Monday 22 February 2016

40.... and still a good girl !! :)

Thank you so much for your wishes on my Birthday !!:) I have replied through email to whoever I had access to and the rest I did on my post . Thanks for being there for me always and making my Birthday special !!!:)

Although I was pampered but I still maintained to be a good girl and did my crafty homework too . I will share my goodies but here is my cross stitch progress on ladybird fairy.

Completed hair

My Bday was on 13th but since Anshita was having a competitive exam on 14th so we went for the party on 14th after her exam. But I got the gifts on 13th :) 

This is an elegant watch which my mother gave me when she was here in January, we all went to shopping for this . It is a Titan Raga collection watch, a famous Indian brand for its artistic designs.

Every year Anshita makes a card for me, this year she made two different things . A bling pouch, I wanted one. She got a blue plain pouch and then decorated it with bling stickers. It is very cute :)) The one in the background is store bought jewelry box (also a bday gift).

Another innovative thing was this coupon booklet, where she and Raj both added their services which I can make use of on any particular day of my choice . The day I use a service coupon, they will work without any excuses :) The one with peace sign is Anshita's company and the one with moustache sign is Raj's company . Here are few coupons !!

Some more goodies........

Jewelry, I love earrings. No diamonds and gold but I like stones and crystals. There is a sewing machine pendant too.

Crafty things : Buttons, cards, fancy sticky notes, a fence, and the pencil crayon colors. These colors are expensive and I have no idea how to use them.

Lots of books and a diary which says, 'I am going to make the rest of my life the best of my life '
and two letter pads with printed pages inside similar to cover images

These are the needlework books I asked for


Some more gifts: the smiley one is a magnetic whiteboard duster . The one in candy shape box has soap paper bits . The owl ones are magnetic clips . Seeing me move with my iPad cable from one room to another , he got one more extra pair for me . But as a good wife , I saved it for later :)

Ever since I saw blackwork on Mii's blog , I developed interest in blackwork and asked Raj to get this lovely design 'Julia' from Ajisai Press . I also purchased the cross stitch magazine having the ladybug design as on Mii's blog.

Other than these, Raj gave me one more cross stitch software, 'Cross Stitch professional platinum plus' from DPsoftware . I am waiting for two more books and a fitbit that he has ordered .

So that was definitely a mega 40 for me !!! :) We also had our anniversary on 17th and we completed 14 years together . Looking forward to my next milestone, turning 50. Hopefully, I will make it there healthy and wise :) 

Have a crafty week ahead!
Preeti :)


  1. Goodness, you were totally pampered. That's a whole lot of gifts. The watch is very classy. You now have so many crafty options, which one will you start with? 4 more days til I turn 50. Mostly healthy, except some aches and pains, but not so sure about the wise part. Ha!

  2. Wow! How awesome to have your wonderful family completely spoil you for your birthday. I'm sorry I'm late with my birthday wishes, but Happy Birthday!! I will be 40 later this year as well. You received some wonderful things and I hope you'll be able to make good use of your coupons. I think Anshita inherited your crafting ability. :)

  3. Wow you have been spoiled bad. Your family is really good at gifting . I liked the idea of coupons the best. Was it Anshita's idea?
    Which one of Khuswant Singh's book did you get?
    I'm also attracted towards blackwork and its of one of my goals this year. Ajisai Designs are just gorgeous.
    Good progress on the fairy..

  4. Wow my dear everything is just so beautiful
    You are a sweet heart
    Enjoy x

  5. Beautiful stitching & glad I could help you increase your stash with the blackwork chart :)

  6. Everything is just gorgeous!
    Thank you for sharing all this beauty with us!
    And good luck with crafting.

  7. You are one lucky lady Preeti. Such lovely gifts. Your stitching looks great too.


  8. So many and beautiful gifts!Lucky lady! I absolutely love the earrings, I can't live without them ^_^
    Have a great week!
    Hugs and love from Portugal,
    Ana Love Craft

  9. What a wonderful selection of Birthday gifts. You were truly and deservedly spoiled that day! Your watch is lovely, very elegant and I love your earrings. I also prefer stones and silver to gold and jewels!
    The coupons are a fun idea too, make sure they pay out!
    Love the new black work lady, another very elegant gift!

