Monday 8 May 2017

A feather in my cap and a storm in my head !

Well , the latter part of the title has got nothing to do with my post ...ha ha...just that I could not think of any title and this sounded good so I added it :)

Here is the feather in my cap . My first cross stitch design , Summer cards , got published in the April-June 2017 issue of the ' Anchor Needle n Thread ' magazine , India :)

Life was busy last few weeks .  Anshita's summer vacation started from 21st April . We attended my cousin's wedding last month and met my family and relatives . Anshita wore a lehenga/half-sari . It is similar to a sari with top and long skirt but the wrap around is just two meters instead of  five meters . She was looking very cute !! :) 

Anshita with her cousin , Piyush (my brother's son)

I also made mehendi/henna for her . I am not good at it but I managed to make her happy :)

Also , visited a newly opened craft store and got some random stash . 

Burlap ribbons and hemp ropes

Some assorted things - mini easels , watering can chalkboard 

textured paper and felt sheets , mini chalkboard for my craft room

Few buttons and sewing supplies

Hobby books (purchased online)

I am enjoying Anshita's company at home with ACs and electricity bills running all time high :) We got self-ligating dental braces fitted for her and now, after two weeks, the discomfort has reduced and she can eat regular food instead of soft mashed ones .

Hope you are doing well and enjoying your time :) 
Happy crafting !!


  1. Congrats for the publishing !!!
    Your daughter is beautiful ! Her cousin too !
    Have a fun with your new items !
    And a good week !

  2. Anshita is soo beautiful and cute. What ever modern and western dresses are there saree is super cute. Congrats for the publishing. Enjoy the crafty things.

  3. Cool! Your design in a magazine :-D
    Your beautiful daughter looks so awesome in her traditional clothes!
    Nice things you've bought, I think we will see some nice creations with it in the future.

  4. How exctiting to see your pretty designs in print, Preeti--congratulations! Anshita looks so lovely! I'm sure you had a wonderful time with family at your cousin's wedding...

  5. Aww your daughter is so pretty ..please give her my love .
    Love the heena design ..I so much want on my hand too :)
    Congrats dear to see your designs in print
    Sending you love and hugs x

  6. Congratulations on having your designs published!
    Your daughter is so pretty

  7. Congratulations on being a published cross stitch designer and awesome mehendi artist! Anshita looks beautiful and so grown up in her beautiful sari. I hope you all had a wonderful time at the wedding.

  8. Dear Preeti, I like the name of your post!
    Congratulations on success! It's great to have your work in the magazine!
    Anshita is a beautiful young lady, the dress is beautiful!
    It is good to meet family, wedding is a good opportunity.
    You were in the shop, great shopping!

  9. Congrats on getting your designs published in the magazine Preeti. The kids looking amazing. You did a fantastic job on her hand. It is so pretty. Lovely new stash.


  10. Wow how special to have your patterns printed in a magazine. Sounds like your summer vacation has been full and fun. Enjoy it while you can.
    xx Beca

  11. Cheers for your published pattern, Preeti! I am so excited for you, and I am glad that your beautiful work will have the opportunity to be more widely appreciated. It is good to see your beautiful Anshita. I had nearly two months off blogging and am just now catching up reading your posts I missed. Belatedly, Happy Birthday! I am sorry your thumb got cut, but glad that it is healed and that you have had good travels and fun attending a wedding. Your lovely stitching always inspires me. I am planning an embroidery piece like my mom made when she was in her teens. I showed the embroidery sampler she made in a post a few back. xx

  12. How nice to have your designs published in a magazine! Congratulations! Anshita looks lovely.

  13. You have such a beautiful daughter. I sounds like you had some very good family time. Have fun with all the goodies.

  14. Congratulations on the publication!
    What a beautiful daughter and nephew!

  15. Woohoo! Big congrats on being published for cross stitch as well, wow! And how did Anshita get so tall? Beautiful job on the henna and she looks lovely. I hope you all had a nice time.

  16. Anshita is beautiful! Congrats on being published, you deserve that feather in your cap!

  17. Congrats on getting your designs published! Quite an accomplishment.

    Love the Henna hand!

  18. Congrats Preeti.. your daughter is cute and so is the henna you have put.. have a bearable summer..

  19. Congrats Preeti!! wonderful to be published in the magazine :D
    Your daughter look amazing! Beautiful clothes!! It's amazing to see such different things from other countries, not only the clothes but the hand painting :) And I would say you did a great work :D Thanks for sharing!

  20. Congratulations on getting your designs published!
    Your daughter looks lovely and the henna is wonderful. My son is also having braces and doesn't enjoy the discomfort each time they are tightened but it will be worth it in the end.
    You got some great new stitchy supplies too, I have some of those little easels. You can easily colour them with marker pen if you don't want raw wood. I used black pen for my Hallowe'en display.

  21. Congratulations on being published!
    Great family pictures, your daughter looks gorgeous.

  22. A very tempting post heading :-)

  23. Wow! Congratulations on being published! That is truly wonderful and a fantastic feather in your cap :o)
    Your daughter looks gorgeous - love the henna!
    Hugs x

  24. Congrats on being published in Anchor needle n thread magazine. Your daughter looks beautiful in half saree. Great finds at the craft store. Have a wonderful summer with your daughter:)

  25. How exciting having your designs published, congrats. Your daughter looks very pretty in her half sari.

  26. Many congratulations on being published, you are the first Indian cross stitch designer I know. Feeling so proud! Anshita is looking so pretty in saree.
    Lovely new stash, let me know where to buy the fabric pen.

  27. Wow, congrats on being published, Preeti!! I'm delighted for you. Your designs are great. Anshita and Piyush are so smart, how pretty and grown-up they look! Time flies. Summerly greetings, Nata


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