Tuesday 20 November 2012

Weekend stash and some crochet !

Finally , I managed to squeeze out some time to prepare a post . I was a bit tired after Diwali and was just taking rest , surfing through your blogs and exploring new blogs too . Some new ones returned back to explore mine . Few bloggers visited by chance and joined me and I reciprocated whole heartedly :) In all , I am satisfied with the current status of my blog , that my blogging is surely not going to be shut down soon !:) Earlier, I had thought if I do not reach a milestone of 25 followers within six months , then I might shut down my blog or make it private . I have surpassed my expectations ! Thanks to all of you for your kind support !! :) I have promised my daughter a toy when I reach a follower count of 100 ! She anyways gets a toy twice a month ; for kids , thirst for toys never ends ! I haven't decided for you all but will figure out something that I can share with as many of you ! :)

Let 's meet my new friends .

Vickie Dimitra at http://vi-and-di.blogspot.in/
Matilda at http://elcosturerodematilda2.blogspot.in/
Rosa la Maida at http://vairelatejedora.blogspot.in/
Simone at http://agulhasencantadas.blogspot.in/
Marcia at http://mamisarte.blogspot.in/
Tracy at http://www.crochethappy.com/ and http://asktracyann.crochethappy.com/
Nunzia at http://nunziacrochet.blogspot.in/
Elvira at http://entretelaselvira.blogspot.in/
Maria at http://redecoratelg.blogspot.com.es/
Evita at http://amateurcrafts.blogspot.in/
Vimala a.k.a. Yarn_lady at http://crochetlounge.blogspot.in/
Keito at http://keitodamaworld.blogspot.in/
Elisabeth at http://elizyart.blogspot.in/
Josie at  http://handmadebyknottygal.blogspot.in/
Nalini at http://nalinihandwork.blogspot.in/
Katepinaki at http://diamadaki.blogspot.in/
Gracie at http://grayseasailor-onesaylorslog.blogspot.in/
Vanessa at http://marromrose.blogspot.in/

They all have wonderful blogs and some of them have outstanding projects to look and learn ! Do visit them ; I am sure you will like them :)

I am diligently working on the crochet tablecloth which I mentioned in my post here  but not sure how long I can control my itch to start a new project :)

This is a flared rose which I made for my daughter as an embellishment ! I haven't weaved-in the ends as she is yet to decide about where to attach it .

crochet flared rose

crochet flared rose

I made this little doily from the book '99 little doilies' with size 20 anchor thread . I liked the overlapping design in yellow near the border .

crochet little mini doily

crochet little mini doily

This is the Rangoli I drew for my daughter on Diwali outside our doorstep and she colored it . It is generally made with fine , sand like white powder which is eco-friendly . I got eco-friendly colors and mixed with this white powder to get other colors ! It is not easy to fill; you cannot touch the base for supporting the fingers . She has done a good job ! :) Many Rangolis look like mandalas or doilies .


Couple of weeks back , I enjoyed some beads , buttons and local yarn shopping . I have a collection of sequins and seed beads but for regular beads I felt I was eating into my daughter's treasure of jewellery making kits picking the nicer ones . So I decided to buy some :)

beads and buttons at Createwittyunleashed.blogspot.com

beads and buttons at Createwittyunleashed.blogspot.com

beads and buttons at Createwittyunleashed.blogspot.com

Crochet threads at  Createwittyunleashed.blogspot.com

Hope you all liked the pictures !:)


Preeti :)



  1. hi, Preeti! Well, I seriously like that Diwali has passed:) I mean, now we can live life in a same way again ))
    I liked the pics, and I liked the doily. First I thought you used some fluffy yarn, but then saw, this was actually thread) very cute design.i visited some blogs and joined some too :) thanks!
    I LOVE the beads you have! Honestly, didn't see such in our shop here. May will search somewhere else.
    Take care, keep warm! (It's getting cold in Chandigarh, brrr)Anna

  2. Lovely collection of beads Preeti. Like the doily and the different colours of thread.

  3. Hi friend, sorry that my English is so bad. I just want to congratulate you on your 100 followers and also mention me among the list of new friends. Receive a warm hug from Venezuela. Kisses!

    1. Hi Rosa, thank you for the kind words and it's my pleasure linking back to my new friends !:) I haven't reached 100 followers yet but I am looking forward to. Sorry, if my post has caused the confusion.

  4. Hi preeti!
    Nice stash with warm colours of yarn and bright beads & buttons!

  5. Lovely flower, doily and pictures !
    Your daughter have materials to do beautiful things now.
    Have a nice day.
    Thanks for the visit.

