end of edging with ch7 .
The edging is completed and can be attached to your piece with slip stitch or single-crochet or double-crochet . I have attached my edging with single-crochets of size 20 thread .
I know , I have written the pattern a bit haphazardly but hope it is understandable ! :) let me know if you have any difficulty while using the pattern .

Important !
Always make use of ring markers while attaching edging at the right stitches , especially , if the edging is of different thread size . In this case , the no. of stitches cannot be attached one-to-one.
Hope you liked the bag . Love to hear your feedback!
Happy week ahead!
Preeti :)




  1. what do I say? the bag is lovely! i like dhow you arranged different stitches and squares, color wise too. this is a perfect purse for a girl, i think your daughter has to be proud to have such creative Mum:)

  2. Very pretty and unique. Liked the way the squares are in the corner, kinda highlights them! Also the edging is very pretty :)

  3. I agree with Hindustanka..great job and thanks for sharing this,love!

  4. It's very pretty - and I love the beads that you added. I bet your daughter loves it too. :)

  5. Hi
    Your blog has been awarded. Check out my post

    Have a good day!

  6. Gorgeous bag! You are so creative! :)

  7. The Lovely Sunny Yellow is so beautiful..! I loved it

  8. Hello Preeti,
    Your bag is really a sunny bag! Well done!

  9. Dear friends, thank you so much for your kind words ! I have replied to all of you in mails. Keep in touch!:)

  10. beautiful bag dear

  11. So beautiful and shinning! I like this bag and those flowers very much:)

  12. Really beautyful!

    feel free to join my crochet pattern giveaway

  13. Thanks so much for linking this up at the Best of 2012 at Diana Rambles. This is lovely!


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