Wednesday 17 October 2012

Yarn Stash and a Crochet WIP!

Hi there ! How are you all doing ?

Finally , my yarn starvation period ended last week :) I just wanted to share my latest stash which I received through mail order from Pradhan stores . These are Anchor knitting cotton . I got 2-4 balls of each of these colours .  I am eager to make lot of things with these lovely colours .



These are thick silky threads of a local brand . Luckily their colours are fast. Earlier , I had purchased similar kind of local threads and to my disappointment all the colours came out after the test wash .
WIP : I have made these crochet spheres for one of my projects . I have made five of them . I am anxious to complete this project and share with you all but I just hop around all my projects! Or maybe the projects hop around me to get their attention – Will it be my show on the post today? Me! Me ! Me first!! They all follow me crazily :)

The tutorial for these perfect spheres is available here .


This Mercat is just crazy about these balls !!
I will be away for next week to visit my mother :)  I hope I will be able to post one more part of WIP before Saturday this week .
Happy blogging !!
Preeti :)



  1. Such pretty yarns Preeti. Enjoy your visit with your Mother. :)

  2. Yummy yarn! Have a nice visit with mom.

  3. Nice yarn! Looks so silky and smooth. Mercat is just cute cute!:) Have a great a time with your Mum!

  4. I have never worked with the anchor yarn..It looks like it is soft. Enjoy the visit with your mom. Blessings


  5. Hi Preeti !!!

    Wow very bright colored yarns!!! Waiting to see ur completed project !! Enjoy your visit


  6. Ohhhh...I love the beautiful colors of yarn! Looking forward to seeing what you create with them! :D Enjoy your visit with your mom. :)

  7. Lovely colors....Loved that Mercat...its so cute...did you make that?

  8. Wonderful yarn colors, and how nice the balls are! I'm curious about the finished project. Oh, and I like the way you described the hopping
    WIPs, teehee ;-). Have a wonderful time with your mother!

  9. Lovely Lovely colours that tempt one to pass the day with a crochet hook in hand! Anchor is a good brand it should be colour fast.
    You know,there is something about a crochet sphere that delights me on its own with no adornments. However I am eager to see what you are making them for ? :-)

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  10. hi! WAITING TO SEE YOUR WORK DEAR.WHERE is aunty now a days.

  11. hey preeti ,i know you love crochet....chk out if you like

  12. The balls are perfect !
    Your blog is lovely...
    Thanks for following my blog.
    Have a nice Sunday.

  13. Hi Preeti, silky threads are really looking nice.
    Enjoy your visit and good luck for project!Waiting to see the final outcome!

  14. Thank you for your compliment on my blog. Your blog is very nice!! I am going to have a look :)
    love, Nancy

  15. Preeti Your thread collection is awesome. Very beautiful silky colors. Is cone thread available in pradhan stores?

    Shami Immanuel.

  16. Such wonderful colors! I love your spheres!

  17. hello preeti! wow pretty color yarns..waiting to see your next project..hugs :))

  18. Olá Preeti!

    Belas cores! O mundo fica bem mais feliz colorido! rs...


  19. thanks for your wishes, Preeti!Wishing you Happy Karvachauth! Anna

  20. This silky yarn looks tempting. Would you be interested in yarn swapping or something? Just let me know.
    And what hook size you use for Anchor knitting yarn. I dont find them very soft to work with. I use 2 mm hook. I tried 2.5, but that was no better.
    Bye for now!

  21. You've got some lovely threads to play with Preeti. Looking forward to see what your new projects.
    The cat has a cute expression :)

  22. Oh the colors are just beautiful! LOVE LOVE

    TracyAnn from and

  23. This yarn is really fun to work with!!!


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