Tuesday 31 October 2017

What am I upto? let's see :)

I may not have been blogging but I am upto something and everything :) Sharing my finishes and WIPs . I made few doilies in last two months but I forgot where I kept those while our house was getting painted . Just found them a couple of days back .

Star Shine doily . Free pattern here I used S&N fingering weight cotton yarn . It is soft like pearl thread

Spring Brilliance doily . Free pattern here

I made this with variegated Lizbeth thread size 10 but I am not happy with the outcome . I just had one ball of it and I wanted a perfect sized doily to use up the thread . The design is quite beautiful but I did not do justice to it . I did not have similar type solid thread to give a better finish. I will try again without variegated thread .

Floating lights for Diwali celebrations

floating lights video . Not sure if this will play on windows

Anshita made this Rangoli at the main door

Started a new cross stitch Design by : Zindagi designs
I won this chart from Tiffany at Tiffstitches in one of her giveaways .  Thank you Tiffany !

I started another Durene Jones design and I am working on DMC 28count linen. It is very difficult to manoeuvre the shadowy effect of threads on thinner motifs and I am finding it boring to do so .  Any stitching tips for stitching on linen are welcome . I am contemplating to switch back to aida . 

Height chart . I made good progress completing the lower neck of the giraffe , some part of tree and a toucan on the left . Now I am bored of stitching people, fairies and animals . 

Spinach in my balcony is going great !

I am doing fine and my treatment for gynecological issues is working fine too . I just need to go for a checkup every six months for four years . I have many things on my todo list and I am way behind in gardening . Need to sow seeds this week . I hope to show little sewing finishes in next blog post . Till then,

Happy crafting
Preeti :)


  1. Beautiful doilies preeti. Floating lights and rangolis r nice. I am bored of doing embroidery on kurtis as it takes long time. Now a days i want to do projects so that i can get a FO within a day or 2. Nice progress on cross stitch pieces. Gud luck in gardening.

  2. Lovely doilies !!!!!!!!!!!!
    Have a nice day !

  3. Hi Preeti, you've been up to a lot! Love your doilies, and the floating lights are so pretty!

  4. Your doilies are gorgeous Preeti. Great stitching projects.


  5. Preeti, I think that doilie is beautiful. The floating lights are also very pretty. Glad to hear you are doing well.

  6. Wow, you've made a lot of progress on the growth chart! Your doilies are lovely too, always full of color.

    The Diwali decorations are great too, love your daughter's design.

    Hooray for health improvements! :D

  7. Your doilies are very pretty and you have made great progress on your stitch work. The rangoli is beautiful, Anshita has done a neat job.

  8. You sound so busy Preeti, I'm glad that your health problems are improving, all your projects are lovely I love the Spring brilliance doily the colours are my favourite, I know that variegated yarn hides the stitch detail but it's very pretty just the same. The floating lights are lovely. :) xx

  9. Oh my, Preeti, these doilies are wonderful. And you also made some stitchy progress. Why not switch back to aida if you prefer it ti linen? You should feel good with the fabric you stitch on.
    Very nice to see your Diwali decoration.
    Glad to read that you are feeling fine.

  10. Your doilies are just beautiful, Preeti! I love stitching on linen but not everyone cares for it. If you feel more comfortable with aida you should stick with that. What is important is to enjoy stitching. : ) The lights are so pretty! Good to hear you are doing well - take care.

  11. Oh I love your doilies. The spring one is just beautiful. Lots of beautiful things going on. Thanks for sharing. Glad to hear you are doing well. Hope that stays that way.

  12. Your doilies are gorgeous! Beautiful Diwali decorations too

  13. All your doilies look amazing!!! Spinach looks quite tempting tooo.... Take care & I hope you recover soon :)

  14. Goodness, what very pretty doilies, love the one done with variegated thread, so colourful. and very lovely Rangoli made by Anshita

  15. Thanks for this beautiful post!
    I am glad to read you are doing well.

  16. The pink doily, the little cross stitch cactus, your chart - I like them all. You've been busy.

  17. Beautiful progess dear.love the height chart! Glad you are fit now :) lovely rangoli by anshita.

  18. The diwali lights video did work. Glad to hear you are doing well. Nice doilies. My days of big cross-stitch projects are over. I stick with quick and easy. Haven't stitched on linen since the late 80s. Would definitely make me cross-eyed now. :/

  19. Lovely doilies , infact I like the variegated one a lot.
    Good progress on your WIPs and nice start. I haven't experienced problem with stitching on 28 count linen. May be keeping a white color pillow will help?
    Lovely Diwali decor and Anshita makes such beautiful rangolis.

  20. Love the rangoli, such pretty colours.
    I'm not sure what the issue with the linen is? The threads showing through from the back? Some linens are finer than others so this is more of a problem.
    Have you tried evenweave? That's a nice halfway between aida and linen. It's often thicker too so the coverage is better.


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