Friday 26 June 2015

Messy-to-Classy and some itty bitty progress :)


It is time for my Messy-to-Classy update . I have removed the month-wise links because I am always late in opening links for each month. There is one single list here where you can update whenever you have done some craft related reorganization. This time, I was forced to rearrange a cupboard because of a new fitting done last weekend.

Here is the mess, everything had to be relocated.....

why? because I got this fitting on the door for chart papers etc.

 It was already in the plan and I had left enough space while designing but when I received those fittings, they were 2 to 4 mm more in the depth . I could not close the door with some of the boxes. I found that not only I need to change locations of the boxes but also the stuff inside some boxes might require swapping. I had earlier arranged in a way that heavy boxes should be in the middle shelf to take out easily. But then.......

somehow, I managed to do with little work and here it is, the bed all clear

and the stuff gone here

and here.
There isn't much space saving done here but atleast I can see how many chart papers are there in the stock . Anshita needs them for school every now and then and not being sure, I end up buying more stuff.

I also made some progress on kitty litter. I thought I would complete a cat but I lost interest and some other important task took over the priority.

Few Crochet motifs/mini doilies......

Have a lovely weekend!

Monday 22 June 2015

A little bit of everything

Thank you for your kind comments on my craft room !!:) I am glad you all liked my lovely little colorful place :)

I have been busy with an important task and Anshita's School reopened after summer vacation from 11th June . Life has been busy and we are all put back into disciplined mode :) I managed to do a little bit of everything . This is my first crochet headband/hairband . I saw those colorful ones on my blogger friend Rita's post and I made it the very same day .

Anshita decided what flower and color she wanted and I really had a hard time making the flower and she was not ready to settle down with anything simple . It took 10 min. to make the band but 1 hr to make the flower :)
She doesn't like the ones with buttons and this one was stretchy so she said she would use it .

You can view the free pattern from Rita's post or you can go to direct link here . The flower 'Ruffled Rose' is from the book '100 flowers to knit & crochet' by Lesley Stanfield .

I did some cross stitching too but no pics . Also made some special dishes . I made few more but those were repeated ones as shared earlier .

Khaman Dhokla : Steamed gramflour cake tempered with mild spices .

Vegetable cutlets : Mashed vegetables with spices, deep fried. 

After the high temperatures(44 C) in last month, the rains have brought in relief and it has come down to 24 C now :) When it rains, our front balcony gets flooded and then Anshita makes paper boats to sail . This time her boats weren't ready. It rained little and the water receded so quickly by the time she made a boat and took a picture . The boat felt too embarrassed to be photographed on that tiny little patch of water :)

I have started using these gardening trackers , a free printable from here . There are many more on this site . This pic was taken last week .

Yesterday Raj helped me  transplant the seedlings into pots . I am not sure how many will survive . I have some more other than these but the winds are blowing too hard on them and they have become leggy, so I did not take their pics.
Impatiens, Marigold , Gomphrena Mix, Gomphrena White 

Marigold Safari yellow

There were some queries about the knobs and handles in my craftroom. I purchased my handles from a local hardware store including the custom made beaded ones but the ceramic knobs were purchased online from here . I am not sure whether they deliver worldwide .

I will soon be back with some more stuff to show and less ramblings :)

Have a great week!!

Wednesday 3 June 2015

Home Sweet Home - Craft Room - My Haven !!!:))))

Finally, the last and the most interesting round of home tour -- My Craft room , my haven !!!:)

For those who haven't read about my previous posts in this series, you may have a look here, here and here.

I tried to reduce as many pics I can but still this post is loaded with pictures . Please don't have many expectations, it is just the guest room that I have turned into my craft room . We don't have guest staying for long time so whatever time they stay in this room , I guess they should not have a problem

Okay then , all aboard ? Welcome to my cozy little craftroom !!!:))

The moment you enter, you are greeted with this burst of colors :) There is nothing written on the door as such, I just added that 'My craft room' during image editing.

This is my desk on the left after entering the room which I have shown it earlier in one of the posts . The four pink boxes on the top are recycled which you can read about it here. The print on the table drawer and the colorful background is not a wall paper, it is the laminated ply left over from Anshita's room. 

This is the close view of the desk . The top blue colored is the notice board covered with heavy silk fabric .  Behind the cream wooden strip, I have a bright tubelight that helps me take pictures . 

For my smaller pieces, I usually take pics here . But I still get shadow problems .

This is not much of a view to be seen . This is the snapshot of the mess inside the table drawer in the above pic. The right image is a big cupboard where I keep my yarns and fabric . It is gray in color which I need to paint in white . A big project in itself . 

Back to the table, this white flap can be opened.......

like this to make a sewing table for me . It has a heavy support from the bottom to be manually opened which holds on lot of weight on the table . There is storage space underneath this flap where I keep my sewing machine as I don't need it daily. But I plan to make a nice cover for it and then keep on the desk .

This is the front of what you saw in the first pic. This is a big 4' x 4' glass covered notice board . I display my things here . I don't have too many things to display right now . It is a cork board covered with baby blue felt fabric . The striped blue thing in the corner is the bed which is having lots of stuff on it so there is nothing to see . This bed opens upto double size when we have guests .

Here are some of the ceramic knobs that are used on the drawers and a designer handle on the right pink cupboard .

This is a special ceramic knob that I took a close pic. The one with buttons on it . I don't know how they make it, it doesn't feel like painted . I have a pair of these .

In the bottom there are four small cupboards, for which I specially ordered these cute glass handles filled with beads . Perfect for a craft room , isn't it ?:)

In the drawers, go my extra yarns and threads .

This is the pink cupboard on the right . It has mine and Anshita's crafting supplies as well

Let me show you the notice board . Once you open the glass door , hold those two knobs (under the blue doily) and pull ......

Wow !!! I have a secret storage here as well :)) this is a hydraulic fitting which makes it easier to open . The notice board was a bit heavy but you get various types of hydraulic fittings based on weight . I got these cheap colorful plastic baskets from a supermarket which holds lot of crafty stuff .

But my most favourite is the first yarn shelf which also hold beads and buttons in each of the racks . The box with brown lids are glass coffee boxes which I saved for few months and collected many . The boxes with white plastic lids are those of broad beans which I use to eat a lot and saved them. They were sturdy boxes . I did not spend a penny on any of the boxes here .

Let me end up my post with a colorful smile for you :)

I hope you liked my creative design in the limited space . This room was done in the last with leftover laminates mostly from Anshita's room .

Thanks for seeing !! Looking forward to your views :)

Have a great day !!

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