Tuesday 9 July 2013

A beige doily and Garden update !!!!

Hi !!!!!! Hope you had a lovely weekend!

I experimented with beige color and I loved this doily while I was crocheting but after taking pictures I am not that a beige color fan now. This is a design from the book ‘A year of doilies Book 5’ by Leisure arts . It measures 12 inches across .

While blocking

On Saturday, we attended the silver jubilee function of Anshita’s school in a big indoor stadium . It is one of the biggest school in the city so the silver jubilee celebration too was grand. We enjoyed it a lot !! :) No cameras were allowed so no pictures . We will get the CD from the school later. Anshita has been in that school for around 9 years . She started going to nursery at the age of 2 .5 years . In India, schooling (Lower kindergarten) starts at the age of between 3 -4 years .

My gardening is by far going fine...…not a total failure . As I mentioned earlier, I got some more flowering plants from nursery

Above are few more of my plants from seeds waiting to be transferred into a bigger pot. These disposable plastic cups are no longer needed at home since everyone (that's me only :)) wants designer disposable cups .  So I used them to pot seeds and later cut it to transfer.

We live on 4th floor. There are not more than 5 floors on any residential buildings in our area as per govt rules . Our balcony gets lot of wind and sun . It is completely covered with iron grill because when I used to go to office, Anshita stayed with a nanny at home . We decided not to take risk and let her roam freely anywhere . Most of them who have kids have installed the grill in their balconies . I love to have an independent house with a small lawn but, here in this area, it costs some INR 20-30 million onwards. There is no point working entire life paying installments .
I have a couple of colorful doilies to block but just do not have enough time . Well, there are many reasons but one of them is this :) lol !! :)
Courtesy : Pinterest
Wish you a crafty week ahead !!

Preeti :)


  1. Very pretty doily Preeti! I must get hold of a few doily books that you keep mentioning in your lovely posts. Any recomendations for me? Your garden is looking bright and sunny..We too live in aptmts, but you know how small my home in HK is, i cannot dream of keeping a single pot :( Tho i hope one day i can stand in such airy balcony and have my morning coffee :)

    Waiting for more doilies!

  2. Good morning Preeti. Your doily is just gorgeous - the beige goes well with the purples. And your flowers are pretty too - they're coming along nicely. :)

  3. Lovely doily Preeti..it looks nice on red backgroud. Good to see your beautiful garden too

  4. Lovely doily, Preeti, and your flowers are all so pretty, too! :)

  5. Olá querida amiga, amo vir aqui e inspirar-me nos suas toalhinhas de crochê , e suas plantas ... cheias de capricho! Lindas!!!

    Um doce abraço Marie.

  6. Lovely doiley ..looking so pretty.
    Your flowers are super cute
    Hugs x

  7. Love the wit you pour into your blog. Great doily btw :)

    Evu- amateurcrafts.blogspot.com

  8. Gorgeous doily Preeti. Love the flowers.


  9. Beautiful doily! I love the colours :-)
    I don't have a garden either, just a narrow concrete backyard so I try with plant pots-your plants look very lovely and bright!

  10. Your doily is lovely and the flower photos are beautiful (:

  11. wow, what a beautiful crocheted piece !
    I saw on the next post you added a flower...even more cute !
    very well done =)

  12. Your crocheted doily is so pretty! The flowers are all beautiful!

  13. OOOO! that is such a pretty doily. Maybe one day I will be able to crochet something that pretty one day.

  14. Very nice doily!! And your flowers are so beautiful :-). How do you call the one with the green-red leaves, on the third photo bottom-up? I couldn't find the English name for it, only the Latin "Solenostemon scutellarioides". In Germany we call it "Buntnessel" = colorful nettle ;-). I like it very much and remember that my mother and also myself had many of them back then. Maybe I'll have the luck to get one some day again :-). When I was younger there was a time where everyone had this flower on the windowsill, maybe it was in fashion so to say. Now it's long time ago since I've seen one, too bad!


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