Monday 30 December 2013

Happy new year and 2014 Turtle Trot !! :)

Greetings to all my new and existing blogger friends !! :)

Wish you all a wonderful new year 2014 !!

Year 2013 has been full of craftiness and I look forward to cherish this crafty bond with all of you . I am enjoying glimpses of 2013 through your blogs but unfortunately I could not prepare any such blogpost .  I wish you a great year full of happy crafty days and lovely family times :)

I have added my Turtle Trot 2014 (a SAL for cross stitching ) projects page in the top menu bar. You may click on the page or click here to know about my projects for year 2014. To know more about this SAL, visit bap-attack blog here .

Thanks for the lovely time and encouragement from all of you!!

Happy new year!!
Preeti :)

Monday 16 December 2013

Just to say 'hi' !!! :)

Just popped in to say, I am alive!! Hope you all remember me :)  I missed you all :(

Well things weren’t going good at my side . You can skip my ‘ Ram Kahani’(tale of woe) and directly view the pics and of course say a big ‘Hi’ to me….I need it very much from you.

I had been down with severe allergic cough. Every time I tried looking at my iPad to read blogs, I found myself terribly barking at it. No, nothing to do with your posts…ha....ha..…I did that to whoever was around me including furniture and walls with watery eyes . Sounds eeew ? I did put hands on mouth (mine, ofcourse) while coughing and it enhanced the sonic levels to higher decibels…he….he….. It seemed as if it wasn’t going to end at all . If that wasn’t enough, I developed a severe upper-left back pain piercing through to the front which made coughing even more painful . When I approached physiotherapist and a follow up with my ENT doc, they thought I am overreacting and a cough cannot cause that much of pain. Unwittingly, she wrote a painkiller. Later, I understood that I got a sprain while lifting the center table all alone…..that’s not a new task , I do that daily. But some days are unlucky :(
Fine , I carried on with my day-to-day activities with Raj taking some of the workload. I already suffer from plantar fasciitis and lower back pain. These pains took a backseat and I failed to feel them.
During this time my brother visited me for a day with mom to drop her at my place . She will be staying with me for few months here . Sure , I was glad and was looking forward to it but I shamelessly told him that I can cook only once a day and ordered food from outside .

Everybody told me that I do not sit properly while doing my needlework and that’s why the pain is there , so I was asked to take a break from it. It is difficult to tell them that ‘taking a break’ means doing needlework only. I wasn’t asked to stop my daily household chores though..…that’s not fair, isn’t it?  Anyways, I stood up for my rights and took two days off from household work .
Slowly the cough subsided and the pain, only a bit when one of our family friend visited us for couple of days with his daughter….that meant more cooking playing the host. All went well without any disaster. When the sprain subsided, my perennial pains started rejoicing and took control over the body who felt neglected for many days . I felt back at home with them :) the fact that I am with these pains ensures that I am normal and no new pain is attacking me .

Raj’s Birthday was on 29th Nov and Anshita’s on 1st Dec. :) I could not make anything for them other than preparing the food they like . Anshita made this quilling card for Raj...…her first ever quilling project. Isn’t it sweet? :)

We planned a lunch party on Anshita’s Birthday for her friends but unfortunately she got very high fever a day before her party :( Sadly, we cancelled the party and were visiting the doctor on her Birthday. We then arranged her party again on next Sunday which her friends enjoyed a lot. At the restaurant, we booked table for 15 of us . Thankfully, they gave us an enclosed space as the girls turned it as a play area. After some time , we elders (6 of us) turned deaf and the girls had a great fun time!!! :)) Back home , they played some games.
Some pics…..

They all wanted to sit on a single sofa

and they all came tumbling down :)))

After this I thought of writing a post this week but Anshita again caught throat pain and fever and I was busy looking after her. She is fine now and hopefully will be doing fine in coming week.

I took time off this weekend to write the post. Not only was I away from blog land but also I was away from needlework for entire one month..….that is quite long for me since I started an year ago.

