Friday 13 September 2013

Back with blooms !!!!! :)

Almost after 3 weeks , I am back :)  I missed the blog land very much…did you miss me? ; ) Just yesterday, I saw my blog statistics sinking down to near 2 digit numbers . Well, that tells no one missed me …he....he…..just kidding :) Couple of blogger friends did ask me and were glad to know that I am alive ;)

I was away due to some personal reasons and also busy with the work in new flat . To break the silence on my blog , I have got few photos from my tiny balcony garden to share with you . : Zinnia
Zinnia : California Mix : : Zinnia
Zinnias have grown 3.5 feet tall :) : Zinnia
The first flower,  4 inches in diameter : Zinnia
This is light purple but the color isn't showing up in image : Zinnia
 Bright orange...this one is my favourite :) : Dahlia
Dahlia dwarf : the bud looks like small tomato : Hibiscus
Hibiscus : These were not grown from seeds but going great

Zinnias again ...... : Zinnia : Zinnia
This is my first gardening experience of growing from seeds . Anshita’s room opens into the balcony so the very first thing I decided was , that everything I use , will be organic. I am using neem oil for pestcontrol . For soil , I am using Cocopeat which is good for germination and water retention . Also, I have come to know that vermiculite is not good for health . So instead , I am planning to use cocohusk or something coir based .  It is easily available in India but not online .

I love my zinnias . I have opened my blog after these many days and I am waiting eagerly to read your posts too. Hope you liked my tiny garden images:)

Happy weekend !!
Preeti :)



  1. Glad yo see you back..
    Lovely blooms :)
    Hugs x

  2. Beautiful blooms. I used to see your blog everyday for a new post. After seeing your garden I am also planning to have a garden.very beautiful.

  3. Beautiful flowers (:

  4. Good to see you back!
    I was already thinking you were busy with the new flat.
    Lovely flowers!

  5. Lovely flowers !
    Welcome back !

  6. Welcome back and its so good to see you posting after such a long time! Waiting to read more of your crafty adventures :)
    The garden and the flowers look very beautiful. I am sure dear A loves it every time she peeks out of her window!

  7. Gorgeous flowers :D
    ohhh it's normal that the hits on your blog go down, when you don't post, we don't get anything new on our feed readers.. But that doesn't mean that we don't miss you, we still miss reading your new posts and having you around our blogs too :)
    hugs!!! Don't go away again ;)

  8. Beautiful flowers Preeti. Glad your back.


  9. What a awesoem flowers..
    So beautifull..

  10. Amazing flowers!!It's nice to see you again!!!

  11. Thanks for sharing your photos of your beautiful flowers, Preeti! Zinnias are among my favorite flowers, but I did not plant any this year, so I especially enjoy seeing yours!
    Gracie :)

  12. I bet your balcony looks so lovely in real life! I find growing from seed so satisfying and still find it amazing that such beautiful flowers can grow from those tiny seeds. xx

  13. Lovely flowers, Preeti! This is your first experience, but you already know so much about gardening, specially impressed by organic stuff! Keep up the good work! :)

  14. Beautiful flowers ! Nice to see you post again !

  15. I have missed you, too, Preeti. Love your beautiful flowers! Zinnias are one of my favorites. :)

  16. Yeaahh, so good to have you back!! Welcome home in blogland, dear Preeti :-))))). I hope the work in your new flat is not too hard/much? It's always so much to do, but in the end you'll be lucky :-). We also did some renovations this summer, son's room and the entrance hall. I'm so glad that this work is done! Thanks for sharing your balcony beauties with us! Wonderful photos, your zinnias are so pretty :-)). And really grown from seeds? Wow!! Have a nice evening, dear, and a good start in the new week tomorrow :-)
    xxx Nata

  17. Hi dear, Whenever I am away from my blog, I too keep wondering if anybody misses me! :)
    Lovely flowers, you are really tempting me to start gardening again. A few years ago we were staying in a ground floor rented flat and we had almost 75-80 potted plants - courtesy my Dad. When we shifted to our own flat on the eleventh floor I had to give most of them away...boohoo. Then, even the few I had kept were sacrificed when we shifted to Ahmedabad. While this house has two massive balconies, keeping plants is not feasible as I am frequently traveling to Mumbai and when I come back they are almost dead.
    So I am going to enjoy your gardening exploits... :)

  18. beautiful flowers sweetie =)
    lovely colours
    that's so great to read you and to see everything is OK for you
    I've been away from blogland for a while too, but I'm back too =D
    Hope everything goes as you want in the new flat
    big hugs

  19. A grandeza dos amigos são como as flores raras: sua magnitude fica para sempre.(Cristina Beloni)
    Uma linda e abençoada semana!!!
    Beijos Marie.

  20. Lovely flowers! Welcome back :)

  21. Zinnias have always been my favorite flowers to grow from seeds. They are big and bright and grow so fast!

  22. I love zinnias too. I always have them in my garden to bring in the pollinators.


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