Tuesday 7 October 2014

But I can sew .........

What if my finger doesn't allow me to stitch and crochet, I can sew . At the first place, I got hurt with sewing machine and the irony is that I can, in this situation, work with sewing machine only . The hurt is not that bad but at the wrong place ----tip of index finger of my right hand . While sewing, I heard a sound and thought that the needle has broken. To check that, I touched the needle tip carefully with my finger but accidently pressed the foot pedal and the needle poked my finger. It pains when I hold a pen or any needle . So I am sewing these days.

I made this printer cover . A long pending task which I avoided because the box type cover was a bit intimidating for me .

printer cover

This medium weight fabric was in my stash for the past 8 years with which I had planned to make a skirt for Anshita.

What else, I was able to put floss on more bobbins and I filled both the boxes.


Then, I completed sewing the cushion covers on which I am going to attach (hand sew) the crocheted pieces. I made 5 covers sized 16"x 16" and 2 covers measuring 24"x24"

The left ones are the smaller ones. The printed side will be on the back and the crochet piece will be attached on the white front.

I am in the process of arranging my craft room, will share the pics. Right now, the soft boards are being used for miscellaneous household bills. Above few pics are from my craft room.
Have a crafty week ahead!
Preeti :)



  1. I had the same accident in my thumb when i was young.. the printer cover looks gorgeous! can't wait to see your finished cushion covers.. have fun organizing :)

  2. The printer cover looks very nice. Have fun organizing your craft room. :)

  3. Ouchie!

    I hope it heals soon, but at least you have ticked a few projects off your list :)

  4. Auwww, that's not funny! But you made a beautiful printer cover!
    Greetings from Marijke

  5. Offff, hope it will be healed soon!

    But this accident shows, how diligent person you are who never gives up!

  6. OUCH, I seriously cringed and found myself holding my breathing reading that. I really hope it isn't too bad and heals up very soon. Lovely printer cover, you did a great job on it. Looking forward to seeing your cushion covers.

  7. Sorry you hurt your finger and hope it's better soon, nothing will keep us crafters down when we have got to craft we have got to craft no matter what it is, love the printer cover and the cotton fabrics are very pretty, the cushion covers will be lovely when they are done. :)

  8. O, I hope your finger is better soon. Nice sewing projects!

  9. Oh dear i hope your finger get better soon
    Pretty sewing project
    Big hugs and love xx

  10. So sorry to hear about the sore finger Preeti. At least you can still sew.


  11. Olá querida, passei por aqui para agradecer sua doce presença
    no meu cantinho.
    Aproveite bem esse tempo de costurar...e melhoras em seu dedo.
    Abraços, Marie.

  12. Oh darling! The same thing happened to me when I was at school-went to change a broken needle, caught the machine foot and ended up stabbing myself in the nail bed of my middle finger! Very painful. I hope you heal up quickly xx

  13. Sorry about your finger, must be painful - I think most of us who sew have experienced this sort of `easy´ accident before. Your printer cover looks lovely and the cushion fabric too.

  14. Well at least you can sew and create some lovely projects. The printer cover is great.
    Heal quick!

  15. Aw, that must be painfull! I hope you recover quickly.

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

  17. The printer cover turned out great!I do all my stitching in my study room, overlooking my mother's garden.More than once, I'd seen peacocks walking past, snakes gliding hurriedly, butterflies, birds and all sorts of animals.

  18. I'm so glad your hurt finger is allowing you to still create such pretty things, Preeti--hope it heals quickly :)

  19. Hi Preeti! Sorry about your finger... I hope you get well very soon! Great creations you did, I love your printer cover!
    Happy sewing!
    Hugs from Portugal,
    Ana Love Craft

  20. ouch.. that sound so painfull!1
    Hope it heels soon!!
    your sewing skills are awesome, very beautfull

  21. Ouch!! I hope it's already better meanwhile, get well soon! The printer cover is really cool, good job :D. Happy weekend!
    Nata xxx

  22. Wow what a bright pop of color..I wish I can sew...
    Here's the reply to your comment dear..Hi dear..sorry for the late reply. .thanks for liking the layout preeti..the above layout is part of my daughters baby book. .I have made a display area/borad in our drawing room for displaying our other crafts thst I do with my little one and also the canvases and quilling. .the baby book is shown to occasional guests..
    You are very correct about paper craft and needle craft..paper craft takes much less time as compared to needle craft with endless possibilities depending on the time at hand and mood. .ha ha..I had done some needle craft like crochet. .cross stitch. .satin stitch when I was in school. .it takes a lot of patience. .still planning to do some crochet but yet to get the trigger for it...hats of to you for your amazing creations dear..and the dedication and patience that goes with it. .:)


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