Wednesday 13 February 2013

2013 Turtle Trot February update

Hello my dear friends !
Turtle Trot is my first ever SAL and this is my first update post.  I could make progress on only these 2 projects from my Turtle trot list.

Floral border on a towel, an EMS pattern.

Cross stitch blooms by Kooler designs. Just a little spread of stitches :)

None finished yet, but I am happy I made my cross stitch progress after joining this SAL. Thanks for your motivation! I hope I will finish one item by next month:)

Also, another time consuming task for me is that most of the charts I follow are in DMC color codes and the color code convertors do not translate into exact Anchor color codes. We do not get DMC floss in India. So I have to map the nearest Anchor shade accordingly. Booohoooo:(

I am not satisfied with the rose on the floral border. Do you think it is fine? Or do I need to change some shade? Suggestions are welcome.

Eager to see all of your turtle trot progress:)

Happy Stitching!


  1. Floral border looks just gorgeous and so romantic!
    I loved the colours of blooms!
    Your stitching is really beautiful!


  2. Cross stitching is definitely such a delicate art! The flowers are lovely. The multi - shades of the thread are probably not the best ones for a rose. Maybe if you use 2 colors instead it would highlight the petals better and the rose would look prettier :)

  3. Great progress on both pieces Preeti. I think your flowers look just fine.


  4. Your stitching is very beautiful! The roses are very pretty, but the third flower looks like it has a brownish color instead of lavender. The pink and red flowers are wonderful. I'm looking forward to watching all your stitching progress!

  5. Loving your cross stitch! The flowers look pretty goo d:) I could easily make it was a rose, and it's beautiful!
    What and SAL and EMS?:) Please, educate :)

  6. floral boarder looks so nice, preeti..i love the roses..

  7. wow , i love cress stich , i thik , i should move toward embroidery again.lovely.

  8. Preeti,
    Thanks for your comments on my blog. I can see the comments which u r posting in my blog. But I was not able get your replies. What should I do to get your replies? Do reply under this comments. I will come back to see the reply.

    Nice flowers. In the first flowers one petal is not shown properly. isn't? I have started two cross stitch kit projects long. Since it involves so many shades of colors it is in half way. I should complete atleast by the end of this year.


  9. I am going to write a post on this today Shami.

  10. Such beautiful stiches so far! I know well how time consuming cross stitch can be! Cant wait to see when it is all finished!

  11. I agree with you joining the SAL has given me the motivation to work on my projects too. Both pieces that you worked on are from two of my favorite designers. I think the EMS floral boarder is turning out nice. Blending is a great way to create a color if the conversion for two different DMC colors comes out to be one Anchor color. Years ago, I used to trade DMC floss for Anchor with my online stitching friends that lived in Australia. Keep up the good work and before you know it you will have a project completed.


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