Monday 22 June 2015

A little bit of everything

Thank you for your kind comments on my craft room !!:) I am glad you all liked my lovely little colorful place :)

I have been busy with an important task and Anshita's School reopened after summer vacation from 11th June . Life has been busy and we are all put back into disciplined mode :) I managed to do a little bit of everything . This is my first crochet headband/hairband . I saw those colorful ones on my blogger friend Rita's post and I made it the very same day .

Anshita decided what flower and color she wanted and I really had a hard time making the flower and she was not ready to settle down with anything simple . It took 10 min. to make the band but 1 hr to make the flower :)
She doesn't like the ones with buttons and this one was stretchy so she said she would use it .

You can view the free pattern from Rita's post or you can go to direct link here . The flower 'Ruffled Rose' is from the book '100 flowers to knit & crochet' by Lesley Stanfield .

I did some cross stitching too but no pics . Also made some special dishes . I made few more but those were repeated ones as shared earlier .

Khaman Dhokla : Steamed gramflour cake tempered with mild spices .

Vegetable cutlets : Mashed vegetables with spices, deep fried. 

After the high temperatures(44 C) in last month, the rains have brought in relief and it has come down to 24 C now :) When it rains, our front balcony gets flooded and then Anshita makes paper boats to sail . This time her boats weren't ready. It rained little and the water receded so quickly by the time she made a boat and took a picture . The boat felt too embarrassed to be photographed on that tiny little patch of water :)

I have started using these gardening trackers , a free printable from here . There are many more on this site . This pic was taken last week .

Yesterday Raj helped me  transplant the seedlings into pots . I am not sure how many will survive . I have some more other than these but the winds are blowing too hard on them and they have become leggy, so I did not take their pics.
Impatiens, Marigold , Gomphrena Mix, Gomphrena White 

Marigold Safari yellow

There were some queries about the knobs and handles in my craftroom. I purchased my handles from a local hardware store including the custom made beaded ones but the ceramic knobs were purchased online from here . I am not sure whether they deliver worldwide .

I will soon be back with some more stuff to show and less ramblings :)

Have a great week!!


  1. That is a very pretty headband! The colors are so alive;) The boat definitely needs a storm, lol...And you just made me hungry (yummy!)

  2. Dear Preeti headband is certainly very like a Anschita loves her!
    Your food looks plump, I would love to try on everything.
    Oh, how many seedlings you!
    I wonder when they grow up :-)

  3. Pretty headband Preeti. The dishes are yummy. You have got the perfect cutlet both in color and shape.I had some balsom plants in my home and now everthing has gone because of black ants. I don't know how to get rid of those ants. Having an aloe vera in a pot. It is also in the verge of dying. I have decided not to plant any more. But after seeing your tiny seedlings I thought of giving it a try again.

    1. Thanks, Shami !!
      For ants, you may try thus club soda trick in this post

  4. Hi, Preeti!
    It is a cute hairband!
    You are sure very organized with the gardening planner and all seedlings!

    1. Thank you:) I hope the seedlings survive. I am not so organized, just that I wanted to note down how the seeds are doing else I am not going to use the leftovers next year. Also I tend to forget many things so it is better I start writing down.

  5. Beautiful hairband. Love the delicious things you made. The boat is adorable even though it doesn't have much water to float on.

  6. Cute hairband Preeti. Hope your seedlings make it.


    1. Thanks, Linda!! I hope the seedlings survive.

  7. Nice headband and colors but darn that flower. :) It's way, way, way too hot here. And no chance of rain at all during the summer so no relief until much later in the year. I hope your little plants take off now that your temperatures are cooler. Have a good week. Tammy

  8. Love your headband, Preeti! They are so quick and easy to make, aren't they? Well, except for the flower making time. ;) I made a few more over the weekend when I was at my daughter's house dog-sitting.

  9. Preeti: Lovely headband, love the flower.
    I love Indian food, the Priest from our church is from India, he has introduced us to some very interesting flavors.
    Good luck on your planting.


  10. A very cute headband! Lots of luck with the seeds. My neighbor starts everything from seeds.

  11. pretty headband Preeti. Hope that your seedings will come out into a beautiful garden.

  12. What a pretty headband. Your seeds seem to be off to a good start

  13. Very pretty headband. The food looks yummy.

  14. A busy woman !!!!
    Have a nice day !

  15. The hairband is lovely, your daughter has great taste!
    Shame that the river dried up before the boats were ready for the launch.

  16. Busy times Preeti, the headband is very pretty, it seems strange that school is starting already when they haven't even started Summer holidays here yet. Your food dishes look yummy and I hope that your seedlings thrive. :) xx

  17. nice headband and very ncie flower. i think i ll buy thT book soon.

  18. Great color for the headband! :D I can never bring myself to wear them except for the ear-warmer types in winter.

    G'luck with your little seedlings! We usually have problems with wind too, mostly blowing the trays away! I scribble notes on a catchall calendar though I usually forget to look back at it haha. Love zinnas. :D

  19. Lovely headband dear...gorgeous flower! Lot of activities there. .

  20. Your summer vacation almost ends??? Our will start in 3 weeks.. hihihi.
    So funny to see how different it all is!!
    Love the headband, need to crochet one too for Kira.
    your little seeds are growing good!
    Have a great weekend!

  21. The seed tracker is such a good idea, I always seem to plant seeds or cuttings and my husband `weeds ´ them away. Love the hairband,, just perfect, I think you need to make many more in different colours.

  22. Thanks especially for the headband link, Preeti....another pattern I want to try. I have rarely been successful starting plants from seeds and generally have the problem of the seedlings getting too leggy. I hope you have great success with your plants :) xx


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