  6. The doily is lovely - it looks like a sunflower :) I'm working with some really bulky yarn at the moment and seeing your doily make sme feel like getting my cotton threads out again! Elisabeth xx

  7. hey preeti thanks a bunch for publishing a link to my blog. Its ofcourse a dream to have several followers. I have a blog from so many years and I know its being visited by a handful. Keeping a tab of my work gives me a lot of satisfaction even though I do not get much attention, but ofcourse I do feel very encouraged when someone joins.
    I guess I too will start introducing people on my blog - those who comment and who join. Not to increase my joinees but as a way to show my gratitude. Atleast that is something I can learn from a fellow crafter (you). Thanks for the idea and thanks for linking again
    Evu - amateurcrafts.blogspot.com

  8. Hello.
    Thanks so much, for your visit im my Blog.
    Yours crochet inst beautiful.

  9. Oi minha flor!
    Obrigada por me seguir e será um prazer te seguir tb, pois quantas coisas lindas que vi aqui menina!

    parabéns, seu espaço é belo e muito agradável!
    Obrigada por colocar o link do meu blog aqui na sua postagem..é uma honra amiga!

    Parabéns de verdade, por tudo!

    Mil beijos amada!
    Fique com Deus!

  10. Your work is happy and beautiful, i love the colours. Besos desde España.

  11. I'm so happy of your sweet comments. You made my day. Thank you so much:)

  12. Hi Preeti, What a lovely bead collection. I came across a Japanese pattern for a glass cover which is a doily with beads at the ends so that it stays on the glass. I hope to find the right beads to make it. Which thread do you use to make your doily? Can't wait to see your projects made with your new yarn collection. Congrats on reaching 75 followers. :)

  13. Preeti, you have a beautiful colorful blog! I enjoy discovering new bloggers and see how colorful and exciting art has been made on other parts of the Globe :)
    Hanni from Europe

  14. Olá amiga venha conhecer meu blog e ser minha seguidora.Bjus!

  15. 21 to have 100! It's near almost:)

  16. I love the rose you made for your daughter. It's very pretty.

  17. Hi Preeti, you now have 20 followers to go to reach your mark. My cousin started me blogging 3-1/2 years ago. It's truly been an enjoyable experience. I've "met" so many lovely people -- actually have met a couple of bloggers in person. And my crochet skills have improved so much. I've tried things I never dreamed of. That crochet book of doilies sounds like a nice one. I like the colors you used for your little doily. Hard to find really good craft books here -- most of them are in Japanese and I have a hard time understanding the diagrams for crochet. My brain just doesn't function that way -- I need the written pattern, and sometimes I still don't always understand. :) The rose for your daughter is lovely, too. I've made some crocheted and beaded bracelets in the past -- would like to make some necklaces, too. Hope you have a wonderful day. Best wishes, Tammy

  18. Your Rose is very pretty and keen to see where ur daughter is going to use.
    Lovely buttons & silk thread in ur stash.

  19. Me encanta esos colores son preciosos ,unos trabajos de lo mas bonitos,besos.

  20. Nice beads! And rangoli is so pretty. Cent percent for ur little miss! Beautiful doily, as always. So how many have you made for your husband's birthday??? :)
    I will definitely visit your new friends.
    Bye and TC!

  21. Hi,thanks you for your visite in my blog.
    Your blog is very nice!!!!!
    Kisses from greece,Dimitra!!!!!

  22. Beautiful rose, and that doily is wonderful, what nice sunny colors!! Just a few weeks ago I bought the same book, too, but have not started anything from it up to now. Great book, isn't it?!

  23. I'm so happy your followers grow fast. You have 19 left to reach 100. Good for your daughter:)

  24. what a lovely rose dear..it is gorgeous!
    Thanks for your querries regarding the recipe, I have added some more details for clarity, do check it out.

  25. It's wonderful that your followers are growing and growing! Love the pretty crochet!

  26. Hi !
    There is an award for you on my blog !
    Have a nice sunday.

  27. Beautiful Rose Preeti and the doiley looks lovely too...gorgeous colours.

    Your daughter's stash of beads has given me an idea. I know my grand-daughter has a box of beads somewhere too I wonder if she'll mind if I raid it!!! I think I better ask first LOL!
    Many thanks for your comments on my previous post.

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  28. Hola. Gracias por tu visita. Me han gustado mucho tus trabajos y tu blog es encantador.
    Saludos desde España a mi nueva amiga.

  29. i enjoy reading your post..you have a lot of beads..emmm jealous!

  30. I Like the beads and the buttons.. Its nice to always keep them handy.. Waiting to see its usage in all the crafty things you do :)

  31. Thats a nice collection. I commented before too, but now I wanted to know where u bought it :-) Wanna stash.

  32. Too adorable pink rose! Lovely beads too!
    Have a fabulous weekend!

    Hugs from Portugal,

    Ana Love Craft

  33. Obrigada pelo carinho!
    Adoro seu blog e seus trabalhos!


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