Tuesday 27 November 2012

Kids Crafty Time !!

Hi ya!!
I just wanted to share a couple of craft items which my daughter created few days back :)

Paper plate clock

Paper plate clock best out of waste

This wall clock is made from paper plate as part of  'best out of waste' project in her Hindi language subject. For those who do not know Hindi, here are the captions in the clock :

12 pm- lunch
3 pm- TV
6 pm- playtime
9 pm - sleep time
And the cute smiley in the center asks - Study time?? :) Isn’t it cute?

Another one below was for the gift wrapping competition in her school. She did not win any prize but she has done a wonderful job!  I made the lock and key embellishment for her. The lock caption reads 'Unlock my wishes ! '

Gift wrapping ideas

Gift wrapping ideas

Hope you enjoyed these simple craft items . :)
Happy blogging!!

Preeti :)


Tuesday 20 November 2012

Weekend stash and some crochet !

Finally , I managed to squeeze out some time to prepare a post . I was a bit tired after Diwali and was just taking rest , surfing through your blogs and exploring new blogs too . Some new ones returned back to explore mine . Few bloggers visited by chance and joined me and I reciprocated whole heartedly :) In all , I am satisfied with the current status of my blog , that my blogging is surely not going to be shut down soon !:) Earlier, I had thought if I do not reach a milestone of 25 followers within six months , then I might shut down my blog or make it private . I have surpassed my expectations ! Thanks to all of you for your kind support !! :) I have promised my daughter a toy when I reach a follower count of 100 ! She anyways gets a toy twice a month ; for kids , thirst for toys never ends ! I haven't decided for you all but will figure out something that I can share with as many of you ! :)

Let 's meet my new friends .

Vickie Dimitra at http://vi-and-di.blogspot.in/
Matilda at http://elcosturerodematilda2.blogspot.in/
Rosa la Maida at http://vairelatejedora.blogspot.in/
Simone at http://agulhasencantadas.blogspot.in/
Marcia at http://mamisarte.blogspot.in/
Tracy at http://www.crochethappy.com/ and http://asktracyann.crochethappy.com/
Nunzia at http://nunziacrochet.blogspot.in/
Elvira at http://entretelaselvira.blogspot.in/
Maria at http://redecoratelg.blogspot.com.es/
Evita at http://amateurcrafts.blogspot.in/
Vimala a.k.a. Yarn_lady at http://crochetlounge.blogspot.in/
Keito at http://keitodamaworld.blogspot.in/
Elisabeth at http://elizyart.blogspot.in/
Josie at  http://handmadebyknottygal.blogspot.in/
Nalini at http://nalinihandwork.blogspot.in/
Katepinaki at http://diamadaki.blogspot.in/
Gracie at http://grayseasailor-onesaylorslog.blogspot.in/
Vanessa at http://marromrose.blogspot.in/

They all have wonderful blogs and some of them have outstanding projects to look and learn ! Do visit them ; I am sure you will like them :)

I am diligently working on the crochet tablecloth which I mentioned in my post here  but not sure how long I can control my itch to start a new project :)

This is a flared rose which I made for my daughter as an embellishment ! I haven't weaved-in the ends as she is yet to decide about where to attach it .

crochet flared rose

crochet flared rose

I made this little doily from the book '99 little doilies' with size 20 anchor thread . I liked the overlapping design in yellow near the border .

crochet little mini doily

crochet little mini doily

This is the Rangoli I drew for my daughter on Diwali outside our doorstep and she colored it . It is generally made with fine , sand like white powder which is eco-friendly . I got eco-friendly colors and mixed with this white powder to get other colors ! It is not easy to fill; you cannot touch the base for supporting the fingers . She has done a good job ! :) Many Rangolis look like mandalas or doilies .


Couple of weeks back , I enjoyed some beads , buttons and local yarn shopping . I have a collection of sequins and seed beads but for regular beads I felt I was eating into my daughter's treasure of jewellery making kits picking the nicer ones . So I decided to buy some :)

beads and buttons at Createwittyunleashed.blogspot.com

beads and buttons at Createwittyunleashed.blogspot.com

beads and buttons at Createwittyunleashed.blogspot.com

Crochet threads at  Createwittyunleashed.blogspot.com

Hope you all liked the pictures !:)


Preeti :)


Monday 12 November 2012

Happy Diwali with a glow of crochet !

Happy Diwali to all !

Just to let all know that Diwali is the biggest Hindu festival . According to Hindu mythology , this day Lord Rama returned to his kingdom in Ayodhya after his victory over the demon king Ravana . After fighting a fierce battle with demon's army , Rama got back his beloved wife Sita who was kidnapped by Ravana . Also it was the end of Rama's 14 years of exile that was ordered by his step mother . On his return , the entire kingdom was lit by lamps since it was a day of Amavasya (no moon day) .

The term ' Diwali ' means a ' series of light ' and is celebrated by lighting lot of earthen lamps and lanterns . Delicious sweets and snacks are prepared and we fire crackers for fun !

