Thursday, 13 April 2017

Busy, yet not busy...

I always feel I am busy . Whether I am working on something or not is altogether a different thing but the thought itself that lots of tasks are still pending makes me feel that my life is hectic . I get an urge each morning to jump from the bed and complete all the tasks at whirlwind speed but unfortunately, the jump only happens in my mind:D

Anyways , I made some progress on my Dimensions kitty litter project and I have decided that first week of each month I will stitch this project only . Only by doing so will I get this done . So here is my April progress .

After : progress on two kitties on the left


The design

I completed one more small doily which has joined the queue of pending-for-blocking and I guess they will get a chance someday to appear on my blog .

I have been thinking about making a journal, not exactly the kind of bullet journal but a fancy one with doodles and few things, which doesn't require daily/weekly updates . I can't think about making check boxes , lists and indexes like other meticulously made journals I see on Pinterest . I make my lists on scraps of paper mostly saved from Anshita's wasted printouts for school projects and then I throw those away once the tasks are done . My family has a perpetual to-do list written on white board with tasks that should take a day or week to complete but surprisingly they remain there for an year or How do you maintain your day-to-day list and big tasks list ? I will share my journal idea in next post . Just wanted to practice my drawing skills, not that I am good at it but I hope I can do better .

Have a great day!
Preeti :)


  1. I started a journal at the beginning of this year, similar to the one you have in mind, not a daily journal but doodling some important incidents but somehow it has failed to progress past March. I should update it. Your kitten needle work is coming out well.

  2. Great progress on the kitty project. This design is so lovely.
    I have two journals, one in which I record daily happenings. Second is a craft journal in which I write down my SALs, and monthly stitching plan if any. For daily tasks, I just stick a piece of paper on refrigerator .Sounds good but I never keep up with them.

  3. Sooo cute!! ♥ Love those kitties, it's a wonderful pic. Good idea, this "first week of each month", you made a great step forward in April :-).
    About journals... I have a DIN A5 college block that I started in the beginning of this year. I take some notes there about some of the knitting & crochet projects I'm working on (before that I had thousand little slips of paper ;-)). On the last side I keep a list about this year's socks to get a numerical review in general and to know how many pairs of which size I've already made. In my mind I have the idea of a good-luck or dreams book where I collect pics of wonderful things I'd like to have (some kind of positive thinking or self-fulfilling prophecy ;-)), but I haven't started it yet, only the empty book is already there. I'm curious about the journal you're planning!

  4. What a gorgeous design Preeti! You made good progress on those two sweet kittens. One week each month sounds like a good plan.
    I'm curious to see your journal. I have a diary but it's very functional.

  5. Nice progress Preeti. What an adorable design.


  6. The kitties are adorable.. All the best with your journal :)

  7. I see progress! Life is what we make it ourselves. Hectic is not good, should be slow :-)

  8. hahahah the way your started your post... I can relate so much :D
    Such a great progress on your kitties!! Love that project =)
    I have both types of list... a little notebook that goes with me everywhere and also small papers at home (yellow post-its) It goes with the mode! Somedays one way works best, others days I need the other method heheheh

  9. Excellent progress and great idea to treat the first week of each month as your time to work on this one to move it along to a finish. Can't wait to see the doily too!

    We have lists in Google Docs as far as long-term goals/tasks and use Google Keep for others since they have checkboxes. It is satisfying to check things off.

  10. Great progress on the kittens, they're adorable

  11. Well done on your progress Preetie it's looking great. I have a large A4 diary and divide the page into 4, events, house, online, craft. I list everything that needs to be done and then tick them off if something doesn't get done it's carried over to the next day, I also have a journal and I use it at random to scribble things down, like a special moment or event or if I want a good rant. :) xx

  12. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww
    such sweet stitches..i love it so much.
    sending you love and hugs x

  13. Very cute piece you are working on! You made some great progress on those kittens.

  14. So sweet cats!
    Big luck with the journal, I am curios!

  15. Lovely update on the kittens!
    I have an electronic diary, more like a family planner but that is it!

  16. The kitty sampler is coming along nicely.

  17. Ha ha Preeti.. lol. For me the decision happens in the previous night before I go to bed. Tomorrow I must do this, I must complete that. But THAT tomorrow never comes. Good progress on the kitties. From where did you get the design, may I ask? looking forward to see the shape of your journal..

  18. Great progress on the kitties.
    I only have a stitching journal where I write down everything that has to do with my stitching plans and real stitching. Sometimes I write daily, sometimes once a week or so. Very curious to get to know about your journal idea.

  19. The kittens are lovely and you only have one more to add to the row now.
    I write appointments and my work schedule on the wall calendar. I have a stitching diary for my blog and the SALs to track which projects I work on each day and month.
    Other than that I don't seem to have much to do now LOL

  20. good progress on the kitties. I have a journal for my blog and needlework ideas.

  21. Gosh there is a alot of detail to go on the backgrounds yet but so far the kittens are adorable. Jo x

  22. Beautiful progress. If I make a to do list I just write it down and then mark through it when I finish the job. Most the time I just keep track in my mind.

  23. Its coming together beautifully Preeti. Making a journal seems a very good idea:) but with me this kind of making a to do list, or maintaining a regular journal doesn't work. In fact when I plan something it doesn't materialise. For eg. today I had planned to go out with my friend, but then my maid didn't turn up & by the time I finished the work it was very late and was forced to cancel the plan:)))


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