Friday 15 February 2013

What? You say you did not receive my replies?

Hmmmm ! That 's what is bothering me since I found that many of my blogger friends are not receiving my replies . I have been responding to each and every single comment on my posts through mails, but I wasn 't checking which email address was it going to. Recently, I realised that many of those are going to . Yes , yours might be a no-reply blog .

As you have taken time to read my post and write sweet comments , I too have loved replying all of you . I feel sad that some of you have not been receiving my replies , especially , when you have asked for some queries and the noreply-comment gobbled up the information. You might even be thinking that I don’t care to respond :(

Take few minutes , this is very important . Do a small test .

1. Post a comment on your own blog.
2. Check your mail, you will receive the comment.
3. Now reply to this mail.
4. Before sending the reply, just double-click or tap on the name displayed in the email address field. Does it show your emailid or

If it is a noreply , then you have got a problem and need to fix it .

Follow the steps in the tutorial here.


If you have moved to google+ profile , then check for a tutorial here.

Few best practices:

1) Follow your own blog , you can see how it appears on other blogger's dashboard.

2) Subscribe to your blog if you have provided option 'subscribe via email' on your blog . You can check whether the posts received by your subscribers are in proper format . I am facing an issue in this; I am receiving the feed twice in my mail. If you have any solution, please tell me .

3) Try to reply on mails if the comments are not from no-reply bloggers . Sometimes you may defer replying to your comments on the blog and it is not a good practice to have bloggers visit your blog again and again to see reply . No offence here , just a suggestion. 

From now on , I will post a reply on my blog in case there is a query and the commenter is a no-reply blogger.

Please , please , fix it so that you can receive replies from me and other blog friends on your comments.

I hope you will be able to fix the problem . I am not an expert at this , so please google for better solution or pray to God :)

Have a nice weekend!
Preeti :)


  1. Preeti...good is sad to see a no reply comment, if we want to reply them.

    I respect lovely comments on my blog, so i write a thank you note under their reply. if i'm personal to them, and if they need any personal reply, i reply them too.

    I would prefer to post reply on the comment forum, if it is a query which need an answer like how i did this, what material i used etc..i prefer to write in the comment forum itself, so that others who have same query, might be shy to ask can get their answer too and also i can avoid a second request on same thing.

    It is nice to get a reply for a comment, if we have posted some query,otherwise i would appreciate, that blogger come to my blog and post a comment on my blog.

    i have seen some bloggers writing a thank you reply and they don't bother to post a comment on my blog...i think a blogging friendship doesn't exist there. and later on i might browse that blog, but will not take time to post a comment..

    I just thought of sharing my idea...

  2. Thank you for your message about this the other day Preeti. I'm so sad I missed many of your messages :( but I think I fixed it now - great tip :) Have a lovely weekend xx

  3. Hi, I don't usually reply to my bloggers..not that I don't want to, but I have the same issues. So I just usually answer on my blog. I am not a computer person, the less to do the better for me. I will take a look and see if I can fix my stuff. Blessings

  4. Thanks Preeti! I was unaware about this and that's the reason I stopped replying to the comments, thinking, no one would come back just to see my replies. :(
    I have rectified the problem. Thanks again! :)

  5. hi, Preeti! Thanks for being concerned for this issue. I seem to have fixed it. Let's see.
    Have a nice weekend!

  6. I like to reply to every comment on my blog by email. It's a shame when I can't reply to no-reply bloggers. Then I go to their blog and leave a comment, but sometimes they don't have a blog at all! Then I will answer on my blog under the comments instead, but who knows if they will come back to read the reply. I also don't like when bloggers reply to every comment on their blog, because I will not come back to check for a reply the next day again and again.

  7. Thanks Preeti for the tip. very useful. I have tried and hope that I have fixed the problem. Again I am getting the comment notification mail twice in my inbox like you. If you find a solution to this please let me know.

  8. I had no idea that this could occur. So thank you very much for the post and links. Hopefully I have mine fixed.

  9. I always reply to everyone too :) It's sad when it's a noreply email.. in that case, they won't get and feeback to their comments.. I understand you advice and everyone should follow it for sure! :)

  10. Coincidentally at this time I'm thinking about the same problem, Preeti! I wanted to change my own replies on comments from commenting on the blog into direct e-mail replies. So I came across this no-reply problem as well. I searched the internet and found the same links you gave and a German tutorial as well. I'm just preparing my article about it and will post it soon. I'm sure it's just a question of not knowing about this settings, e.g. I myself am blogging for only half a year and there's always something new to learn. But I'm confident that the links will help many bloggers that are not sure if they are a no-reply blogger. So I can totally agree with your post :-)

  11. hi preeti! thank you, this helped me a lot! I was a no-reply and I didn't know it!

  12. hey Preethi !!! thanks a tonne for directing me to this post. really appreciate it dear !!!


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