Tuesday 29 October 2013

Yarn and new books !!!!!

Hello ! Hope you all are busy with Halloween preparations . I am busy with Diwali festival preparations.....first cleaning, then making sweets and snacks . I guess most of us in India might be doing the same . It is on 3rd November .

It rained a lot last week here and all of us at home caught cough and cold . We had quite chilly mornings . Now the sun is shining bright…..so is my face…..no, not because of sun but because I got time to post :)

Nothing much , I bought some yarn and books few months back but forgot about sharing on my blog .

Rico Design essentials creative cotton DK- 5 balls . Rico cotton baby soft and Tivoli Cruise cotton – 1 ball each .
I ordered this from thewoolshop in Ireland when Creative cotton DK wasn’t available on Deramores . 

I also purchased these three books online …..
1. The sewing machine classroom – Charlene Phillips
2. Temari Techniques – Barbara B. Suess
3. Mini cross stitch – twenty to make by Michael Powell

Temari technique is a Japanese art of making decorative balls . I am not sure when will I make those but they look very attractive . Here are few snaps from the book .

Aren't they lovely? I am eager to make those :)

Thanks for your comments on my white doily !! I am sorry for being late as usual in replying to comments . I am almost done with another cross stitch finish and hopefully will share in next post.

Have a nice day!


Monday 21 October 2013

White, after a while !! :)

Monday is here again!! I am glad you enjoyed watching the bird videos . :)

Weekend was not good for me . I got fever on Friday evening and I had to rest until Sunday afternoon . That’s the least I want to have it happen on weekends . It was a fatigue fever so I did not go to a doctor. Few paracetamol tablets had me ensure I lose my hearing senses and drowse without bothering what’s going around in home , especially in kitchen , because other two enthusiasts had taken up my responsibilities :)

I have been making colorful doilies for quite a while and I was longing to make a white one . I made it around a month back so I don’t remember the thread and hook size for this . It measures 19 inches across and the pattern is named as ‘Star with cluny border’ from the book ‘Old time crochet made easy’. So here it is…......

White crochet doily

White crochet doily

White crochet doily

Doesn’t it look like a giant snowflake? :)

Have a crafty week ahead !!


Saturday 19 October 2013

New babies and a giveaway I received!:)

Dear all,

Hope you all are doing fine . I was in my hometown with my family and returned this Monday. Thank you for your well wishes . Back home , I got busy with loads of laundry work and regular household work too. I did not get enough time to get in touch with blogging and all of you .

A week of blogging break feels like a month’s break to me . After a little bit of procrastination, blame it on fatigue , I decided to set into gear and drive straight towards the blogland. Some of the tasks at home can wait . I need a break from the daily grind .

Around 15 days back we had new babies at home . Well, thanks for the wishes. They are not mine . A common bird in India known as Spice Finch (scaly breasted ‘Munia’) owns a nest in our balcony behind the AC. It was at a height of 9 ft . One fine day we heard lot of baby chirping voices. Raj got a webcam attached to a long stick and we got a continuous video stream in the laptop. That was our daily entertainment for few days.
Here are the two videos (of many that we recorded). It may not work on iPad. Hope you and your kids will enjoy.

1st day of flying. Nooo mom! That’s so high and scary!!

2nd day, after a heavy breakfast, let’s move…let’s move!!

The one who flies in and out fast is the mom or dad. It was so interesting, she came in and out again and again to show how to fly and also tried to give a push to the babies to move forward.

Also, when I was back, I received a giveaway gift from Ruth B. I love this pretty cross stitch rose. Thanks Ruth! Do visit her. I enjoy reading her posts.

Thanks again for your lovely comments and wishes . I am home ! :)

Have a nice weekend!


Thursday 3 October 2013

A Cross Stitch finish !! :)

Just wanted to share my latest cross stitch finish. It was one of my turtle trot SAL 2013 projects . I have done only a little bit of stitching in last two months but I am happy to complete this one . Isn’t it cute? :)

Cross stitch puppy

Also, I am glad to share that my mermaid purse was featured on the below two creative link parties .

Threading my way hosted by Pam . The link parties here are theme based and full of treasure as they are ongoing.

A creative princess hosted by Terri . There are lots of creative ideas here .

Thank you Terri and Pam !! Do visit and enjoy at these lovely parties :)

Cross stitch dog
Cross stitch pet
Oh! those innocent eyes :)) will melt anyone.

I am going to my hometown with my family this Saturday and will be back after a week . Unfortunately, in last few days, I have developed a severe toothache with piercing pain in my left ear and temple . Today, I visited the dentist and he said that it is a wisdom tooth to be removed immediately. This is not my first experience with wisdom tooth so I am aware of the pain and swelling it causes and I hope the pain will subside and I will be able to catch flight on time . I hate going out with a swollen cheek :((
I will have a limited internet accessibility there and if possible I will surely visit your blogs .

cute Cross stitch
Have a nice day!
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