Friday 1 February 2013

Meri Kitaab : The book review

Dear all,
I have started a Book review section on my blog . Please click here or on the ‘My Books’ tab (view web version of my blog) for the review of these two books . 

A to Z crochet Book reviewStitch Sampler Book review
Earlier I had a tab called ‘Inspiration’ which was intended for the review of books and spotlight some creative and inspirational projects from other blogs . I intend to make this book review activity fortnightly or monthly after I am done with the weekly review of 7-8 books to let that page get its feel :) And also, I don’t have too many books!

Yesterday night, I spent lot of time on HTML coding to get what I want but still had to compromise with some glitches . Hope I will fix few more things. Next on agenda is to fix ‘My Gallery’ tab :)

I hope you like my hard work ; I had to eat three chocolate bars to work on it because I badly messed up the images and links :)

Do write in your feedback and suggestions to improve are always welcome !

Have a nice weekend!
Preeti :)



  1. The html makes me crazy sometimes too! It's always good to have chocolate on hand, lol :)

  2. I like the way your work, eating chocolate bars to help deal with things ;) heehheeh

  3. Great idea of making a weekly book review :)please, tell me the secret, how to make tabs and You might also like part in blog :)
    Have a fab week!


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