I hope I will continue at least being in touch with you all but may be for another month I will be on and off from blog land as some medical care is planned for my mother this entire month.

Nice talking to you after a while :)
Keep in touch!


Tuesday 12 November 2013

Turtle Trot 2013 SAL November update!

It is time for Turtle Trot 2013 SAL update . Every 13th of the month we share the progress on our chosen 13 projects for this SAL . See here to know about my 13 projects. To read about and sign up for this SAL , visit BAP Attack blog.

  • Humming Bird Quartet by Frankie Buckley, Leisure arts.

After : Stitched on the right side

  •  Floral border from Variegated floral border, Leisure arts


After : stitched two more flowers

  • Cross stitch blooms by Barbara Baatz Hillman, Leisure arts.



After : Stitched on right and bottom
  • 'Hi Mom' from 100 more Lovable pets by Linda Gillum, Leisure arts
More pictures here

  • Stacked teacups from Dimensions
More pictures here

Have a nice day!


Friday 8 November 2013

A cross stitch finish !!! :))

Yay!! I have a cross stitch finish to share with you all :) Well, the 'yay' is just to add a bit of enthusiasm in displaying, as such, this should have been completed long back .

Cross stitch teacups

This one was a part of my Turtle Trot SAL projects . It is stitched on 14 count white aida fabric and the stitched portion measures 12’’ x 8’’ . I still need to wash and frame it . The original design had a caption too which I decided to drop. I just had a chart in DMC codes which I converted to nearest matching Anchor shades . The design is supposed to be stitched on a black aida fabric but I did it on a white one .

Cross stitch teacups

Cross stitch teacups

Cross stitch teacups
We had a nice Diwali and this time Anshita made a huge Rangoli on her own . I just helped her fill the colors . It is not easy because the substance is a powdery like fine granular and should be used pinch by pinch to fil l. What's important is that she patiently sat for almost two hours and completed . She will turn 11 in December.

During the day
At night, when the lamp is lit

Although, the Diwali story relates to Lord Rama, but on this day we worship Goddess Laxmi who represents wealth . As a symbol for welcoming Goddess, a Rangoli is drawn outside the doorstep.

Cross stitch teacups

Hope you enjoyed these images :)

Have a happy weekend!!


Saturday 2 November 2013

Happy Diwali !!! :)))

Just wanted to wish you all a Happy Diwali and share few Diyas (earthen lamps) painted by Anshita :)

decorative diwali diya
After painting


I am busy with Diwali preparations to be celebrated this Sunday . I am wishing in advance in case I am not able to post tomorrow . It is the biggest Hindu festival . I have written a very short information about this festival here .

Wish you all a happy and safe Diwali !!! :)

Have a happy weekend!!

Tuesday 29 October 2013

Yarn and new books !!!!!

Hello ! Hope you all are busy with Halloween preparations . I am busy with Diwali festival preparations.....first cleaning, then making sweets and snacks . I guess most of us in India might be doing the same . It is on 3rd November .

It rained a lot last week here and all of us at home caught cough and cold . We had quite chilly mornings . Now the sun is shining bright… is my face…, not because of sun but because I got time to post :)

Nothing much , I bought some yarn and books few months back but forgot about sharing on my blog .

Rico Design essentials creative cotton DK- 5 balls . Rico cotton baby soft and Tivoli Cruise cotton – 1 ball each .
I ordered this from thewoolshop in Ireland when Creative cotton DK wasn’t available on Deramores . 

I also purchased these three books online …..
1. The sewing machine classroom – Charlene Phillips
2. Temari Techniques – Barbara B. Suess
3. Mini cross stitch – twenty to make by Michael Powell

Temari technique is a Japanese art of making decorative balls . I am not sure when will I make those but they look very attractive . Here are few snaps from the book .

Aren't they lovely? I am eager to make those :)

Thanks for your comments on my white doily !! I am sorry for being late as usual in replying to comments . I am almost done with another cross stitch finish and hopefully will share in next post.

Have a nice day!


