Thursday 28 September 2017

Same again...

well, I mean working on the same project . I did put lots of stitches on the height chart , here is my progress .

After : Completed flower and giraffe's face


Cherry tomatoes from my plant

Made Chilli paneer last week . It is a vegetarian Indian Chinese dish made from cottage cheese .

I want to work on sewing projects but I am feeling tired and I am always returning back to my comfort zone of stitching height chart . That is making me feel self suppressed :(

I am going good on my reading targets . I hope I will find the courage and energy to work on sewing projects . I want to make cushion covers , needle book and thread catcher but even the smaller projects look tiresome in this lazy mood .

I wasn't able to edit and save image using picmonkey which I use to add my blogname  to the images. Is there any alternative good free site to edit? Which one do you use?

Happy crafting!


  1. Cute project you are working on. The cherry tomatoes look so fresh and the chilli paneer so yumm.. i use photopad image editor (free version) for editing my blog photos.

  2. The chilli paneer looks delicious! Sorry to hear you are not feeling motivated to work on the height chart. Could you stitch something smaller maybe as a treat after each motif?

    Hope you are feeling better too.

    1. You've made great progress on the height chart Preeti!!!! It is coming along really nicely.

  3. Click the "export" button in Picmonkey to save your pictures. It will download them into your download folder. Just clicking the save button requires a membership now. I sometimes still use Picmonkey but mostly I use Photoshop. Hope that helps.
    xx Beca

  4. Wonderful progress Preeti.


  5. This is a really funny chart!

    Hope you will be able to sew soon!

  6. That height chart is so cute. Sometimes you just have to go with what feels good. Then more energy will return.

  7. Wow, you made a lot of progress on your height project. It's coming along so nicely.
    Sorry to hear that you feel like having lost a lot of your energy. I hope you will feel better soon so that you can get to your sewing projects.

  8. Great progress, Preeti. All of us have one project to fall back on when not feeling good enough for anything else.That's our sit- back-don't-think too much project.Keep going..

  9. Great progress on the height chart

  10. Great progress! I too am disappointed that Picmonkey is no longer a free site. I sometimes use Ribbet.

  11. The height chart looks great Preeti! I love the cute animals in it.

    I was having photo pictures too a while back and another blogger (Lili) suggested Pixlr. It is free and there is nothing to download to your computer. It can also be used on your phone.
    This is the site -

    Hope you feel a little better soon.

  12. You have made significant progress on the height chart. The problems with multi crafters, we want to do all the crafts. Look at this way, if this becomes your focus project, you will be able to finish it soon.
    The tomatoes look yummy as does the chilli paneer.

  13. Cherry tomateos and the vegeterian dish are looking so very tasty ♥♥♥
    Your progress is remarkable. It is coming along so lovely ♥♥

    Have a lovely weekend ♥

  14. Wow, that's a lot of progress on your growth chart! And your tomatoes are yummy. I've only had a few from our deck plants and compost "volunteers" :)

    As for image editing, I use a combination of MSPaint and IrfanView. If I need a higher powered program (along the lines of Photoshop), I use Paint.NET.

  15. This is such a happy project, I love the giraffe.

  16. Love the height chart! Even if you're not feeling up to your other projects, you're really doing well on this one. That dish looks lovely and DD would eat all of your tomatoes, she loves those and they look delicious! I hope you're feeling better soon too.

  17. Good progress on the height chart, it is looking really good.

  18. Great work on your height chart, love the cute giraffe.

  19. Hi, Preeti! I love your project - it looks involved and oh so cute. Hope you are doing well. I've been very remiss keeping up with all thy blogging friends over the summer. Now that the weather here is getting colder and I'll be inside a lot, I hope yo get back in the habit of reading everyone's blogs. Take care

  20. Your height chart is coming along great Preeti, I say just go with the flow if you don't feel like sewing now you will later, sometimes it's good to have a break and try something different, your paneer looks yummy and your home grown tomatoes. :) xx

  21. stopping by your blog after long time. Good to see your cross stitch project...

    Pretty, I wanted to try and motivate you to go to sewing machine and do an envelope pillow cover...thats a super easy project and you will get a beautiful unique pillow for your den... If you want more motivation, i can sew along with you...come out of your comfort zone and do is easy and super easy..

  22. Hi Preeti,
    Nice progress on your height chart.
    Sorry to hear you weren’t in the mood for stitching, hope your mojo has returned by now!
    Thread catcher’s can be fiddly, make sure you are really in the mood before starting one, and I can tell you from experience the smaller they are the longer they take! Come over and visit my blog to see my Mini Threadcatchers.
    Your Chilli Paneer looks wonderful, one of my favourite dishes!
    Barbara x


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