Wednesday 10 July 2013

A cross stitch finish and beige doily update !!!

I don’t know how I forgot . Today morning, when I was looking through some embellishments , I saw a crochet flower which I made for the center of the beige doily I showed in my previous post . I was astonished how I not noticed such a big mistake . It was the part of pattern. Anyways , maybe I am growing old ;) I added that and have updated my doily pictures in this post .

But first, another cross stitch finish !! :)

Cute Cross stitch1

This is one of my Turtle Trot SAL projects . Titled as ‘ Drama Queen’, this chart is from the book ‘Smirk attitudes A to Z’ by Kyla May, Leisure Arts publications .

Cute Cross stitch2

Cute Cross stitch3

I love those tiny accessories of hers . Aren't those cute ? :) I changed few colors as per my choice . This is made on a 14 count aida fabric using 3 strands of thread. There were too many quarter stitches . The cross stitched portion is 4x6 inches .

And this is my doily ----with the missing flower in the center :) Does it look better now ?

crochet doily in beige1

crochet doily in beige2

Cute Cross stitch4

Hope you liked my‘ Drama Queen’!!!

Happy crafting!! :)


  1. So you've finished Drama Queen!It turned out lovely, and very cheerful, perfect wall decor for a girl's room (are you putting it there?).
    The doily looks much brighter now, the flower adds more beauty :) It will look pretty on your dining table! However, like this you won't be able to put anything on it, I mean in the middle, as the flower is there.
    I am still finishing the blanket.. and also started my cardigan, and hope yarn will suffice.
    Have a nice day!!!

  2. wow...cute cross sttich piece. the flower on the center of the doily made it more brighter

  3. What a wonderfull design.
    Beautifull stitched

  4. Aww such sweet cross stitch piece..I love her❤

  5. A very cute stitching finish and the doily looks great with it's middle bit (:

  6. Your "Drama Queen" is perfect ! Like your doily !
    Have a nice day !

  7. Your 'Drama Queen' is so cute - good work. The added flower to your doily brightens it up a little. :)

  8. Sweet stitching! :) And that crochet doily is beautiful!! Wonderful work :D

  9. Very cute drama queen! And I really like your doily, you don't see much beige doilies!

  10. Wow Preeti. What a difference the flower makes. It was pretty before, but a lot prettier now. Congrats on the cute Drama Queen finish.


  11. your drama queen is very cute =)
    so funny
    looks like a 'Mr & Mrs...' =D

  12. Your 'Drama Queen’ looks very cute, neat stitches you have made!

  13. Such a cute cross stitched piece and your crochet is lovely!

  14. Wow! Drama queen looks very cute. What do you propose to do with the piece? Sigh! cross stitch needs a lotttttt of patience. A friend has gifted a cross stitched frame to my brother. He has hung it in the living room. Its so beautiful! It has atleast 9 flower bunches with a square in the centre with a message.... all cross stitched. Its so lovely!! So is your doily. Great to see your accomplishments..

  15. Love your Drama Queen! It is adorable! :) Also love the flower addition to the doily...very pretty. I'm all about flowers. :D

  16. Hallo,

    I've got somehting for you on my blog.


  17. Oh the doily is very colourful

  18. love the pretty doily you made...a beautiful piece of work!

  19. addition of flower makes the doily more attractive. nice.

  20. dear preeti, the doily is gorgeous.. i also hesitate to put a flower in the middle, because if you want to put an object on top, it might loose balance, so usually for doilies i dont put nothing in the middle....
    everything is subject of taste.... big hug

  21. Drama Queen is adorable! The black hair looks so nice since you used 3 strands.


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