Monday 21 October 2013

White, after a while !! :)

Monday is here again!! I am glad you enjoyed watching the bird videos . :)

Weekend was not good for me . I got fever on Friday evening and I had to rest until Sunday afternoon . That’s the least I want to have it happen on weekends . It was a fatigue fever so I did not go to a doctor. Few paracetamol tablets had me ensure I lose my hearing senses and drowse without bothering what’s going around in home , especially in kitchen , because other two enthusiasts had taken up my responsibilities :)

I have been making colorful doilies for quite a while and I was longing to make a white one . I made it around a month back so I don’t remember the thread and hook size for this . It measures 19 inches across and the pattern is named as ‘Star with cluny border’ from the book ‘Old time crochet made easy’. So here it is…......

White crochet doily

White crochet doily

White crochet doily

Doesn’t it look like a giant snowflake? :)

Have a crafty week ahead !!


Saturday 19 October 2013

New babies and a giveaway I received!:)

Dear all,

Hope you all are doing fine . I was in my hometown with my family and returned this Monday. Thank you for your well wishes . Back home , I got busy with loads of laundry work and regular household work too. I did not get enough time to get in touch with blogging and all of you .

A week of blogging break feels like a month’s break to me . After a little bit of procrastination, blame it on fatigue , I decided to set into gear and drive straight towards the blogland. Some of the tasks at home can wait . I need a break from the daily grind .

Around 15 days back we had new babies at home . Well, thanks for the wishes. They are not mine . A common bird in India known as Spice Finch (scaly breasted ‘Munia’) owns a nest in our balcony behind the AC. It was at a height of 9 ft . One fine day we heard lot of baby chirping voices. Raj got a webcam attached to a long stick and we got a continuous video stream in the laptop. That was our daily entertainment for few days.
Here are the two videos (of many that we recorded). It may not work on iPad. Hope you and your kids will enjoy.

1st day of flying. Nooo mom! That’s so high and scary!!

2nd day, after a heavy breakfast, let’s move…let’s move!!

The one who flies in and out fast is the mom or dad. It was so interesting, she came in and out again and again to show how to fly and also tried to give a push to the babies to move forward.

Also, when I was back, I received a giveaway gift from Ruth B. I love this pretty cross stitch rose. Thanks Ruth! Do visit her. I enjoy reading her posts.

Thanks again for your lovely comments and wishes . I am home ! :)

Have a nice weekend!


Thursday 3 October 2013

A Cross Stitch finish !! :)

Just wanted to share my latest cross stitch finish. It was one of my turtle trot SAL 2013 projects . I have done only a little bit of stitching in last two months but I am happy to complete this one . Isn’t it cute? :)

Cross stitch puppy

Also, I am glad to share that my mermaid purse was featured on the below two creative link parties .

Threading my way hosted by Pam . The link parties here are theme based and full of treasure as they are ongoing.

A creative princess hosted by Terri . There are lots of creative ideas here .

Thank you Terri and Pam !! Do visit and enjoy at these lovely parties :)

Cross stitch dog
Cross stitch pet
Oh! those innocent eyes :)) will melt anyone.

I am going to my hometown with my family this Saturday and will be back after a week . Unfortunately, in last few days, I have developed a severe toothache with piercing pain in my left ear and temple . Today, I visited the dentist and he said that it is a wisdom tooth to be removed immediately. This is not my first experience with wisdom tooth so I am aware of the pain and swelling it causes and I hope the pain will subside and I will be able to catch flight on time . I hate going out with a swollen cheek :((
I will have a limited internet accessibility there and if possible I will surely visit your blogs .

cute Cross stitch
Have a nice day!

Monday 30 September 2013

Fashion accessory organizer !! :)

Hello!! Hope you all had a nice weekend. Thank you all for your lovely response on my mermaid purse!! :)
After completing one old project, it gave me a boost to complete other long pending projects. Although that doesn’t deter me from starting fresh ones. But I have slowed down on new ones.

