Friday 26 June 2015

Messy-to-Classy and some itty bitty progress :)


It is time for my Messy-to-Classy update . I have removed the month-wise links because I am always late in opening links for each month. There is one single list here where you can update whenever you have done some craft related reorganization. This time, I was forced to rearrange a cupboard because of a new fitting done last weekend.

Here is the mess, everything had to be relocated.....

why? because I got this fitting on the door for chart papers etc.

 It was already in the plan and I had left enough space while designing but when I received those fittings, they were 2 to 4 mm more in the depth . I could not close the door with some of the boxes. I found that not only I need to change locations of the boxes but also the stuff inside some boxes might require swapping. I had earlier arranged in a way that heavy boxes should be in the middle shelf to take out easily. But then.......

somehow, I managed to do with little work and here it is, the bed all clear

and the stuff gone here

and here.
There isn't much space saving done here but atleast I can see how many chart papers are there in the stock . Anshita needs them for school every now and then and not being sure, I end up buying more stuff.

I also made some progress on kitty litter. I thought I would complete a cat but I lost interest and some other important task took over the priority.

Few Crochet motifs/mini doilies......

Have a lovely weekend!


  1. Great work on the messy to classy!!
    I really need to do that more... but for now the kids playstuf.. is a messy to classy
    Lovely progress, and lovely doily's. next week I'm going to start my very first doily!!
    I wanne make a few for my work

  2. Your craft cupboard looks so nice. You really are good at organizing stuff. Thankfully I don't have enough stash to worry about organizing ;). Nice doilies.

  3. The fitting on the cupboard is a great idea.You're right about chart papers.I buy a dozen or more for my son's school projects, not to mention A4 sheets, ruled papers etc.

  4. Nice to see an organize crafting space (not like mine:).

    It is a lovely cross stitch project indeed...

  5. Everything in his place !!! Good job !
    And lovely creations too !
    Have a nice weekend !

  6. A place for everything! Fantastic :)
    Lovely work on the kitty stitching!!

  7. Nice pictures. I love the kitten piece you are doing.

  8. Great job. Love the kitty and your other beautiful things.

  9. I so love all of your storage systems. Wanna come and organize mine???? PLEASE Nice stitching.


  10. Very tidy! I love the tall storage for wrapping paper. The yellow and pink doily is gorgeous - so bright!

  11. Great job on tidying up, Preeti! It's always a nice feeling to see things organized, isn't it?

    Lovely progress on the cute kitties, too!

  12. So neat and tidy well done Preeti, I keep meaning to do the same but it's funny how I always fine something else to do instead, lovely stitching, have a great weekend. :)

  13. Oh I want a cupboard like that! And love your Kitty stitching.

  14. कैसे यह सब ! देखने के लिए अच्छा है! बिल्ली को अच्छी तरह से विकसित करता है।

    Kaisē yaha saba! Dēkhanē kē li'ē acchā hai! Billī kō acchī taraha sē vikasita karatā hai.

  15. Everything looks great, Preeti! :)

  16. I am getting a bit envious with your messy to classy movement Preeti :p

    Everything looks great and your room's turned out a crafter's heaven!

    Well done to you ♥

    Have a great weekend

  17. Well done, Preeti! Your good organization and beautiful needlework inspire me. Thanks for posting. xx

  18. What a great job organizing! The kitty stitch is so cute!

  19. Greatly organized cupboard. Doilies are cute. Neat and tidy.Some cupboards are waiting for me to get them arranged. Once done will link up to your party.

  20. Hi Pretty.
    Nossa gostei muito do seu armario, tudo muito lindo e organizado, a parte de colocar os rolos de papel tá show, bom qure nao amassa.

  21. Great work re-organizing and on the doilies and kitties!

  22. Dear Preeti, your closet organization is great!
    Your cat is sweet :-)

  23. Just so well organized, you're amazing! Beautiful WIP, that cat will be a stunner;)

  24. Love your closet organization!! I would like to do similar things but since we rent, not happening haha. I usually like your colorful things best but this time I love the white doily! It's such a pretty pattern :D I love the older patterns. Maybe someday I'll work up the courage to start one!

  25. That's a brilliant idea Preeti...

  26. What a well organized craft cupboard! The crochet doilies are very pretty!

  27. Everything is so well organized in your room! Good job!
    Your crochet motives are very cute :-)

  28. More on that brilliant craft room. I love your crochet motifs as well. Jo x

  29. nicely organized cup borad.. the crochet motives looks lovely!! have a great day :)

  30. Sweet kitty embroidery! Oh and I love those doilies, especially the first one! ♥ Could you tell me where to find the pattern? Thanks, dear! Greatings & have a nice evening, Nata xxx

  31. Oh my!
    I really like the way you organized your stuff! I wish I could have a place for mine too...maybe one day..for now I keep my stuff spread around the house.
    Yours are beautiful,specially the cross stitch with the kittens.

  32. Wow love how organized your closet is now! The kitties are coming along nicely!


  33. "Ontem foi embora.Amanhã ainda não veio. Temos somente hoje, comecemos!!!Qualquer ato
    de amor, por menor que seja, é um trabalho pela paz" (Madre Teresa de Calcutá)
    Amo organização, e o gatinho está ficando uma fofura!!!

    Um grande abraço, Marie.

  34. Love your Kitty Litter stitching, so sweet.
    I do wish I were as organized as you, wonderful idea for storage.
    Love your doilies.


  35. great organizing, cute Kitty

  36. wish I could get my things organized like you do, I definately need a whole sewing room. Love your kitty design.

  37. Amo organização. O gatinho está ficando lindooo!
    Uma semana abençoada!


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