Thursday 19 September 2013

Mesmerizing Mermaid Purse!!! :)))))

I am glad to share with you all one of my favorites and longtime project …..The mermaid purse !!! :)) Mermaid Purse
I have used four different blue shades of Anchor knitting cotton to give a mermaid like effect and believe me I did a lot of hard work making this using a 2 .75 mm hook. It’s a very slow moving stitch. The purse measures 11 inches in height (excluding belt) and is 13 inches wide. Mermaid Purse

The 4 part video tutorial for the purse can be found here . It is called 'Mermaid tears' purse but I don’t like calling it tears. I replaced the top part, flower and belt as per my requirement. For the top cream colored band, I used 2 strands of yarn since my yarn was thin. I worked SCs around with some decreases in between to get the correct shape.

The belt, 2 .5 inches wide and 39 inches long, is made using three strands each of different blue shade . The tutorial for this belt can be found here titled ‘Madras belt’. There are few more nice purse patterns on this site, some of which, I intend to make in future. I hand sewed a ribbon on the wrong side (underneath) of belt to prevent it from stretching.

The pattern for the flower on the purse can be found here.

In continuation with my lining stunt tutorial in previous post, I have few more steps to share. All are mostly hand sewn.

The top and bottom of purse
Sew the flower on the purse . Sew the belt 2 inches deep inside the purse on both the corners . Attach the lining with pins as shown in picture below. I left 2 rows from top and hand sewed the lining. This is to avoid lining stitches peeping out.

Sew the lining at the bottom . Crochet the bottom of the purse to close. Mermaid Purse

I have taken these photos in a hurry because I completed just in time for Anshita's school trip. She got into regular dress to model for me before wearing her school uniform. She loved the purse very much and enjoyed flaunting it off in her School trip :)) Mermaid Purse

I am eagerly waiting for your WOWs and YAYs ;) Your comments make my effort worth as they come from talented crafters like you . Do write in.

Have a crafty week!!
Preeti :)



  1. Your purse is gorgeous. I love the colorcombination. I think the stitch is a lot of work.


  2. Its BEAUTIFUL!! Stand up and take a bow! I loved the way you have used the colors to get the mermaid look and I am very tempted to have a go at this pattern right away. Your girl was very correct in flaunting the bag. She has a very CREATIVE mom and she has to be proud of you :)

  3. SIMPLY SUPERRRRR!!!!! Loved the purse and the colour combination. Lucky A. I have been wanting to try this stitch for a long time but it is such a yarn eater and I am a real "kanjoos" when it comes to yarn so..... But maybe I will have a go at it and make a clutch. Your work is so neat and the purse is a delight to behold. Very inspiring!

  4. Aww so cuteee
    The purse is so beautiful..well done
    Hugs x

  5. How beautiful! Really mermaid's iridescent scales! Great job!

  6. Very beautiful bag. The tears are so even and neat. The shades of blue are cool. Anshita is a very pretty model. Just added your bag in my to do list. Keep it up!!!

  7. such a detailed work!!!!! Brava!!!!!
    xxxx Ale

  8. are you ready ?.....woooooooooooooooooow =D
    I'm in love with this bag !!!!
    please tell me you're proud of this piece !
    it's really over beautiful and so well done
    I'd have jumped to the celling if I'd been your daughter =D
    so great and very well done
    amazing job sweetie !!
    big hugs

  9. Beautiful bag. A very lucky daughter. Color combos are also too good. like it very much. I should give a try.

  10. Beautiful work! I love the colors...:)

  11. Ow, what a beautiful purse!!!! (sorry, I'm not so talented as you, but hope you'll apriciate my comment ;-) )
    Lovely colours and the marvelous stich make the purse wonderful, very well done!

  12. Lot's of Wows and Yays to you Preeti - the purse is beautiful. I wouldn't be surprised if a few of Anshita's friends ask for one. :)

  13. lovely purse ! looks simply beautiful ! and ur daughter looks very pretty !

  14. Gorgeous purse Preeti. Be proud of the fantastic job you did.


  15. Ow My, you made that??
    It's pretty awesome.. really love love it!!
    How dit you do that.. I wnane learn.
    I will google it!!
    You did a awesome job

  16. Olá amiga,uma verdadeira obra de arte essa bolsa sereia, linda!!!Nunca vi trabalho igual,maravilha!!!obrigada pela visitinha!!!
    Beijos, Marie.

  17. Wow! Yay! :D Seriously, Preeti, this bag is absolutely gorgeous! You did an excellent job with this, and it is beautiful! Your daughter is beautiful, too! :)

  18. It is one of the best crocheted purses I've seen so far :) You did fabulous job, Preeti! I love the cotton colors a lot! Be proud and yea here you get it: WOW and YAY!
    Have a wonderful day!

  19. Another WOW and YAY from me. I love to see such care taken to produce a beautiful bag. I know it's tempting to only do projects that can be done quickly, but there's a deep joy to be found in knowing that every small stitch was done with loving hands. It makes me happy just seeing your lovely daughter enjoying the purse. Thanks for sharing this, Kate in Oregon

  20. Here a WOW also. Really like the colors and stitch. It must have been a lot of work indeed with hook 2,75. Love it!!

  21. Oh, my goodness!! that is so cool. I love it.Maybe one day I can make something like that.

  22. Nenhum caminho é longo demais quando um amigo nos acompanha.
    Uma linda e abençoada semana!
    Beijos Marie.

  23. A BEAUTIFUL bag, Preeti!!! I love the combination of blue, mauve and greens with the yellow. Oh, how I wish I could crochet.

    1. I've featured your beautiful bag today, Preeti...

  24. A wonderful pretty bag!! It looks fabulous, well done :)

  25. This looks super cool and neat.
    The bag looks great and you can be really proud of your patience, skill and confidence in pulling thru this stitch, in this thread and this big bag.
    Hats off.
    Really Great Job.
    A thing of beauty is a Joy forever

  26. Ooo that bag is beautiful and the flower is an eyecatcher. Greet job!

  27. What a joy stopping by to visit with you, Preeti! I have enjoyed scrolling through many of your posts and enjoyed getting to know you a bit. The crochet bag is more than beautiful. Your workmanship is evident and I know how much Anshita will love carrying it with her.

    Thank you for your visit to my blog and leaving your sweet comment!
    Kindly, Lorraine

  28. Hi there! This purse is amazing!

    Please let me know your email address so I can send you the SODA email is


  29. WOW! Preeti, you do such beautiful work! Thanks so much for posting. You inspire me to accomplish more :)
    Gracie xx

  30. Super cute! I love the scales. Thanks for sharing at my Pin Me Party!

  31. So adorable! Your work is always amazing!

  32. Hello Darling.
    I lovely your purse, blue is my favorite Color.
    Have i nice wekeend.

  33. The stitch makes for a very cool effect for sure. Great work! Tammy

  34. Wow!! and Yayyyy!!! Beautiful work Preeti - my crochet is so basic! lol :)

  35. Mesmerizing is right! I love, love, love mermaids...this purse included in the love. :-)

  36. Stunning!! Thanks for linking up on Hookin On Hump Day!

  37. Woooowww!! That's amazing!!! Fantastic work :D
    I can only admire how pretty it looks, I have no idea about how much work you had to make it.. it's amazing! Wonderful wonderful wonderful!!! :))))))

  38. Woow, fantastic!! ♥ Really great job, Preeti :-))

  39. wow...lovely bag...perfect colour choice too


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