Saturday 3 November 2012

New friends and a little doily !

Hello ! Hope all of you are doing fine !
Let me first introduce you to my new blogger friends .

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They all have wonderful things on their blogs. Thank you for visiting and joining me !

I was busy with lot of work back home here and was not keeping well . I was too tired to write a post but found comfort in visiting your blogs :) At least that helps me understand that I am still blogalive ! ;)

I made few doilies during my visit to my mom from the same 99 little doilies book . My daughter and my mom appreciated but made fun of me that I was making pancakes and papads(Indian poppadums) because of the size of the doily and also I used the same colour combinations for all :) I too do not know what I am going to do with these doilies .

My husband is turning 40 this month end . He asked me what I am planning to gift him . I told him I will give 40 doilies from the 99 little doilies book ;) He was dumbstruck and gave me a look which somehow I couldn't decipher this time but guess it read as ,

“Are you crazy?"
"If this happen to be a gift, I will lose a chance of throwing out those pancake doilies!"

 I am tempted to believe the last one as that is the best way to save those tiny doilies ;)   But deep down the heart he thinks I am just kidding and that I have some better plans than gifting doilies . I generally make some art and craft thing for him even if I buy a gift . The biggest ever so far was an embroidered greeting card that I gave him . You can see that here .   After that , for subsequent birthdays , I had made some little gifts only which he used and those are all worn out now . This time , I am running short of time to make something unique :(

Well , too much of words . I have taken pictures (with and without flash) of one little doily only .  I was too lazy to take other pictures .

99 little doily

99 little doily
It measures 12 cms across and is made by Anchor crochet cotton size 20 and 1.5 mm pony steel hook .
My numbers of WIPs are increasing day by day . I do needle-crafting to relax and enjoy but when I see lot of incomplete projects , I just get frustrated . I am getting tensed about such things rather than enjoying those . So I have decided that I will first complete the existing projects and then start a new one .
Yesterday night I started another new project :( Hope I will be able to overcome my anxiety disorder soon .
Do write in and enjoy your weekend !
Preeti :)


  1. Very cute doily and best of luck for your new project. By the way what is the hook size you are using for this doily ?

  2. Pretty doily. I always tell myself to first complete the unfinished project and then think of a new one, but I never succeed. :)

  3. Lovely doily you made !
    Glad to be in your blogger friend list !
    Have a nice weekend.

  4. Pretty little doily. I think it would look nice on a t-shirt or a pillow. Have a good day. :)

  5. Very nice doily. I get nervous with more than one project at a time..and I can't enjoy the journey. So i only have one project on the hook at a time. Have a great weekend

  6. Hi, thank you for the warm welcome! Sure, will drop by more often! :)

  7. thanks for the shout out dear, the doily is very pretty. I too love crocheting but not sure when I will bring myself to do it next. Wanna make a dress for my daughter..
    It is good that your WIP's are increasing, proves you are doing so many things and have so much to do! Just enjoy what you are doing at the moment. If you are tensed half the fun of creating somthing is just chillax :)


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