Monday 19 August 2013

Living with the doily mania!!

Hello all !! Hope you had a nice weekend. Thanks to all of you for visiting me , for the compliments on my cross stitch butterfly and wishes for my new home!! :)
Just wanted to share one more doily named as ‘Sunburst’ from the book , ‘Stellar Beauties’, Leisure Art publications . I made it with Anchor Red heart size 20 mercerized crochet cotton and hook 1.5 mm . It measures 18 inches across . I also added pink acrylic beads on few picots on the outer circle :)

When I am not able to decide what to make or do not have enough time to complete an existing WIP, I start making a doily :)

Crochet colorful doily with beads 1
Crochet colorful doily with beads 2
Crochet colorful doily with beads 3
While Blocking

Crochet colorful doily with beads 4

Crochet colorful doily with beads 5

My Garden is doing fine and Zinnias have started giving flowers :) I will share the pictures in next post.
Thanks for seeing!! Do write in.

Preeti :)


Monday 12 August 2013

A butterfly charm !!!!! :)

It has been quite a while I haven’t posted anything . I have completed some of my WIPs but no time to take pictures and post . I was slow on reading blogs too .
I cross stitched this beautiful butterfly charm on a 14-count white plastic mesh using Anchor threads . This chart is from the magazine Cross Stitcher January 2011 issue . As usual , I changed few colors based on available stock at home and my choice . It is supposed to be a bag charm but I am going to use it as a hanging for Anshita’s room in the new house . These beautiful Hibiscus flowers are from my tiny balcony garden :)

Cross stitched butterfly on plastic canvas 1
 Cross stitched butterfly charm on plastic canvas 2

Cross stitched butterfly charm on plastic canvas 3

 One of the major reasons for my absence is that the woodwork for our new house has started . These magazines , which I bought in last couple of years, are coming in handy now.

 Although I have extensively searched for designs on internet still it is very difficult to come up with right design . Raj wants everything trendy and I go for contemporary . So we are having fights daily . The same carpenters who worked for our existing flat are working for new house too so at least they are sincere towards us and I am comfortable to speak to them . It is 2200 sq. ft. in area so lot needs to be done in next 2 months . It is both exciting as well as intimidating . Hope everything goes well..…wish us good luck  !! :)

Cross stitched butterfly charm on plastic canvas 4

Thanks for visiting!! I hope you enjoyed the colorful butterfly.

Have a nice day!!
Preeti :)

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