  10. What a lovely bunch of gifts, Preeti--your husband and daughter chose such special things for you :) I really love the coupon booklet--a long lasting, fun gift!

    Best wishes for you in this new decade--enjoy your 40s!

  11. Dear Preeti, you got beautiful gifts! You are happy woman Surely you realize you too!
    Anschita and Raj you are very happy, this is the most important!
    Watch the mother are wonderful!
    I send you greetings!

  12. Ladybird Fairy is going to be beautiful. You must be a very good girl with all those wonderful gifts!

  13. You are very lucky to receive so many wonderful gifts! I love the idea of the coupons.

  14. Preeti, the gifts you got couldn't have been better! Lovely choices by your family and friends :))) Loved the craft supplies... I ordered some from Itsy website, for my A and myself a little bit... let's see what comes :)

    Have a happy day ! And surely, I hope we all be around when you are 50 , and healthy and still blogging and crafting... hehe
    Hugs!!! Anna

  15. Your celebrations like mine sounded wonderful and fun to stretch over many days, not just the 13th! I am finding 65 to be great and hope you will enjoy every day of your 40's and beyond :) xxxxx

  16. What a beautiful and special watch, and so many pretty gifts! I'm happy with you, enjoy!!

  17. What wonderful gifts! The blackwork lady is a beautiful design and I look forward to seeing it stitched

  18. Ow my ow my ow my!!!
    I really love your gifts!
    You got spoiled so much.. enjoy all your gifts.. really lovely.. all of them!!!!

  19. Wow, wow, wow, talk about being pampered, you must have been a very very good girl,haha. Lots of crafts! We know where Anshita got her creative genes, the pouch is neat! Use those coupons wisely, lol. I've been eyeing ladybird fairy as well but backstitching made me stop and think. Lovely stitching:)

  20. Lovely gifts Preeti, especially the gorgeous blue pouch made by Anshita.

  21. You were spoiled and you sure deserved it! What a happy birthday!! Love all your new goodies and fun things you received.

  22. Your cross stitch is looking lovely Preet. What lovely gifts I love the service coupon idea and your watch is beautiful, you have been well and truly spoilt but very well deserved my dear. :) xx

  23. Wow! You received so many lovely goodies for your birthday. Your watch and earrings are beautiful. And with all of your crafty goodies I expect to see loads more new starts soon! Your 40th will definitely be a birthday to remember. :)

  24. Happy Belated Birthday Preeti: Wow what a bunch of beautiful gifts, but I have to say my favorite is the pouch full of gift cards from your lovely daughter and husband, what a great idea.
    Your Lady Bird Fairy is beautiful, I have never tried Blackwork, it looks interesting.


  25. What wonderful gifts, such a gorgeous watch and love the gift card idea. Lovely pouch and so many useful sewing things. Thoughtful people. Hope you had a great day

  26. Happy to see that you were totally pampered for your birthday. I love that watch and the pouch Anshita made you. The coupon idea is too cute! God bless your beautiful family.Wish you a fabulous year ahead

  27. Gosh, what wonderful presents you have there Preeti! Such a beautiful watch! There will be no stopping you now you have your own cross stitch software! Love the pouch that Anshita made for you!

    Your ladybird fairy is looking great!

    Hope you had a wonderful time!

    Barbara xx

  28. Lovely gifts.My favourite is the Titan watch.

  29. Happy 40th Birthday, Preeti! So sorry I missed your actual day. I was at my son's house all week, dog sitting while they went on their honeymoon. Haven't checked the blogs until today, now that I am back home.

  30. Oooh Ladybird's hair looks great! How nice to be so pampered all at once haha! I love the coupon book. I did that for my mom one year... she has yet to redeem her coupons! Be sure to use yours! ;) I envy your Irish crochet book; I have been looking at patterns for that too on the freebie vintage sites. Are you going to review the Cross Stitch Software~?

  31. Cool presents. Good for you.

  32. Sending you warm belated birthday wishes! Your family really did pamper you. But then again how often does a woman turn 40? ;) Loved the watch and earrings. The coupon book looks like fun too. And Anshita did a great job with the bling pouch. Can't wait to see what you start from all your stitchy goodies :)

  33. SUch absolutely gorgeous gifts, Preeti :) Have you cashed in on your coupons already? :)
    I have the mag with the ladybird in my stash.....yours looks lovely! I need to find time to do her!!!


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