Thursday 16 October 2014

The 1st Big Cushion ......done :)

I am done with one of my big crochet cushion covers :)

Here are few snaps........

Size : 24" x 24"
Pattern : Swirls motif 71 from the book 'Connect the shapes crochet motifs' by Edie Eckman . The swirls effect somehow diminished as the square grew in size .
Yarn : Lily Sugar n Cream. I have lots of these and chose such big projects to use the yarn.
Hook : 4 mm

I have attached it on a fabric cushion cover that I made few days back . My target is to complete 2 big cushions and 5 regular cushions before the Diwali festival which is on 23rd Oct . That includes the cleaning and making snacks too apart from daily chores . I hope I can do all that :)

My Kitchen and craft room are partially in a mess . I feel tired when I see and think about loads of tasks around but when I am done with it, I feel less tired. However, that 'when' takes a lot of time to show up and convince me :) Sometimes, I like creating in a clean and organized space but most of the time, I just ignore if I want to get some WIP completed . I feel, otherwise,I will lose the time and that it will look the same again after few days . Anyways, I have to get everything done before next Wednesday.

Crochet big cushion cover swirls pattern by Edie Eckman

How do you like crafting ? Do you clean up everything and then start or you just give into your crafty cravings and ignore the surrounding boring tasks ? I don't procrastinate as such but sometimes just wait until the pending things start screaming at me ....right now, this is what is happening  :(

Forgot to tell, we had a long weekend at the beginning of the October month and we got new washing machine, some jewelry  and most important a new TV - Samsung Plasma 64 " series 8500 - burning a large hole in Raj's pocket :) Poor guy, he has to wait for some more time to buy a new car for himself .

I am almost done with another mini cross stitch for the SAL and will be posting soon .

Have a nice day !
Preeti :)



  1. That is beautiful. I love the pattern and the colors you used.


  2. LOve the cushion it's beautiful, how on earth are you going to manage to make all of those cushions in a week! never mind the dreaded housework, you won't be able to sleep either or you will be crocheting in your sleep haha I wish you the best of luck with it! oh and forget the housework I really don't bother unless I have someone special coming to visit then it's a mad scramble to hide the mess away...crocheting is so much more important I think haha don't overtire yourself or you will come down with something and won't enjoy the festival. take care xx

  3. Lovely cushion Preeti! So bright and cheery!!

  4. Lovely cushion! Congrats on your new purchases. Housework for me is not a priority. I too love clean and organized spaces but of course not creating it. Crochet comes first.

  5. Your cushion cover looks so pretty - love the bright and cheery colors. I will let my craft room get messy for a little bit - but not too messy - and then I will straighten it. Have a good day. :)

  6. so colourful !!!! love it!!!!
    xxxxxx Ale

  7. Big indeed ! And colorful ! And beautiful !!!
    Have a nice day or evening !

  8. Nice cushion, good job!
    Good luck to get everyrhing you want to get ready on time.

  9. Beautiful cushions.good luck to you to get the cushions done on time.
    i like to keep things organized but some times crochet and embroidery takes the priority.

  10. Beautiful pillow Preeti. Love the colors and design.


  11. Hi Preeti !!1

    Cushion looks lovely....Congrats on your new purchase.

    Have a nice day:)

  12. Ouch ouch.. a big hole in the pocket, but you have something nice for it back..
    Hubby is dreaming for your for a new tv, but everytime somthing else in between..

    Your pillow is awesome.. I love how it turns a bit.
    And big that it is..
    You wanne finish so many pillow in such a short time, and also wanne clean and cook????
    Are you also planning time to sleep???
    I hope it..
    Good luck, I can't wait and see what the other pillows look like!
    Have a great weekend and have fun

    1. I leave at as it is, and finish my WIP, but my eyes, will still see the mess and don't like it.. but the wip HAS TO GO FIRST.. but it's not always,, hihihi

  13. Love those colours on your cushion, so cheerful.
    I am terrible at not tidying up! I tend to be surrounded by piles of stuff but I know where everything is! When I do sit down to tidy up I just rearrange them into different piles by theme instead of by "date received" so it is no tidier really LOL

  14. Love the cushion, the colors are so striking and lovely.


  15. So your new cushion! :)

  16. Preeti, I love the pillow! It is so cheery and a happy addition to your new home! By the way I thought of you this morning when I looked at the calendar and noted that the Diwali Festival is soon, and now here I am finally trying to catch up on your news and you mentioned the date too :-) I usually make a mess making my creative projects, but try to keep them organized in baskets so that I can hide them away when not working on them and easily grab them to work on when I want to :-) xx

  17. Bright, happy, colorful and GORGEOUS. Nice job!

  18. The cushion looks beautiful!!!! Is it for your bay window? It looks like that. The lovely colours brighten up the room. Relax (laundry made easy) and have fun(watching fav shows) with your new appliances and show off your jewelry at functions!! :-D :-D
    Have a great week!!

  19. Those are some bright and cheerful colors! I envy your ambition, haha. You have to sleep some time!!

    I feel guilty crafting during the day if there are other things that need done... unless I'm "in-between" jobs (like waiting for a floor to dry). As for cleaning up after I'm done crafting -- I have to, even if it's just shoving everything into a baggie. My precious(????) kitties think needles and floss and everything else crafty make the most amazing toys and I don't want to risk any accidents.

  20. Gorgeous cushion cover! the swirl pattern looks absolutely fantastic.. i just crave into crafting and ignore the surroundings for a while :)

  21. I've seen so many crochet cushions this week, I'm pinning this one because it's the one that's convinced me I need to make one.

  22. Super, super, super!! ♥ That cushion is a beauty, Preeti, I could snap it from the photo ;-). Happy weekend! Nata xxx

  23. Nice and colorful cushion :-)


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