Wednesday 22 November 2017

A caring and inspirational thought

Completed the cross stitching on the inspirational and caring thought which I loved and look up to it in both good and bad times .

I won this chart in a giveaway from Tiffany . Thanks again, Tiffany !

Designed by Zindagi designs

I need to iron and frame this . Hopefully I will order a frame next week .

The Alyssum in my balcony garden has flowered . I never knew they were so tiny . They aren't flowering profusely as I see in the images on internet . I have added flower fertilizer and it receives lots of sunlight as well . Any tips are welcome .

My extended family is going through a difficult time and there is sadness around . I don't share sad personal things here but hope for better days ahead .

Keep crafting!

Tuesday 7 November 2017

Thread Catcher

Thanks for your comments on my last post . Finally , I have a sewing finish to show .

After seeing thread catcher on various blogs , I decided to make one . It is a one day finish item and I  did both hand and machine sewing . It was good to use sewing accessories - mat, rotary cutter , quilt ruler , marking pen which usually are rarely used . The free tutorial can be found here  .

I have run out of some threads for my cross stitch WIPs and will hopefully receive in few days .

Here are some great pictures of the skyline as viewed from our seventh floor apartment and taken by Anshita in last two months .

views from bedroom balcony during monsoon rains

Rain arriving from a distance

Below are the views from the front main balcony

dark clouds just after sunset

October skyline

Hope you enjoyed seeing the pics . Our front balcony is west facing so we get to see sunset everyday :) Some of these are very beautiful compared to the sunsets we have seen at various tourists places .

Have a crafty week ahead

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