Monday 13 July 2015

To all of you, my dear friends .......:)))

Side by Side or miles apart, friends are always close at heart
Isn't it a wonderful saying ? I just completed another cute cross stitch that was on my list of goals for 2015.
Joan Elliot Cross Stitch Best Friend

Titled as 'Best Friend,' it is designed  by Joan Elliott and is from the magazine - The World of Cross Stitching, March 2013 issue . I love these cute Japanese dolls :))

There were some golden stitches for which I used this golden sewing thread which I found easy to work with . I don't know the brand for this , I just got it from the nearest supermarket . It came with a set of six metallic threads .

I stitched the design on 14 count aida fabric and what I noticed is that when lot of black hairs are to be stitcched, then it is better to use three strands instead of two. The whiteness of fabric will be covered fully.

There were way too many french knots and if you know from my earlier posts that I have a Frenchknotophobia . The beads were looking heavy and cluttered . So I stitched tiny chain stitches and I am satisfied with that . See the above pic , I guess it looks fine .

This is going to be framed and hanged into Anshita's room as she liked it very much :) This is not the actual frame , just added one in picmonkey .

I also completed and made into a lovely finish another cross stitch but that one is for Margaret Sherry exchange that I signed up for. I cannot show you as it is a gift.

We are again at loss of rainfall for the past 15 days and the temperatures are going high again . Hopefully, end of the month or next month we will get returning monsoon rains again after they come back hitting the Himalayas in the north to the down south. Not much is left by the time it is done rinsing the entire country.

Anyways, the good news is that the City girl , Sania Mirza , became the first Indian woman Tennis player to win a Wimbledon Title in doubles pairing up with Martina Hingis :) Not often, Indian sports personalities, other than Cricketers , make to the world titles . So this is a big achievement . Indians are more good at academics . The 2014 world badminton champion , Saina Nehwal , is also from this City of Hyderabad where I am lucky to live :)

Hope you enjoyed your weekend.
I am starting to feel that I am going to get a week long cough and cold.

Have a great week!!


  1. What a gorgeous finish :o) and such a lovely sentiment!
    I too have finished stitching my MS design and should have it "finished' by the end of the week.... record for me! Can't wait to see what you did :o)
    Hugs xx

  2. One word : gorgeous !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Wow preeti !!! Your work is so neat and perfect...

  4. So sweet!! I love it, a wonderful finish :)

  5. Oh my god, really really cute finish. Perfect one.

  6. Oh I love it!!! Adorable. Love the chain stitches instead. Looks like it was meant to be that way.

  7. That is a gorgeous piece of cross stitch work Preeti - love it. :)

  8. Aren't those the cutest little girlies! You did a lovely job of stitching. I find that black threads can be a bit thinner than the others also.. adding a strand for coverage was a great idea!

  9. Sooo beautiful !!!
    And a wonderful saying !!

  10. That is really cute and colourful! Congratulations on a wonderful finish.

  11. Hi Preeti, I am entering this comment just to know whether this has been received in your mail. Please let me know.

  12. Wonderful finish.
    It is so cute.
    Greetings, Manuela

  13. Congrats on the gorgeous finish Preeti. You did a great job and I love the colors in it. I hope you don't get sick.


  14. Preeti my dear, your embroidery is great !!!
    Anshita has excellent complement to a wall in her room!
    Your high temperatures are bad for me, for us it rained all day today. the end of the week will be hot again :-)

  15. What a lovely cute finish. The chain stitches look perfect. I agree for darker colors, three strands give better coverage. Proud moments for us Indians ..isn't it .

  16. It's beautiful Preeti so much work has gone into it and it looks perfect you can be proud, it will look lovely on Anshia's bedroom wall I hope you will show us a picture of it framed and hung in place. I hope you're feeling better and the cough and cold didn't materialise. :) xx

  17. That is a very gorgeous design. You stitched it so beautifully, hope to see it framed soon:)

  18. Such a beautiful work!! love the quote and the japanese dolls are so cute :) It really is a proud moment to see our players giving out their best in international level. Have a lovely day!

  19. So beautiful! I just can't imagine the amount of work that went into it.

  20. What a beautiful finish! Such a lovely design and perfect sentiment. I agree with you about the black never seems to cover very well, three strands looks great for the hair.

  21. Congratulations to India, yes people from India are very intelligent people, my Niece from India is a doctor and so smart ( Niece by marriage).
    I love your sampler it is adorable, and yes I do love the saying.
    I look forward to seeing the exchange you are doing.


  22. Oi Preeti.
    Estas bonequinhas bordadas, ficaram lindas, muito fofas.

  23. Yes, it is a wonderful saying, and it's such such a beautiful cross-stitch work. Well done Preeti!

  24. That's beautiful Preeti, both the sentiment and the stitching! I will try 3 strands of black instead of 2 next time - thanks for the tip!

  25. Eee! Kokeshi dolls are so cute! :D The colors in this are great and I love the little birds. At first I thought they were baby chickens, or perhaps ducks... but maybe they are canary? Either way they are adorable!

    I too think that black is one of those colors that needs more strands for it to actually be black.

  26. so cute ♥♥♥

  27. This cross-stitch is just darling! And the sentiment behind it equally sweet :-)

  28. It is so wonderful.
    You have mighty patience. Love the saying and the very cute Japanese girls :-)

  29. That is sooo pretty!
    It is on my wishlist to stitch this one.
    Well done!

  30. a beautiful finish! Congrats Preeti!

  31. What a beautfull piece you really done a wonderfull job on it!!
    Love the text under it. You DD will be very happy with it on her room.
    I can't wait too see your other finish!
    Good luck with the weather, yesterday we had 26 degrees and only sun, today onl rain.. so strange!!
    WOW that's awesome..

  32. A very beautiful cross stitch, really good.

  33. Lovely work with a lot of colour changes. It is going to be perfect framed for your daughter.

  34. Beautiful work the celebration of friendship. .it holds a special place in our hearts. .

  35. Beautiful work the celebration of friendship. .it holds a special place in our hearts. .


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