I made this crochet fashion or hair clip organizer taking inspiration from an etsy product that I found on Pinterest. I added my own ideas to it. I started it, maybe, around 7 months back and then I ran out of yarn. It is made with a local branded purse thread (braided thread) using a 3.5 mm hook. It measures 15 inches wide and 20 inches in height (excluding hanger and including braids).
Crochet hairclip organizer

I haven’t jotted down the tutorial but I can describe basic steps to make it.

For the main body, I crocheted bands of HDCs (5 rows) alternating with bands of DTRs (1 row).

Before starting the main body, create button holes (skip 2 or 3 stitches) in the 2nd row of HDCs at frequent intervals depending on number of braids you want to hang.

Crochet SCs around all 4 sides as border and insert ribbons through the DTR rows sewing both ends on the back side.

On the top, for each hanging loop,
1. Crochet a 5 inch band of DCs skipping 1 DC (button hole) where you would like to put the button when you close the loop. I created two button holes in each loop at a distance of one inch. 
2. Crochet as many loops as you need. I made 7.
3. Keeping the main body facing right side, sew wrong side of one end of the loop on top row. Repeat for all loops at equal distance.
4. Sew buttons on the main body on the top row/rows at the respective places based on your loops.

Add multiple strands of yarn as long tassels into the button holes at the bottom and make braids. I did not level the braids as Anshita wanted it to be like that. Earlier I had put some golden ribbons on the braids but it looked cluttered so I replaced those with plain colored stretch bands. Which one do you think looks good, the plain or with ribbon?

I took an unused plastic hanger but it was black in color so I wounded a plain blue satin ribbon around and covered the metal loop with SCs . The center part of the hanger’s shape was not easy to wound so I wrapped a crochet square around it folding diagonally and sewed it.

I added another crochet square as a pocket and a crochet butterfly as an embellishment. The link to tutorials for these motifs can be found here.

Crochet hairclip organiser

Add the accessories and Ta Daa !! The organizer is ready!! :)

Crochet fashion accessory organizer

Crochet fashion accessory organiser

I am also on the verge of completing one cross stitch design from turtle trot SAL and hopefully will share soon :)

Have a crafty week ahead!!
Preeti :)


Thursday 19 September 2013

Mesmerizing Mermaid Purse!!! :)))))

I am glad to share with you all one of my favorites and longtime project …..The mermaid purse !!! :)) Mermaid Purse
I have used four different blue shades of Anchor knitting cotton to give a mermaid like effect and believe me I did a lot of hard work making this using a 2 .75 mm hook. It’s a very slow moving stitch. The purse measures 11 inches in height (excluding belt) and is 13 inches wide. Mermaid Purse

The 4 part video tutorial for the purse can be found here . It is called 'Mermaid tears' purse but I don’t like calling it tears. I replaced the top part, flower and belt as per my requirement. For the top cream colored band, I used 2 strands of yarn since my yarn was thin. I worked SCs around with some decreases in between to get the correct shape.

The belt, 2 .5 inches wide and 39 inches long, is made using three strands each of different blue shade . The tutorial for this belt can be found here titled ‘Madras belt’. There are few more nice purse patterns on this site, some of which, I intend to make in future. I hand sewed a ribbon on the wrong side (underneath) of belt to prevent it from stretching.

The pattern for the flower on the purse can be found here.

In continuation with my lining stunt tutorial in previous post, I have few more steps to share. All are mostly hand sewn.

The top and bottom of purse
Sew the flower on the purse . Sew the belt 2 inches deep inside the purse on both the corners . Attach the lining with pins as shown in picture below. I left 2 rows from top and hand sewed the lining. This is to avoid lining stitches peeping out.

Sew the lining at the bottom . Crochet the bottom of the purse to close. Mermaid Purse

I have taken these photos in a hurry because I completed just in time for Anshita's school trip. She got into regular dress to model for me before wearing her school uniform. She loved the purse very much and enjoyed flaunting it off in her School trip :)) Mermaid Purse

I am eagerly waiting for your WOWs and YAYs ;) Your comments make my effort worth as they come from talented crafters like you . Do write in.

Have a crafty week!!
Preeti :)

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