Thursday 30 October 2014

Diwali hangover .....

Work, work and more work . It never ends . I just took time off from household work for sometime to share few things .

After dropping Anshita to a Bday party last weekend, we both went for a little more shopping. I got these decor pieces .
I loved these colorful glass jars instantly when I saw them .

This golden decorative platter was very attractive .

I took this crackled glass for the new showcase . Pictures in the end .

On Diwali, Anshita made this Rangoli outside the front door .  Isn't it beautiful? It was a 1 hr laborious work for an eleven-year-old . She did a great job :)

This Diwali sweet box, which Raj got from office, did not have company name printed on it . I liked the design so just removed the tag on it and decided to reuse it for my crochet pieces.

I would like to show the corner showcase we made in our new flat . The specialty is that the focus lights are at the bottom instead of top .

Here, Can you see the purple piece? The white one inside is the focus light . The purple piece is wooden laminate for supporting the base of the object .

The terracotta lantern in the picture was painted by me and Anshita sometime back with glue and glitter powder . 

I love this miniature banana tree which Raj got from Hongkong .

And when the lights are switched on, different colors/patterns are spread in each shelf . Isn't it wonderful? :) The camera hasn't captured the exact light effects but almost its near about the same . Most important thing is that I reused whatever items I had at home, except this crackled glass. 

I was able to complete five regular sized cushions before Diwali, not the second big cushion . I took photos in a hurry which aren't the best, so I need to take those again . I started some stitching but gave up as there was lot of work post the festival .

Thanks for seeing !!
Have a nice weekend !
Preeti :)


  1. Beautiful showcase, what pretty lights, I bet you are eager to fill it with beautiful things. Love the design Anshita did, clever girl.

  2. Pretti, good buy:-)
    Colored boxes are wonderful!

  3. Good stuff on this post. I especially like the glass jars and that color changing shelf unit. Very pretty!

  4. Your daughter is very taented Preeti :) I'd say she did a fantastic job!
    Love the shelf unit! And I hope you emptied the box by eating the choccies :D

  5. That shelf unit is spectacular

  6. I love your colorful universe - love glasses, your display style, cupboard and each items you've bought! Your post gave me big joy - thank you ♥

  7. The display case is so neat. Nice place for your treasures.
    Never seen a miniature banana tree before.

  8. Beautiful display case ! And so colorful !!!!
    Have a nice weekend too !

  9. What a lovely showcase! The colorful lights makes it more beautiful.. Your daughter's rangoli looks so good :) have a fun weekend!

  10. Hi... For an eleven year old, the rangoli is simply superp. Convey my best wishes to her... And ask her to keep doing it every year.

  11. Oh my goodness, I love your showcase, Preeti! So beautiful and colorful! :)

  12. The showcase is beautiful! Love your daughter's Rangoli. She is very talented!

  13. I gasped when I saw the showcase, that's amazing! I love bright happy colors and I would get along quite nicely with one of those in our home. I have never heard of a mini-banana tree either. It's like a fruit bonsai?

    Your daughter did a wonderful job on the rangoli; it's beautiful!

    Will your crochet pieces smell like sweets now? :D

  14. Your daughter is as artistic as you are! She has made a beautiful job of the rangoli.
    I love the coloured display case too, very striking! The pieces you have chosen are just right for it too.

  15. Beautiful rangoli by your little one. .they grow up so fast!
    Love the bright colorful corner. .

  16. Really pretty.The rangoli was awesome!

  17. I especially love the colored jars and the beautiful display case, Preeti. Thanks for showing us and letting us admire them, too. xx

  18. Loved your showcase design. Its so unique. And the coloured lighting adds to the beauty. The jars are so attractive. Rangoli is indeed beautiful, hats off to your daughter. :-)

  19. Loved the corner shelf design and the show pieces :-)
    Great Beauty.
    Those colored jars and all the show pieces were beautiful.
    Rangoli was neat and super :-)

  20. What a beautifull post, so many bright colors..!!
    Sounds like a great day!!
    Have fun


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