In a free hand crochet attempt, I have tried making a ' Diya ' i.e. an earthen lamp. Hope you might like ! :) This is my first pure pattern ! Not plug n play like I did for my crochet bag :)

Crochet lamp for Diwali

Crochet lamp for Diwali

I am going to try this again and will write down the pattern to share with you all . I wanted to share it before Diwali but was too busy in Diwali cleaning and food preparation .

My daughter has got loads of crackers from her Dad! She is also looking forward to make Rangoli at our doorstep  :)

Wishing you all a happy and safe Diwali !:)

Preeti  :)

Monday 5 November 2012

WIPs, WIPs and WIPs !

Hi, I just wanted to give you all an update on few of my WIPs . I guess I must give some title to each WIP so that it is easy to refer .

WIP - Secret
WIP - Table cloth
WIP - Cross stitch d├ęcor

There are many more but due to my raw photography skills , I am restaining myself to capture only a select few as of now :)

WIP - Secret

This one is the same which I posted 2 weeks back here about crochet balls . The next part in this is a pair of crochet doll shoes . Aren't they cute? I found this pattern here . These are known as Mary Jane shoes .

Mary Jane crochet shoes

Mary Jane crochet shoes

There are many more cute patterns at this blog . Instructions are very easy to follow . Thank you Beth for sharing ! First I thought , it would be difficult as I have not tried much of amigurumi or wearable crochet . But the moment I made one , I felt like magic ! It was so easy ! Everyone , whom I showed , adored it :)

I made four such pairs for my secret WIP .  I added flower beads to embellish :)

Cute crochet Mary Jane shoes

Just to compare sizes ; these are old glass-heeled slippers of my daughter . Her foot has now grown two size bigger .

Cute crochet Mary Jane shoes

See , all lined up ! sorry this is blur but I love them  :)

Cute crochet Mary Jane shoes

For remaining WIPs , I will not bore you with words but will gladly entertain with images :)

WIP - Table cloth
Crochet squares joined together .

Crochet tablecloth

WIP - Cross stitch decor
I had shown this long time back about tea cups . It is on 15 count aida fabric , so a slow progress .

Hope you liked my WIPs . I am eager to complete all ! By the way , any guesses for my secret WIP ? What am I going to make with shoes and balls ? :)

Wish you all a crafty week ahead . C' ya  !

Preeti :)


Saturday 3 November 2012

New friends and a little doily !

Hello ! Hope all of you are doing fine !
Let me first introduce you to my new blogger friends .

Anna from http://annasimplecrochet.blogspot.in/
Begonvilli Ev from http://crochetatbegonvilliev.blogspot.in/
Lavina from http://lav-art-craft-food.blogspot.com.au/   
Lilli from http://handmadebylilli.blogspot.in/
Eileen from http://crochetattic.blogspot.in/ 
Carla from http://crochetdacarla.blogspot.in/
Olga from http://lacycrochet.blogspot.in/
Evi Sison from http://gardenchefsneedleandpen.blogspot.in/
Nilgunden from http://nilgundengulucukler.blogspot.in/
Daisy from http://lazydaisyjones.blogspot.in/
Maggie from http://prettyflowersinthewindow.blogspot.in/

They all have wonderful things on their blogs. Thank you for visiting and joining me !

I was busy with lot of work back home here and was not keeping well . I was too tired to write a post but found comfort in visiting your blogs :) At least that helps me understand that I am still blogalive ! ;)

I made few doilies during my visit to my mom from the same 99 little doilies book . My daughter and my mom appreciated but made fun of me that I was making pancakes and papads(Indian poppadums) because of the size of the doily and also I used the same colour combinations for all :) I too do not know what I am going to do with these doilies .

My husband is turning 40 this month end . He asked me what I am planning to gift him . I told him I will give 40 doilies from the 99 little doilies book ;) He was dumbstruck and gave me a look which somehow I couldn't decipher this time but guess it read as ,

“Are you crazy?"
"If this happen to be a gift, I will lose a chance of throwing out those pancake doilies!"

 I am tempted to believe the last one as that is the best way to save those tiny doilies ;)   But deep down the heart he thinks I am just kidding and that I have some better plans than gifting doilies . I generally make some art and craft thing for him even if I buy a gift . The biggest ever so far was an embroidered greeting card that I gave him . You can see that here .   After that , for subsequent birthdays , I had made some little gifts only which he used and those are all worn out now . This time , I am running short of time to make something unique :(

Well , too much of words . I have taken pictures (with and without flash) of one little doily only .  I was too lazy to take other pictures .

99 little doily

99 little doily
It measures 12 cms across and is made by Anchor crochet cotton size 20 and 1.5 mm pony steel hook .
My numbers of WIPs are increasing day by day . I do needle-crafting to relax and enjoy but when I see lot of incomplete projects , I just get frustrated . I am getting tensed about such things rather than enjoying those . So I have decided that I will first complete the existing projects and then start a new one .
Yesterday night I started another new project :( Hope I will be able to overcome my anxiety disorder soon .
Do write in and enjoy your weekend !
Preeti :)

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